Stars: Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Pullman, Joan Cusack.

This promising comedy goes progressively downhill. Ellen DeGeneres, so good in her self-named television show, seems to be playing the same character in the film "Mr. Wrong". One wonders if Ms. DeGeneres has the range to make a success of a film career. Fans who will initially love seeing the same old Ellen will wish that she had chosen a riskier project by film's end.

Martha (DeGeneres) is unlucky in love; but wait, she can get unluckier still. After meeting Whitman (Bill Pullman), who appears at first to be the love of her life, she discovers that he's more than a little cracked. All attempts at refusing him fail, and even the PI she hires ends up working for him. Factor in Whitman's former flame (Joan Cusack) gunning for Martha and you have the makings for a fine comedy. Alas, a fine comedy was not to be had.

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