Stars: Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Ann Margret, Sophia Loren, Daryl Hannah, Kevin Pollack, Burgess Meredith. Rated PG-13 for rampant profanity, adult themes.

"Grumpier Old Men" is every bit as good as the first "Grumpy" film. Yes, it's that bad. More profanity, sophomoric humor and contrived subplots. If the original film had starred anyone other than the odd couple of Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, I doubt it would have lasted three weeks in first-run theaters. Ergo, the sequel will likely hit as big if for no other reason (and what reason could there be?) than its cast.

The crotchety pair temporarily mend their differences to thwart the attempts of a pretty Italian lady (Sophia Loren) to turn their favorite bait shop into an Italian restaurant. Since Lemmon is still married to Ann Margret, sparks fly Matthau and the woman. That's pretty much it for the plot. Sure, there's a storyline involving the upcoming marriage of Matthau's son (Kevin Pollack) and Lemmon's daughter (Daryl Hannah), but people don't go to a "Grumpy" film to see sentiment. They go to these films for the same reason kids love the "Home Alone" films: mayhem and practical jokes. Lowbrow humor rarely gets any lower.

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