Viewing Vellum drawing of ASP

Here is the CAD drawing of the ASP. (right-click, then Save-As asp.vlm)

The CAD file was produced by Ashlar-Vellum Graphite. I have converted it to Vellum (.vlm) format, since the viewer program is 3MB instead of 6MB.

I have produced PDF files, but it's better to have the original CAD drawings which you can view using Ashlar's free viewing program, Vellum Share 99, available for download for Windows or Mac. (They have no plans to support linux. I asked.) This way you can create exact-scaled prints (assuming your printer is accurate--I've had good luck with HP laser printers, and mixed luck with inkjets) whereas I have had problems with PDF print scaling. Another advantage is that the Ashlar programs let you turn layers on and off, and shoot dimensions that I may have omitted.

If your really must see PDF prints of the drawings, they are: