Estes Super Nova Payloader - EST2155

Super Nova Payloader from Estes
          Length:   46.5"
          Diameter: 1.64"
          Weight:   6.2 oz.
          Recovery: 24" Parachute
          Fins: T3 plastic molded
          Maximum Altitude: 500'
          Engines: D12-5 ONLY

Launches 1/19/2005
          Flies to 500 feet!
          24" assembled parachute for recovery.
          No painting required!
          Large, clear payload area allows you to stock it with science
            experiments, bugs, small action figures or other exciting cargo.
          Molded plastic fins.
          Blue cardboard body tube.
          Self-adhesive black and white decals.
          Skill level 2 model.
          Estes' full 1 year warranty.
          Detailed illustrated assembly and launch instructions.

          Engine: D12-5 Only
          3/16" Maxi Launch Rod (ESTT2244)
          Super Glue
          Launch System
          Adult Supervision

It finally arrived 6/25/2004 at 2:03pm!

Here's what was inside the box:

Used Kevlar for the shock cord mount. Tied longer shock cord to Kevlar


I have used Testors Plastic Cement on most all the model, and have a second fillet coat on the fins.
First Launch to come! I'm going to use the included 24" parachute on a swival to start with.

The Testors plastic cement did not hold the fins onto the rocket.
While looking at it, all fins practically fell off the rocket before the first flight!
They have since been glued on with super glue!




Jan 19, 2005
D12-5 Engine - Maiden flight
~5 MPH winds
Clinton park

Nice, slow, straight boost to maybe 500 feet, and ejected at apogee - great motor for this rocket.

Notice the body tube is bent!

Yep, the darn Testors plastic cement let go!

Super glued tube on, in the field, and she's ready to go again!

She floated right over me!

Where's the payload section?

Yep, you guessed it - the damn Testors plastic cement let go again! I did recover the payload section with no damage.

Fixed it again with super glue. Every where that I used the POS plastic cement should now have super glue!!



Updated January 19, 2005