Stars: Christina Ricci, Doug E. Doug, Michael McKean, Bess Armstrong, Dean Jones, Dyan Cannon, Elvis the Cat. Directed by Bob Spiers. Rated PG.

Patti's (Christina Ricci) cat D.C. (Elvis the Cat), witnesses the abduction of the Flints' (Dean Jones, Dyan Cannon) maid. Patti finds a bracelet around his neck with the word "Hell" scratched into it's surface and makes a huge leap of logic. Although the local police are unwilling to listen to her far-fetched story, an FBI agent named Zeke (Doug E. Doug) gets assigned to the case. Zeke and Patti trail D.C. hoping that he will lead them to the kidnappers. Would-be hilarity ensues as D.C. tromps around town making his nightly rounds.

"That Darn Cat" is a remake of the live-action Disney film of the same. My recollection of that earlier film is faulty, but I would find it hard to believe that it could be as unfunny and poorly-executed as this stinker. The kids, of various ages, I took to the film were bored with the on-screen antics. Adults will want nothing to do with it.

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