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Clan Forsyth of Canada

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Clan Forsyth Society of Canada has folded. You are encouraged to join the USA Society

Chief's Commissioner in Canada - E.D. Forsyth - P. Eng B.A.Sc. 170 Sloane Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Postal Code M4A 2C3 --- Phone/Fax 416-751-6517 -- e-mail: FB56653@rogers.com

Archivist was - Eddie Forsyth, USA genealogist

Presiden wast - 2002-2010 E. D. Forsyth - Info as above.

Treasurer was - Norma Lien - 47 Four Oaks Gate. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Postal Code M4J 2X3 -- Phone 416-425-5437 -- e-mail: stame@interlog.com

Secretary was - Andrea Lien - Info as above for Norma Lien e-mail: stame@interlog.com

Membership - Contact Caroline Riches. Phone 416-621-9452 Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Vice President - GTA Stan Riches - Info as above for Caroline Riches.

Vice President East (Maritimes) - George F. Forsyth. Wolfeville. Nova Scotia, Canada. Phone 902-542-5225. e-mail: gngforsyth@ns.sympatico.ca

Genealogist - Eddie Forsyth - 54 Beattie Avenue. Lockport, New York. United States of America. Zip code 14084. e-mail: EdForsyth@aol.com


Clan Forsyth Society of Canada was formally founded in May 1990 in Toronto Canada after two years as an unofficial branch. Major Angus Forsyth, founding Secretary and Vice President of the Parent Society in Scotland played an important part in guiding our Canadian Society through its early days of organization. His devotion to the Clan and his knowlege were most appreciated. He was appointed as Honorary President of Clan Forsyth Society of Canada. Major Angus Forsyth passed away in August 2001.

The Canadian Clan Forsyth Society ceased functioning as of 1 January 2011 as no one came forth to accept the positions necessary to keep the organization functioning. Canadian members and those seekin to become members of Clan Forsyth Society are encouraged to join Clan Forsyth Society of the USA.

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