Welcome to Net on The Road !

Our goal is to help travelers from all over the world to have access to the net while traveling. We not only hope to be a major source of information to travelers but also provide you a way to meet other net surfers while on the road !


Net on The Road lists all the places of access (cybercafes, hotels, libraries, universities etc.) and the phone numbers of access for local and international providers. All the phone numbers and places for (hopefully) every city in the world.

For each city there will be an event, only advertised on this page, you could attend to meet fellow surfers while traveling. Simply see it for one city and you'll know it better.






Middle East

North America

South America

We are looking for contributors in each city around the globe !

All you have to do is to prepare a similar page and send us the URL and we will link it to this page. There will be one link for each city. And Net on The Road will grow with your links to help more travelers to have global connectivity.

For ideas on how to prepare such a page see guidelines. The information given for each city is updated by the people who maintain each city page. If you have any comment about a specific city page please mail your question or request to the person/company who maintains it .

To add your page or send a comment about Net on The Road please e-mail me at norm@gastown.com Please read the submission guidelines before submitting your URL.

If you have not heard about your submission request or inquiry within three days please send us a mail at mkurtka@ibm.net

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