Stars: Rebecca De Mornay, Antonio Banderas, Dennis Miller, Harry Dean Stanton. Rated R for nudity, sexual situations.

What do you get when you cross the white-hot rising star of the seemingly omnipresent Antonio Banderas with the lukewarm and waning star of aging beauty Rebecca De Mornay? Not a whole lot, if "Never Talk to Strangers" any indication. It's a dull thriller that stretches plausibility well past the breaking point.

De Mornay plays a psychologist whose must determine the mental fitness of a serial killer (Harry Dean Stanton) whose lawyer is trying to build an insanity defense. A divorced mother of none, De Mornay finds it difficult to meet new people in a non-clinical setting. She bumps into a stranger (Banderas) who quickly wins her over and the two set up a date to meet later. Things go very well on their date and the singles join into a couple. About the same time, De Mornay attracts the attention of an unknown stalker who sends her dead flowers and places her obituary in the newspaper. Discovering the identity of this mystery person becomes the point of the film. Is it De Mornay's estranged father, a neighbor (Dennis Miller) who has romantic intentions towards her, the serial killer playing games, or could it be Banderas? You won't care.

"Never Talk to Strangers" is a brainless thriller in the "Basic Instinct" vein except it isn't as sexy or suspenseful as that infamous flick. Neither Banderas' nor De Mornay's character is especially likeable, and their chemistry together is questionable. Throw this one into the "dud" bin.

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