Stars: Nicolas Cage, Dana Carvey, Jon Lovitz, Madchen Amick, Florence Stanley, Donald Moffat, Paul Lazar, John Ashton. Written and directed by George Gallo. Rated PG-13 for profanity.

"Trapped in Paradise" is a goofy little comedy about three small-time crooks who pull off a bank robbery in the Norman Rockwell-ish town of Paradise, Pennsylvania and then find it difficult to make their getaway. The crooks in question are brothers whose personalities are wildly disparate. Dave Firpo (Jon Lovitz) is a liar and a schemer, Alvin Firpo (Dana Carvey) is a gentle-hearted kleptomaniac, and then there's Bill Firpo (Nicolas Cage) who is trying to go straight but gets drawn in by his brothers' plan.

Their attempts at fleeing the town are thwarted by car trouble and cop trouble, but mostly by the kindness of the people of Paradise. A subplot finds escaped convicts seeking out the Firpos for the loot that should have been theirs, and taking Ma Firpo (Florence Stanley) along for insurance.

The film is both funny and touching and it's got a holiday theme to boot. "Trapped in Paradise" is just good comedy.

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