Stars: Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff, Kris Kristofferson, N'Bushe Wright, Donal Logue. Written by David S. Goyer. Directed by Stephen Norrington. Rated R for strong, pervasive vampire violence and gore, language, and brief sexuality.

Because his mother was bitten by a vampire shortly before his birth, Blade (Wesley Snipes) has all of the powers of a vampire, but lacks their weaknesses. He is even able to live without drinking blood, through the routine use of a garlic-based serum. He has based his existence on the destruction of other vampires because they caused the death of his mother. Brandishing both blades and bullets, he is as fearless as he is determined in battling the undead. Now me must stop a vampire punk (Stephen Dorff) from resurrecting the blood god of old, with the future of humanity hanging in the balance.

"Blade", based on the popular dark comic book series of the same name, is a stylish and energetic action film. Not a horror story in the conventional sense, it has more in common with "Aliens" as the protagonist racks up a body count that would put "Rambo" to shame. Light on character development and simple in plotting, the film feels like nothing so much as a comic book brought to life. Those seeking substance or a classic vampire tale will find themselves sorely disappointed. Meanwhile, those who thrill to violence and gore will find plenty to like about the flick.

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