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July 1994, Grandfather Mountain, Linville, North Carolina - Officers for Clan Forsyth Society USA were elected, and our Constitution was accepted. Robert L. Williams-President, George M. Forsythe-V.P., Linda Williams-Treasurer, Carol Forsyth Kroeger-sectetary. Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky was appointed as Forsyth representative for Western U.S.A.(all states west of the Mississippi River)..

July 1995, Grandfather Mountain - Reports were given and the Bank account disclosed. All was approved.

January 1996; National election process for president of Clan Forsyth Society USA Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky was elected president. He was named as the CEO and took over the operations of the Society.

July,1996, Grandfather Mountain - Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky was sworn in as President of Clan Forsyth Society USA, Jane Platt as V.P., Robert L. Williams as treasurer and Carol Forsyth as secretary. Retiring V.P. George Forsythe was appointed as Clan Piper.

September 6th, 1997, Ligonier, Pennsylvania - A large number of blood line relatives of President Dale attended and were attracted to the Society. Other blood line cousins attended. A great picnic followed the business meeting. Eddie Forsyth, Society Genealogist was present and attracted a large group of interested cousins.

July 11th,1998, Grandfather Mountain - Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky continues as President of Clan Forsyth Society USA and continues his leadership objectives with Jane Platt as V. P.. Bob Forsyth of Novato California was sworn in as Secretary. Tanya Sandusky of Utah was sworn in as Treasurer. Rev. Bob Forsyth of Massachusetts was approved to be appointed as Chaplain. A social was held at the accomodations of Theresa Berk, our Georgia state representative, in Banner Elk. on Saturday evening.

July 10th,1999- Payson, Utah - Attendance was small. David Joel Forsyth, the Forsyth representative of the state of Maine stopped to visit while on his way to California to see his newly born granddaughter. The revised Bylaws were reviewed that were accepted by previous election results held in January 1999.

July, 2000, Grandfather Mountain - Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky remains as President of the Society for an indefinite term. Sworn in as Vice President was Robert W. Forsyth of Novato California. Theresa Berk of Georgia (our Georgia Representative) as Secretary. Tanya Sandusky of Utah continues as Treasurer. Due to a medical condition, Carol Forsyth Kroeger retired as the newsletter editor. All other appointed officers remain at present assignments. Jorjeane Johnson of Utah was appointed as Membership Secretary. A great and successful Saturday evening social was held at the accomodations of Pres. Dale on Sugar Mountain.

June 2001, AGM was held at the Utah Scottish Games & Festival- held at the Cultural Celebration Center by the River, West Valley City, Utah. President Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky-FSA Scot- Clan Forsyth Society USA President was honored as the Chieftain of the Day. No new business was introduced. Year 2002 AGM to be held at Grandfather Mountain, Linville, NC.

July 2002, Grandfather Mountain - Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky again sustained as President, with Vice President Robert W Forsyth and Treasurer Tanya Sandusky. Jorgeane Johnson was elected Secretary. During 2003, Linda Forsyth Kennedy was appointed as Secretary pro-tempore. A great Saturday evening social was held at the accomodations of Pres. Dale on Sugar Mountain. President Dale announced that he had recently received an appointment from Alistair C. W. Forsyth of that ILK, Baron of Ethie as His Commissioner and Representative in the United States

July 2003, Grandfather Mountain - Pres. Dale officially appointed Greg Forsythe of North Carolina as the North Carolina representative. Pres. Dale performed a ceremony adopting Greg's wife Nancy into the Family of Forsyth. Greg was given change of hosting the Forsyth tent each year and given a wider range of possible hosting his Forsyth tent in adjoining states. An interesting AGM business meeting was held and it was announced that Linda Forsyth Kennedy was appointed to fill the vacant office of National secretary through July 2004. On Saturday evening a well attended social was held at the sandwich shop owned by the proprietor of the B&B accommodations where Greg & Nancy Forsythe stayed at Banner Elk. It rained that day and the evening was a non stop, downpour making us happy to have planned the affair inside.

