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Driving PSA

Length: 9 minutes, 37 seconds
Completed: April 1998
Directed By: Doran Barton
Chadd VanZanten
Edited By: Doran Barton
Starring: Jason Ahlstrom [Victor]
Doran Barton [Danny]
Music By: Doran Barton
Shot With: Sony Handycam Vision CCD-TRV62 Hi8 camcorder
Location: On the road, Cache Valley, UT

We started taping for Driving PSA before we had the concept and story line. All we knew was that we wanted to do something funny and something with driving in it. We wanted to digitally edit some conventional car stuff: static two-cut drive-by's, exterior moving camera shots and interior driving close-ups.

What came out of this experimentation is a play on every public service announcement you ever saw in high school.

A lot of real PSAs are hysterical because they're so transparent. They blatantly insult your intelligence by saying, ``Look! Don't you want to be like Danny?'' and you say, ``I'd rather die than be like Danny,''

Ultimaely, it's a shallow, two-dimensional appeal to conform to an ideal."

Driving PSA was featured at The New Venue, a website devoted to exhibiting films on the Internet in October 1998.

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