Magnetic Switch - Parts List, Digi-Key

Version Part Number Description Manuf. P/N Unit Price
120 495-1409-ND Varistor (MOV) 130V RMS 14mm disc S14K130 $0.423
220 495-1440-ND Varistor (MOV) 250V RMS 14mm disc S14K250E2 $0.582
220 PB348-ND Relay, 230VAC 38k coil, DPDT 30A 240V 1/4QC contacts P&B T92P11A22-240 $11.14
120 PB489-ND Relay, 120VAC 950 Ohm coil, DPST-NO 30A 120V 1/4 QC contacts P&B T92P7A22-120 $8.83
Both Z1319-ND Switch DPDT-mom. guard rect 18x24mm Green, 16mm hole Omron A165-JGM-2 $9.53
Both * Z1466-ND Switch SPST-NC-Mom 30mm mushroom Red , 22mm hole Omron A22-SR-01M $11.18
Z1326-ND Switch SPDT-mom. Red, 16mm hole Omron A165-TRM-1 $8.16
* Choose one stop switch. The large model (30 mm knob) is nice for table saws, mounted low to that you can bump it with your knee for hands-free shutoff (cf. Delta Unisaw).