July 10th, 2004 AGM, Grandsfather Mountain - Hosted by Greg & Nancy Forsythe. Same national leadership elected by ballot in January 2004 except that the secretary position held by Linda Forsyth Kennedy was by the election process and therefore needing to be sworn into office. All appointed leadership remained in place. Greg & Nancy Forsythe hosted the social that evening on the B&B porch at their accommodations at Banner Elk. A beautiful clear, warm evening hampered only by the small flying blood suckers of the night.

September 2005, The AGM was most perfectly hosted by Jim & Patti Forsythe and held in Memphis, Tennessee, the last weekend in September. At the business meeting, it was announced that Rev. Dr. Robert D. Forsythe of Pittsburgh, PA had been appointed as Society Chaplain as Chaplain Rev.Rev. Bob Forsyth of Florence, MA retired in March. V.P. Gregory H. Forsythe who had been approved and appointed to test the need for an elective V.P. developed knee problems and earlier tendered his resignation. It was decided that if we were going to build a strong Society that an elected 2nd V. P. was needed. Jack Gardner, Southeastern Regional Director was appointed to complete this appointed term of office and by vote was placed on the our January 2006 ballot as our candidate to that elective position of leadership..It was decided that the V.P.titles be changed to be identified as Eastern V.P. and Western V.P. with primary duties attached to those areas. Pres. Dale after earlier discussuion with the other current leadership stated the he would remain as President if that was the choice of the Executive committee. He and the present officers were approved for the 2006 ballot. Some Bylaw changes were discussed and agreed upon to be placed on the 2006 ballot. The AGM location for 2006 will be Grandfather Mountain and attentively 2007 to be Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 2007 year Scotland trip was discussed by V.P. Jack Gardner. Some possible sites to visit were offered. Further discussion will take place at the 2006 AGM. It was announced by Pres. Dale that secretary Linda Forsyth Kennedy had asked to step down from her office and that a new secretary would need to be found and appointed to fill that office. Some suggestions were offered for consideration. The Friday before the AGM, Pres. Dale was appointed as the Duckmaster of the Day at the Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis and was presented with his certificate and his own official Duckmaster's cane. A formal luncheon was held immediately after the ceremony and attended by Clan Forsyth members and invited Scottish leadership guests in the Memphis area. A Saturday evening social was held at a local Celtic eating establishment. It was well attended and hosted by Jim & Patti Forsythe.

The January 2006 ballet for National Officers was mailed to the membership. The ballot included Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky-President; Robert W. Forsyth-Vice President; John "Jack" W.B. Forsyth Gardner-Vice President; Tanya Sandusky-Treasurer; and Mary Ellen Forsyth Cain-Secretary. Mary Ellen was earlier appointed in October to fill the vacant seat of Secretary after being approved by the Executive Committee. Also on the ballot were some changes to the Bylaws of the Society. The voting ended on 1 March 2006 and the results were tallied immediately thereafter. All candidates were elected and the Bylaw changes approved. President Dale will preside and conduct the business meeting of the AGM at Grandfather Mountain on July 8th at 2:00pm in the Chief's tent.

July 08, 2006 The AGM was held at 2:00pm in the Clan Forsyth Society host tent because there was a mix-up at the Chief's Tent and another activity was in progress at that time. 12 members were present at the start of the meeting. As we tried to discuss some matters the nearby Bagpipe Band competition seemed to overpower all the talk and the meeting was postponed until the evening Social at the B&B in Banner Elk where Greg & Nancy Forsythe had their room & reserved the porch area for our event. It was a perfect setting for the entire evening. Topics of discussion were about ways to increase membership participation, reaching the interest of non-member bloodline and encouraging them to join, the upcoming Scotland trip and the possible changes to the Bylaws to re-locate the even numbered year AGM to games where air travel would be more accessible. President Dale announced that no final decisions could be made due to the limited membership in attendance. Further discussion would have to take place by e-mail. The membership report showed a number of members not accounted for due to their lack of response by the grace period provided for renewing even after several e-mail alerts, newsletter notice and personal attemps to contact. It was noted that new memberships seemed to cover those losses and we stood even in membership. The Treasurer's report showed a gain of $500.00 over last year and this was partly due to the sales of the new, colorful Forsyth lapel pin designed by Pres. Dale. The number of Forsyth hosted tents expanded during year 2005 and we hope to display a hosted tent at a few more events during 2007.

