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Amaze O Cut

Length: 2 minutes, 13 seconds
Completed: December 1998
Directed By: Doran Barton
Chadd VanZanten
Edited By: Doran Barton
Starring: Marie Barry [Model]
Doran Barton [Attacker]
Christine Barton [Hand Model]
Written By: Doran Barton
Chadd VanZanten
Music By: Doran Barton
Shot With: Sony Handycam Vision CCD-TRV62 Hi8 camcorder
Location: Doran's House, Hyrum, UT

For decades, Television has been feeding us with offers we just simply can not pass up. As we grew up in the television age, we could not understand how a home could go without a set of eversharp knives, a multi-purpose survival knife, or a hand operated can opener that miraculously eliminates all sharp edges of the can.

Our intent was to explore this genre of American television-commercial-making. We feel we learned to identify several key ingredients and by combining them, we've created what, we feel, is an authentic-looking advertisement.

s h o t s   f r o m   i n s i d e :

The model is impressed with the Amaze-O-Cut's ability to cut electrical tape.

The model wrestles with sticky electrical tape.

The Personal Amaze-O-Cut is displayed and dropped into a purse.

The order screen.