Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Heather Graham, Natasha Wagner. Written and directed by James Toback. Rated R for a strong sex scene, strong language and sexual dialogue, and for a violent image.

It had to happen sooner or later. My patience with a movie finally ran out. "Two Girls and a Guy" marks the first time I have ever walked out of a movie. If only I could have gotten back the hour I had already spent on it. This film is complete and utter rubbish. Thereís not a single positive thing I can say about it. But at least I am in a position to save you from the travesty I experienced.

Carla (Heather Graham) and Lou (Natasha Wagner) discover that they have a boyfriend (Robert Downey Jr.) in common. What they do about it will leave you scratching your head in amazement of the stupidity of the script.

"Two Girls and a Guy" is a talky, unnatural, self-conscious, poorly-dubbed mess of a movie. It plays like a film school experiment let loose on an unsuspecting public. Itís degrading to watch and I object to its very existence. I donít think I can put a finer point on it than that.

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