The September 2007 AGM that was to be held at the Oklahoma Games was cancelled by President Dale due to the very poor response from the membership. It was felt that the rise in gas prices, air travel costs and the general trend in the economy added to that decision. One local family in Tulsa, Jerry & Julia Gustafson had their 50th wedding anniversary and a number of that family took occasion to attend the games on Sunday afternoon and visit the Forsyth tent.

The January 2008 newsletter ( The Griffin ) was published with the Society's 2008 national ballot enclosed as a loose leaf. The current national officers were on the ballot for re-election. All ballots to sent to the Secretary by mail or e-mail ballot prior to 1 March. Officers are to be sworn in by President Dale at the September AGM in conjunction with the Ligonier Games at Ligonier, Pennsylvania. Further information will be coming and placed.

1 April 2008- The results of the election procedure for the national officers were tallied and the results of those casting ballots were 100 % in favor of the present officers to remain in office for two (2) more years.

10 OCTOBER 2008 - the General Meeting & Gathering of Clan Forsyth Society of the USA was held at the Ligonier Games on 6 September 2008 at Idlewild Park, just west of Ligonier, PA on route 30 where more than 80 persons of the bloodline assembled during the day. Clan Forsyth was the honored clan and marched first during the noon opening ceremony where at least 60 participated in leading the other clans on to the parade grounds. USA Society President and Chief's USA Commissioner, Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky-FSA Scot stood on the reviewing stand as Chieftain of the Games and acknowledged the clans attending and later was introduced to the large audience in attendance witnessing the event. He welcomed the crowd and gave a short talk calling the event his home games as he was born and raised about 40 miles from Ligonier before moving west to Utah in 1972. Clan Forsyth has hosted a tent at this event since 1997 when Pres. Dale traveled from Utah to host the first Forsyth tent there and a Forsyth tent has appeared there each year since and is currently hosted by PA Rep Bonnie Jean Dick & Keith Sandusky.

At no time during the day could we get all attending gathered together for a group picture but constantly saw the new Forsyth crested T shirts everywhere in the park no matter which direction you looked. Even the afternoon downpour of rain prohibited our attendees from gathering and attending the 2:00pm AGM as many sought shelter somewhere in the park. The storm drenched the event but did not dampen the spirits of many soaked by the rain. Our 2 stable, connected, 20 foot host tents provided great cover for those who were able to get there. While viewing out over the clan area, we observed many of the clan tents caving in and falling under the heavy rain while also experiencing a shallow stream of water running under our feet. The falling rain on our tent top pounded out a loud drum roll sound that eventually overcame the ability to hear what was being said so the meeting was concluded early and talks postponed until the evening Gathering. Some time later the rain subsided and most of the clans began to assemble their drenched belongings and left. We also decided to pack up.

The 7:00pm dinner hour at the Community Center in Laughlintown, a few miles east of the games site saw the arrival of 56, now sort of dry and hungry guests gathered to eat a great meal prepared and served by Pres. Dale's McKeesport siblings. The talks were presented and Margie Forsythe of Michigan led the sing-a-long accompanied by her guitar. The evening was further warmed up by the togetherness of those attending and this made the day a total success. This was the best attended Gathering of Clan Forsyth Society USA.

22 November 2008 - Our Chaplain, Dr. Reverend Robert D. Forsythe was killed in an auto accident near his home. After a period of time had lapsed, President Dale appointed Reverend Steve Forsythe of Ohio to be our new Chaplain.

