The Cat Who Adopted a Squirrel

Jim Watkins and his wife Karen of Carthage, MS helped organize Central Mississippi T.A.I.L.S. [short for Taking Animals Into Loving Shelters].

That's how Jim and Karen got Emmy, her kittens, and Rocky, who happened to be a baby squirrel. Emmy's owner lived where she couldn't have pets and called her vet to see what she could do with the new family. The vet contacted Jim and Karen. 

But just before Emmy's owner gave her up, a baby squirrel fell out of a nest and landed in the yard. Not being able to climb the tree and put it back, the woman did the next best thing: she gave the squirrel to Emmy to raise.

"She's very protective of it. If it starts to move and she don't like where its going she'll reach up and pull it back and start licking it and taking care of it like she would one of her kittens," said Jim Watkins.

Amazingly, Rocky adapted very well to the situation: the squirrel purrs. 


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