Stars: Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes, Robert Downey Jr., Joe Pantoliano, Kate Nelligan. Written by John Pogue. Directed by Stuart Baird. Rated R for violence, profanity.

Tommy Lee Jones returns to his Oscar-winning role of Chief Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard in "U.S. Marshals". This time out his prey isn't a harmless doctor looking for a one-armed man but rather a highly-trained ex-special forces soldier (Wesley Snipes) who stands accused of murdering two federal agents. Accompanying Gerard's regular team, much to his chagrin, is an agent (Robert Downey Jr.) who was friends with the two deceased g-men. But as Gerard and his fellow marshals dig deeper, they discover that all is not as it first seemed.

U.S. Marshals sticks close to the formula established in "The Fugitive". It features a spectacular disaster and escape scene whereby a criminal being transported becomes instead a fugitive. That criminal then works towards clearing his name for a crime he was unjustly convicted of. Unfortunately, in this case the whole "find the real bad guy" subplot is muddled and it's never quite clear just how he can accomplish this feat.

On the plus side, though, is Tommy Lee Jones, still a lot of fun to watch in his role as the efficient Marshal Gerard. His team from the previous film also returns, and their chemistry together is unmistakable. Throw in some clever police work and amazing stunts and you have a film which, although not quite as good as "The Fugitive", is nevertheless close enough for government work.

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