09 November 2009 - Rebecca "Becky" Forsythe of South Carolina was appointed as National Secretary replacing Mary Ellen Forsyth Cain who decided to resign due to her health condition.

January 2010 - Clan Forsyth Society USA presented the Ballot for National Officers of the Society through the January newsletter. Voting results to be announced after 1 March as all e-mail votes must be received by that date or postmarked by that date if sent by US mail. All incumbrndants are running again except Rebecca "Becky" Forsythe who is running for Secretary for a first term.

18 July 2010 - President Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky decided to cancell the FGM planned for the last weekend in September at Salt Llake City, Utah due to the very weak response received. Seems that the economy is ruling the day at this time. Further plans are being considered for handling some Society decisions. The Scotland trip for 2014 to Stirling to attend the second Gathering of the Clans of Scotland is on the ajenda along with the January 2012 ballot of our Society. Chief Alistair Forsyth, Baron of Ethie, is recovering well and reports his wish to attend the Stirling Gathering. The July Griffin, our Society newsletter will be published by 1 August and posted to the membership. Grandfather Mountain games was a great success and its highlights will be reported.

October newsletter of 2010 - Pres. Dale announces that he will hold a FGM in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah on 15-16 January 2011. He realizes that the attendance will be quite small but because Marsha Richardson ( newsletter editor) will be in town to visit the Family History library, it will be a good time to make personal contact with her and anyone else wishing to visit the Library. He asks that anyone planning to attend to contact him so that arrangementsd can be made to accomodate their trip.

01 April 2012- It was noted that the Standing National Officers of Clan Forsyth Society USA , by the ballot of January 2012, were voted to remain in office for two more years with Dale M. Forsytrh Sandusky-FSA Scot as President; Jack Forsyth Gardner as Eastern V.P.; Robert Forsyth as Western V.P.: Tanya Sandusky as Treasurer; Becky Forsythe as Secretary.

21 April 2012 - The FGM was held at the Dunedin Scottish Games & Festival. The evening prior to the event, a few members of the Society attended the dinner and a new award by Clan Forsyth Society USA (The Matthew Forsyth Cup) was presented. Two of Matther Forsyth's grandchildren were present to help in the presentation. The Saturday meeting was attended by 11 members. The threat of rain hindered attendance at the tent and rain shortened the meeting. A listing of the actons taken will be placed in the July newsletter.

July 2014 at Grandfather Mountain games, Linville, North Carolina, we will have the FGM (Clan Forsyth Society USA General Meeting). Hoping that many of the relationship will attend.


The June 1999 Worldwide AGM hosted by Clan Forsyth Society of Scotland was attended by many USA, Australian and New Zealand members. A planned 4 day long tour started at Edinburgh Scotland, traveled north, up the east coast with stops along the way at Ethie Castle, home of Chief Alistair, St. Andrews golf course; and on to Aberdeen where we spent a very short night as daylight remained until late and the bright morning came way too soon. Then up the coast line and west to Inverness where a grand evening social awaited us that evening. We visited Culloden Battlefield and a side trip to the Black Isle The following morning down to Loch Ness to meet Nessie, then on to Fort Williams and Glen Coe. An evening stop over was arranged at Stirling with a tour of Stirling Castle the next morning before proceeding back to Edinburgh where we hounded all the shops, and spent our money awaiting the Annual Gathering of Clan Forsyth Society of Scotland on Saturday evening. Most of us were in kilts and the evening was just perfect. On Sunday morning we departed Scotland for the USA and home while those from New Zealand & Australia went their way.

The 2002 Scotland trip was a blast during the last 2 weeks of June. We flew into Glasgow and stayed the night. In the morning we headed south on our bus torr to invade northern England with a visit to Gretna Green before stopping at Carlisle. Then it was on to Hadrian's Wal where we surveyed some of those remains. We crossed the border back into Scotland and stopped at Jedburgh, home of Sir Walter Scott. Too many places to show here as we went north and the ferry ride toOrkney, Skye, Mull, then back to the mainland to visit Loch Lomond in the mild rain. Finally back to Glasgow and the plane back to the USA.

