Why Cats Have Fur
In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth. On the fifth day he created the cat but, unlike today, the cat was without fur.

This was fine for awhile; it was cool in the summer and easy to keep clean. Plus there were no problem with hair balls.

After a while, other animals with fur started to tease this hairless creature. They would sing, "Ha, ha, the hairless cat, the hairless cat is ugly and fat!"

"Oh how beautiful the other animals are with their colorful coats of fur," thought the hairless cat.

But soon the cat forgot the taunts and was proud again, for it was beautiful in its own way.

Then winter came and it got cold. The cat tried to keep warm; he curled up under bushes and with other animals, but was not as warm as his friends.

When the cat tried to find warm places to stay, he was never able to get comfortable and was always getting bumps and scratches.

One cold night as the cat was curled up under a bush and staring at the sky, a rabbit came by.

"Why are you so sad, cat?" asked the bunny.

"I have no fur and I am ugly and cold." replied the cat.

The rabbit cuddled next to the cat and whispered to him in his ears, "If you wish on a shooting star, and believe, your wish can come true."

Just about that time a star glimmered across the sky and the cat knew what to do. The cat closed his eyes tightly and said, "I wish, I wish I had fur and also all other cats of the world had beautiful coats of fur like other animals."

The cat opened his eyes just in time to see the star vanish behind the moon.

A few seconds later the moon began to glow as brightly as the sun and cats all over the world came out of hiding to see the bright light. As the light faded, fur began to grow on the cat. Within minutes the cat and all other cats had beautiful coats of fur. Some long, some short, and of different colors. From then on, the cat was not teased or cold. And the fur also protected the cat from injuries.

This is why cats have fur.

hairless cat

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