Stars: Hugh Grant, Colm Meaney. Rated PG.

In 1917 an Englishman (Hugh Grant) and his companion travelled around the United Kingdom surveying land formations for inclusion on maps. Hills were those formations under a thousand feet while mountains were anything larger. A small town on the edge of Wales took pride in the fact that theirs was the first mountain inside of Wales and had served as defense against would-be attackers. The problem was, though, that the Englishman determined the height of their "mountain" to be sixteen feet shy of a thousand and thus it was technically a hill.

The townspeople devised a plan to create a twenty foot high dirt mound on the hill in order to turn it into a mountain. They conspired to keep the Englishman and his companion in the town for several more days while this was being accomplished. They would not be happy with a plain old hill; it must be a mountain.

I have the feeling that "The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain" was created as an "art house" film which was then slated for mainstream release when Hugh Grant became hugely popular. The film has a certain amount of charm but isn't quite charming enough to keep its slight premise entertaining throughout. Grant, whose role in the film isn't as large as advertisements would have you believe, will doubtless draw in multitudes of females, regardless of anything I might say.

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