A comment on the 2005 AGM - The Memphis, TN, AGM got off to a great start as Jim & Patti Forsyth of Tennesse had arranged for President Dale to be the DuckMaster at the famous and historic Peabody Hotel in Memphis. This is where they have live ducks in the fountain on the main floor. The ducks are trained and cared for by the official DuckMaster and Dale was to assist at the Parade of the Ducks that day from their roof top quarters, down in the elevator and then on to the red carpet that led to the fountain. It was a great show and all went off well. Many Forsyth cousins were there along with many local Scottish Clan leadership. After Pres. Dale's Knighting ceremony, a first class luncheon was held in one of the private dining rooms. A great start for a most enjoyable weekend. The Saturday afternoon AGM was well attended and many idead exchanges and considered. Opportunity to vote on issues to appear in an upcoming newsletter.

Celtic Knot




January 2016 There may be a host this year
Held at Central Winds Park in Winter Springs, Florida
Just north of Orlando. Games web site www.flascot.com

Clan Forsyth Tent Host - Florida Forsyth Rep. or alternate-

Wooreking on that possibility- and coordinating with our outheastern Regional Director - Lance Forsythe




More information to come later if there will be a Clan Forsyth Tent. For new information contact Marsha.

"###" 22& 23 MARCH 2014 "###"



web site www.arizonascots.com

new location


Clan Forsyth Tent presently not decided to be hosted by our Arizona Reps. : Benton & Lisa Scott.

"XXX" 28 MARCH 2015 "XXX"'

Clan Forsyth Host Tent- by Southeastern Regional Director-Lance Forsythe & Newsletter Editor,, Eastern V.P. Marsha Richardson

lforsythe1@tampabay.rr.com or marsharichardson@gmail.com+

"xxx" 16, 17, 18 APRIL 2015 "xxx"
Hillbilly Days
Pikeville, KY
Jessica Forsyth assisted by past Rep Jim Forsyth - Jessica as the new Clan Forsyth Society Kentucky Rep. will display our Clan Forsyth Banner near the park, downtown Pikeville. Cousins visiting the celebration are encouraged to come seek her where questions concerning our Scottish Society may be answered. This event has a most fascinating and popular parade. people have attended from all over the world. The Clan Forsyth is looking into the possibility of entering the parade this year.
Reach Jessica by contact

< jforsyth0713@aol.com >

"xxx" 25 - 26 APRIL 2015 "xxx"
The 136th Sacramento Valley Scottish Games & Gathering
Yolo County Fairgrounds, Woodland, CA. (web site<www.saccallie.org>)
No Forsyth tent host available this year
but our new Nevada Rep is planning to attend and look over the event for 2016.

May 2015- no Forsyth hosted tent this year
Frederick Fairgrounds, 797 E. Patrick Street, Frederick, Maryland
web site www.sasmm.com INFORMATION call (301) 695 3391
Forsyth Host tent will not be placed this year

"xxx" MAY 2015 "xxx"

not confirmed if we will host this year

22nd RIO GRANDE Valley Celtic Festival & Highland Games
from 9:00am to 5:00pm at Balloon Fiesta Park
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. information
web site www.scotmall.com/celticfestival
Forsyth Host Tent by Jim & Patti Forsythe-New Mexico Reps.

