The Cat Who Caught the Most Mice

21 April 1963-30 March 1987
Towser, the famous cat who lived in the still house,
Glenturret Distillery, for almost 24 years.
She caught 28,899 mice in her lifetime.
World mousing champion, Guinness Book of Records.

The world's best mouser was tortoiseshell kitty Towser (4/21/63 - 3/20/87). In her 24-year lifetime, she caught 28,899 mice, plus numerous other creatures such as rats and rabbits.  Towser worked for the Glenturret Distillery. A statue has been erected in the distillery grounds to honor Towser.

(The figure was extrapolated by watching Towser do her thing for a number of days and computed mathematically.)

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