Stars: Brendan Fraser, Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi, Chris Farley, Joe Mantegna, Michael McKean, Judd Nelson, Michael Richards, Amy Locane. Written by Rich Wilkes. Directed by Michael Lehmann. Rated PG-13 for profanity, violence.

Chazz (Brendan Fraser), Pip (Adam Sandler) and Rex (Steve Buscemi) comprise a struggling hard rock band incongruously named The Lone Rangers. Unable to get record companies to listen to the demo tape of their best song, they decide to take it down to a radio station affectionately known as "Rebel Radio" to get some air-play. They manage to sneak all the way to the deejay booth before they are seen. While in the midst of convincing Ian (Joe Mantegna), the deejay, to play their demo, a radio executive named Milo (Michael McKean) barges in and demands that they leave.

Frustrated by this setback, Rex and then Chazz pull out water guns that look convincingly like dangerous firearms. They "insist" that the demo be played after all. The problem is that the demo tape gets scrambled just a few seconds into the song. Doug Beech (Michael Richards), who also works at the station, has been a witness to all of this. So when the band tries to make a break for it, they find out that the cops have already been alerted to the crisis.

What started out as a harmless attempt to break into show business has now turned into hostage situation. Realizing that they are in control, the group makes several demands of the police. The foremost of these is for the police to locate the other copy of the demo which is in the possession of Chazz's girlfriend with whom he has had a falling out.

"Airheads" is a brazenly funny, slightly goofy, and totally irreverent film quite similar in theme to Martin Scorsese's "The King of Comedy". Director Michael Lehmann, who delivered the satirical "Heathers", has created another movie teens can salivate for, complete with a spoof of "Die Hard". The cast has been well chosen for appeal and personality, but "Saturday Night Live" alum Adam Sandler gets all the best lines.

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