"###" 10 MAY - Saturday -2014 "###"

Forsyth Rep-Benton & Lisa ScottForsyth & Helping Host is Brian Fox
Information Call (928)4431422

"###" 22-23 MAY 2015 "###"


hosted by South Carolina Rep - Becky Forsythe

attending and helping Eastern Vice Pres. Marsha Richardson & Frank Richardson
games web site - www.Greenvillegames.org

June 2015- no current information to place yet
Genessee Highland Gathering
Genessee County Village & Museum

1410 Flint Road, Mumford, NY
Warren & Hazel Forsythe - New York Forsyth Reps.

"xxx" 5-7 June 2015 "xxx"
Holvander Homestead Park, Ferndale, Washington
no current information if a Forsyth tent host will be available this year

"###" 8 JUNE 2015 "###"

Washington County Fairgrounds, Richmond, Rhode Island

Games web site www.riscot.org
Our New England Regional Director - Jane Platt will host. She shares the tent with her husband - Dick Platt who is Clan Gunn Commissioner for New England
They share a Clan Forsyth / Clan Gunn host tent - E-mail r.platt@snet.net

"###" 12-13 JUNE 2015 "###"

Utah Highland Games and Scottish Festival
Thanksgiving Point / Electric Park
located on the West side of Interstate I-15 at the Alpine/Highland exit #287, Lehi, Utah

web site for games - [ www.UtahScots.org ]
Utah State Rep. for Clan Forsyth- Doreane Forsyth Jarmin will be at the Clan Foryth host tent with Clan Forsyth Society USA President & Chief's USA Commissioner - Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky-FSA Scot.

"###"" 27 -28 JUNE 2015 "###"
Lorain County Fairgrounds
Wellington, Ohio. [web site - www.ohioscottishgames.com]
No host available this year

Games web site - http:www.ohioscottishgames.com

'###' 5 July 2014 "###"

Cranbury Park, Norwalk, Connecticut
Forsyth Tent hosted by New England Regional Director - Jane Platt & her husband,Dick Platt, who is the Commissioner for Clan Gunn. They share a Clan Forsyth / Clan Gunn tent.

"###" 11 JULY 2015 "###"
Payson Park
Payson, Utah
A Forsyth hosted tent is planned for this Saturday with
Pres.Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky & Utah Rep - Doreane Sandusky Jarmin ..

"###" 9-12 JULY 2015 "###"

Linville, North Carolina (games web site is (
www.GMHG.org )
Presently there is no committed host for this year - please check back for updates. Until then, Contact Eastern
V.P. Marsha Richardson-Newsletter Editor & Genealogist.

"###" 11 - 12 JULY 2015 "###"

Edgewater Park, Mt. Vernon, Washington
( www.skye@sos.net )
Clan Forsyth Rep for Washington state, Cheryl Forsyth Reid will be at the combined Mackay/Forsyth host tent. Her husband, Bill Rutledge, is the Washington state Commissioner for Clan Mackay.

"###" 25 - 26 JULY 2015 "###"

Enumclaw Expo Center, Enumclaw, WA


Clan Forsyth Rep for Washington state, Cheryl Forsyth Reid, will be at the combined Clan Mackay/Clan Forsyth host tent. Her husband, Bill Rutledge, is the Clan Mackay Commissioner for Washington state.

****'###' AUGUST 2015 '###'****
THE COLORADO SCOTTISH FESTIVAL - [www.scottishgames.org]
this event has moved to Vail, CO. Currently not planning to have a booth there this year

Forsyth Tent Hosted by Robert Forsyth - Colorado Rep for Clan Forsyth Society USA & assisted by his wife, Denise Forsyth.

'###' 16 AUGUST 2014 '###'

Buffalo/ Niagara Heritage Village

3755 Tonawanda Creek Road, Amherst, New York

New York Forsyth Reps - Warren & Hazel Forsythe forsy7@juno.com

"###" 5 - 6 SEPTEMBER 2015 "###"
The 145th Caledonian Club of San Francisco, CA - Pleasanton Scottish Gathering & Games
Alameda County Fairgrounds
Pleasanton, California
Hosting The Clan Forsyth Host Tent will be Waldo & Pat Forsythe and R. Destine & Noel Schaefer.

"###" SATURDAY - 26 SEPTEMBER 2015 "###"


Idlewild Park, Ligonier, PA
East of Greensburgh on route 30
Hosting the Forsyth tent will be Clan Forsyth Society Pennsylvania Reps.- Bonnie Jean Dick & Keith Sandusky. Please plan to attend and visit our host tent and sign up to march with us in the official parade at noon.

