Stars: Christopher Lambert, Mario Van Peebles.

The "Highlander" phenomenon has been one that has always escaped my understanding. The 1986 film was a B-movie that had decent production values and a rockin' soundtrack. The follow- up film in 1991 was a lackluster attempt to cash in on the cult following the original movie had developed on cable and video. Then came the hit TV-series which somehow stretches a one-movie idea into a violent weekly adventure. "Highlander 3" now clocks in as the second movie sequel.

The storyline of the new film takes place sometime between the events of the first and the second films, most closely matching the original in tone. A new immortal (Mario Van Peebles) has escaped from centuries of imprisonment to harass poor little Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert). MacLeod now has a son whose sole purpose in the movie is to be placed into jeopardy so that he can be rescued by daddy.

Although the latest entry in the "Highlander" saga sports good special effects, they don't hide the fact that this is the second sequel to spurn the logic of the original. Those who can find something to like about the second film or the TV-series should appreciate the new film. Others should look elsewhere to satisfy their cravings for action.

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