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Clan Forsyth Society U.S.A. Photo Gallery


The Chief of Clan Forsyth is Alistair C.W. Forsyth

of that ILK & Baron of Ethie

His USA Commissioner is Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky FSA Scot


The current Clan Forsyth Society USA Officers are :

President - Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky-FSA Scot

Eastern VP - John 'Jack' W. B. Forsyth Gardner

Western VP - Robert 'Bob' W. Forsyth

Secretary - Rebecca "Becky" Forsythe

Treasurer - I. Tanya Sandusky


photos of leadership past and present at Society gatherings

Partial Clan Leadership-1996 AGM

July 1996 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Grandfather Mountain, NC President-Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky-FSA Scot with spouse Tanya; then, Vice President-Jane Platt with spouse Dick; past President pro-tem & newly appointed Clan Piper-George M. Forsythe with spouse Mary.

Partial Clan Leadership-1998 AGM

July 1998 AGM - Part of current leadership at Grandfather Mountain.

(left to right) Robert W. Forsyth-Secretary, Theresa Berk-Grandfather Mountain Forsyth Tent Host, Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky-National President ,Clan Forsyth Society USA, Tanya Sandusky-Treasurer, Visitors Becky & Chuck Sandusky of Utah at the Annual General Meeting.

Image of Dale & Tanya Sandusky in full Scottish attire

Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky and his wife, Tanya at the Utah Scottish Association Tartan Ball 1995.
Dale - Past Treasurer and Membership - 1994-1996
Advisor to the President of the Utah Scottish Association - 1996, 1999-2005
Vice President - 1997, 1998, 2006
Physical Facilities - Scottish games 1995 - 2006

Tanya - Board of Directors - 1999 - 2002



Vice President Jane Platt at Loon Mountain, NH-September 1996

Jane Platt of Connecticut at Loon Mountain, NH-September 1996.
Served as National Vice President from 1996 - 2000; Appointed New England Regional Director,2000-present

Robert W. Forsyth-Secretary

Robert W. Forsyth of Novato CA-Society National Secretary, elected as Vice President in 2000-present. His title is now Western Vice President.


John "Jack W. B. Forsyth Gardner of Florida is our Eastern Vice President

September 2005-present

no current photo




Linda Forsyth Kennedy of Pennsylvania- National Secretary

January 2001 - September 2005

Mary Ellen Forsyth Cain of Florida- National Secretary

September 2005 - November 2009

Rebecca "Becky" Forsythe- National Secretary

November 2009-present

no current photo available




Tanya Sandusky-Treasurer

Tanya Sandusky of West Valley City, Utah- Clan Treasurer, July 1998-present. She also serves as acting Membership Secretary.



Marsha Richardson-Clan Forsyth Newsletter Editor

Marsha Richardson, past Florida Rep., past Southeastern Regional Director. Current Newsletter Editor. Appointed Clan Society Genealogist-2009

E-mail address marsharichardson@gmail.com.

Rev. Robert G. Forsyth of Florence, MA- Society Chaplain. Retired from the position in May 2005. He passed away in January 2006.

Rev. Dr. Robert D. Forsythe of Pennsylvania- Society Chaplain, passed away as a result of an auto accident, November 2008

Rev. Steve M. Forsythe-Society Chaplain

May 2009



Image of Edward Forsyth

Edward (Eddie) Forsyth of Lockport, New York-Clan Forsyth Society Geneaologist for the USA and Canada-July 1994-present .


Image of Dale M.
Sandusky with Clan Forsyth banner

Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky in his yard in Utah- Spring of 1994. This is the first known Clan Forsyth banner in the USA. Dale designed & made this banner for the 1994 AGM at Grandfather Mountain, NC. He continues to makes the Forsyth crests for all Clan Forsyth State Representatives.

Image of Dale M.
Sandusky in full scottish attire

Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky in Scottish attire while promoting the movie 'Braveheart' in Utah.


A sneak photo of George Forsythe HEIGHT=

A sneak photo of George M. Forsythe of New York City, NY. He is our appointed Clan Forsyth Society USA Piper. Here he stands as the lone piper playing his pipes while looking out over the hills around Linville, North Carolina. He was caught in the act of serenading the residence of the complex and others beyond. This complex was carved out of the center of the surrounding forest and it presented a most beautiful setting for the occasion that attracted many appreciative listeners below


Past Clan Leadership-1994 AGM

Our first Annual General Meeting of Clan Forsyth Society USA (re-organized during 1993) was held at Grandfather Mountain in July of 1994. Shown above - President Bob Williams; Treasurer Linda Williams -both of South Carolina; Vice President George Forsythe of New York; National Secretary Carol Forsyth Kroeger of Illinois. Not in the picture but taking it, Dale M. Forsyth Sandusky, serving as the first Western USA Representative.

Bob Williams of South Carolina-Past President (1993-1996) Past Treasurer(1996-1998)

Bob Williams of South Carolina-Past President (1993-1995). Served as National Treasurer (1996-1998).

Grandfather Mountain 1994 Tug-of-War 3rd Place Winners HEIGHT=

This is Clan Forsyth's 1994 Grandfather Mountain 3rd Place winners of the Tug-of-War competition.

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