"###" SEPTEMBER 2015 "###"
Oklahoma Scottish Festival
Located at the River West Festival Park, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Oklahoma Forsyth Rep. - Kami Hoar will not be able to host the Forsyth tent as she is involved with the games committee. Forsyth/Forsythe people wishing to meet her will find her in the Scottish Club of Tulsa tent.

" &&& " SEPTEMBER 2015 "&&&" "not

currently scheduled"
ANNUAL KENTUCKY FORSYTH FAMILY REUNION for all Forsyth/Forsythe people directly related or not. Come join the activity as you will be welcomed and happy you came.
Located at family farm in Wayne, West Virginia-directions placed soon
Kentucky Forsyth Rep. - Jim Forsyth & Deputy Rep. - Jessica Forsyth

For information contact
jimforsyth@setel.com or jessicaforsyth0713@yahoo.com

"###"7-8 NOVEMBER 2015 "###"

Rillito Park Raceway, Tucson, Arizona

Clan Forsyth Tent hosted by Arizona Forsyth Reps. - Benton & Lisa Scott assisted by Brian Fox of Tucson


If you are a Forsyth or Forsythe or other spellings of the name or a married bloodline female and not a present member of the Society but wish to sponsor a booth at your own expense, at a Scottish event in your area, contact the Society President with your request. If approval is granted for a one time hosting, you will be assisted with your efforts.

Send e-mail to Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky. Celtic Knot

Interested? Want more information?

If you have not read the history of Clan Forsyth, you may want to click here now. A Clan Forsyth Society has been in operation in the USA since before 1978. Previous names were Clan Forsyth Family Association, Clan Forsyth Society of America, and now Clan Forsyth Society of the United States of America . . . This Society name will remain.

History of Presidency

Years Served-Name-Residence of Association Name
1979-1981Colonel Thomas ForsythNorth Carolina Clan Forsyth Family Association
1981-1993 Percy Forsyth, Florida Clan Forsyth of America Inc.

1993-1996 Robert L. Williams, South Carolina

Clan Forsyth Society U.S.A.
(pro-tem) 1996 George M. Forsythe, New York Clan Forsyth Society U.S.A.
1996-present Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky,Utah Clan Forsyth Society U.S.A.

To receive an application for joining the Clan Forsyth Society USA, or if you desire further information . . . please contact one of the Officers listed below:

position open for National Secretary
position not filled at present. Please consider contacting our newsletter editor , Marsha Richardson

Clan Forsyth Society of the U.S.A.
4336 South 3150 West
West Valley City, Utah 84119
e-mail: forsyth@xmission.com

................Send membership renewals or new membership applications to the address listed below...... . Your application will be registered and membership card(s) issued.

Clan Forsyth Society, USA
4336 South 3150 West
West Valley City, Utah 84119-5856

A thought . . . Are there relatives of yours who are not aware of the Clan's existance? You can help spread the word. We are alive and interested in them. They may be interested in hearing about us. YOU CAN ALSO HELP by inviting Forsyths / Forsythes in your community to a picnic, party, or meeting at your home where a Society Officer may be willing to attend and discuss the Society.

