by Gerhard Ruf,

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     This class will introduce you to publishing your genealogical information on the Internet. We will demonstrate some simple methods for sharing your information through available online services, like the RootsWeb Surname List and WorldConnect. We will also give a brief overview of publishing on your own web site with complete control, and at other services that assist you in the printing and sale of printed books.

  1. WHY Publish?
    - Share your information (especially if it's well researched)
         Genealogy (We'll focus on this today.)
         Family Stories
    - Find others working on common ancestral lines
    - Find lost cousins for a family reunion
    - Bring the family closer together
    - Publishing on the Web is not permanent. It may be easily updated, or removed.
  2. HOW is it done?
    - Roots Surname List (1,210,000+ surnames)
            Select which surnames you want to list.
            Determine the range of years and locations for each surname.
    - Provide your data in a GEDCOM file to a service which will place it on the Internet for you.
    The following sites require registration, but it is free.
    Consider privacy issues, like listing the names of living individuals and including embarassing information.
        WorldConnect - (550.7 million+ names) at
            Upload the complete GEDCOM file.
            Use options on site to limit what is viewable or downloadable.
        Pedigree Resource File - (200 million+ names) at
            Limit the content of your GEDCOM file as you create it.
            When the new FamilySearch web site becomes available you will be able to use that to allow others access to your data. - A Wiki site
            Upload your GEDCOM file for display.
            Add pictures and other images.
            Add documents.
            Allow others to edit and/or contribute additional information.
        Family Trees at
            Begin with a GEDCOM upload or start entering data.
            Add pictures and other images.
            Add documents.
            Allow others to edit and/or contribute additional information.
    - Nearly all genealogy programs will create web pages directly for you, but you must upload them to a web site of your choosing.
        ROOTS MAGIC -
    - Create and maintain your own web site. (This may be as simple as just listing your surnames and locations or providing access to all or part of the information you and your family have researched.)
  3. If you choose to create and maintain your own web site, there are many helps available along the way.
    - See Cyndi's Genealogical Web Page Construction Kit at
  4. Steps in Creating Your Own Web Page (not for the faint hearted)
    Find Space On A Web Server To Store Your Web Pages.
    Create Your Home Page.
    Create Your Genealogical Web Pages
    Check your pages and links with your Web browser (Open File).
    Transfer all files and subdirectory structure to your service provider.
    Test your web pages for accessibility and correctness.
    Publicize your Home Page.
  5. Another Option - Publish Your Own Book in Printed Form.
    You may use PAF 5.2 or other genealogical programs to prepare a copy of the information you have entered. See Users Guide section, How to Print Books, pg 130-1.
    Use a Word Processor like WordPerfect or Microsoft Word or Publisher to prepare your book.
    Select a printer and publisher
    Some online publishers allow you to build and sell one book at a time.
        Read the article about "Print on Demand" at is a poplular "Print On Demand" website. It has no setup fees.
        Google the phrase "Print On Demand" for other options. (Include the quotation marks.)
  6. A Few Other Related Resources
    Print and Publish with Ancestry Press at
    Printing and Publishing Family History - Heritage Makers

     The rewards of publishing are commensurate with the effort put forth.

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