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•   Dating versus Hanging Out Ensign Jun 2006 (Search Results)  
•   Single Threads in the Gospel Tapestry Ensign Dec 1992.pdf (PDF format)  
•   Married or Single Look beyond Yourself Ensign Mar 1980.pdf (PDF format)  
•   Single in a Family Church Ensign Sep 1987.pdf (PDF format)  
•   Singular Accomplishment Ensign Jun 2001.pdf (PDF format)  
•   The Church and Single Latter-day Saints Ensign Mar 1989.pdf (PDF format)  
•   The Church Is for All People Ensign Jun 1989.pdf (PDF format)  
•   The Proclamation on the Family For Every One of Us Ensign Dec 2000.pdf (PDF format)  
•   To the Single Adult Brethren of the Church Ensign May 1988.pdf (PDF format)  

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