All new applicants shall pay a $25.00 membership fee regardless of age or status.
  • Regular membership (Single, married, or family in same household) - $25.00 per year. Senior membership - after the first year of membership, a bloodline member may elect /choose to renew that membership at the $25.00 rate or may reclassify as a senior and pay a reduced half (1/2) dues - $12.50 per year. A senior member is one who has attained the age of 65 or more years and elects to take the lower dues rate.
  • Life membership - 20 times the current dues structure, which can be paid in one lump sum, or in consecutive yearly installments of not less than 2 times the yearly rate until the payment is satisfied in full.
Cousins are invited to join throughout the year. The dues paid at that time activates a membership to the beginning of that same month the following year. The January following joining, a new member needs to be placed on the same dues schedule as current members (renewal membership donations are due January 1 of each new year), one must pro-rate the remaining months of that following year. This pro-rated payment by January 1st will extend a current membership through 31 December of that new year. The current pro-rate for regular membership is $2.10 per month. The Senior rate is $1.05 per month. Some of our members simply pay $25.00 per year regardless of when they join to simplify the matter, and just call it even. (The choice is yours :) All members of Clan Forsyth Society USA receive a quarterly newsletter called the Griffin. An active membership in the Society also connects with membership in the parent Society of Scotland. Three years of continual membership in Clan Forsyth Socviety of the USA qualifies that membership for a one time membership certificate signed by Chief Alistair C.W. Forsythof that ILK, embossed with his official stamp and displaying his Coat of Arms of Forsyth. A most attractive and impressive document suitable for display.

If you want to see the application for membership, click here.

We have Regional Directors and State Representatives in some areas. We are always interested in member volunteers who wish to share their time, skills, and talents with the Clan. Some vacancies exist where appointments still need to be made.

Clan Tidbits . . .

A main interest of Clan Forsyth Society USA is family history and genealogy. Tracing our Forsyth / Forsythe / other spellings of family lines here in the U.S.A. will definately lead back to Scotland and the merging of earlier generations. Another gained "plus" is getting to know all living cousins and their relationships to each other. It is known that there are other spellings for the family name, and it is the Society's hope that everyone will want to join the Society and share their family records and lineage with our member genealogist. This helps both you and the Society fill in missing links while tying together common ancestry. It also expands your knowledge of the Family of Forsyth. We can not do this without you and your support.

The Forsyth Clan motto 'INSTAURATOR RUINAE' is on the Clan badge (see below). It's Latin and is found in the King James Version of the Bible [Isaiah 58:12]. Translation- 'I rebuild the ruins', 'Rebuilder of the ruins', 'Repairer of the breach', 'Restorer of paths'.

Forsythia is the Clan plant. Named after William Forsyth, called from Scotland to be groundskeeper at Kensington Palace. He became Superintendant of the Royal Gardens. The beautiful, yellow bush that is blooming early each spring is FORSYTHIA!

The Forsythia

Rev. Alexander Forsyth of Scotland was responsible for improving the trigger mechanism on firearms, with the invention of fulminate. He has been called The Father of Modern Weaponry.

Clan Forsyth Society of Scotland Leadership

This is the parent Society for all Forsyth Societies throughout the World. Membership in any of the recognized Societies automatically makes you a member of the parent Society of Scotland.
Baron of Ethie

Robert J. Forsyth, Edinburgh Scotland


Margaret Forsyth, Peebles Scotland


Ben Forsyth, Edinburgh Scotland


Jill Moody, 37 Queen Street, Perth PH2 0EJ

Ayrshire - Mr. David L. Forsyth
West Midlands - Mrs. M. Price
North of Scotland - Mr. William and Mrs Nancy Forsyth
Northern Ireland - Mr. Ian Forsyth

Western Australia branch - Jim Forsyth- President < mksears@globel.net.au >
Queensland Australia branch - Don Forsyth - President < elizbthfo@ozemail.com.au >
Sidney, Australia branch - Mr. David Forsyth- President < dsforsyth@bigpond.com >

New Zealand branch - Andrew Forsyth - President. Please contact secretary Frances Forsyth < secretary@clanforsyth.org.nz > her address is 7 Rutland Way, Wadestown, Wellington, New Zealand


Chief's Commissioner for Australia Mr. James D. Forsyth < jaforsyth@ozemail.com.au >
Chief's Commissioner for New Zealand - Mr. Allan Forsyth < aforsyth@clanforsyth.org.nz >
Chief's Commissioner for USA - Mr. Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky - FSA Scot.<Forsyth@xmission.com >

Chief's Commissioner for Canada -Mr. Ed D. Forsyth < fb56653@rogers.com >

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