Making Backsaws - Template Routing

Screw the template down and trace around it, then remove it from your stock. Cut within 1/16" of the line, on the waste side. Bandsaw the inner walls surrounding the hand grip first, so that there's more stock to hang onto when using the router table.

Now move to the router table for trimming, after reattaching the template. Two bits, one with the bearing at the top, and the other with the bearing on the bottom, are needed. Mark the portions of the cut you can do with each bit (you can see my pink marks clearly in the photo at right). In the second photo, the template is underneath. The template-guided router bit's direction of rotation is critical. Light passes are essential, especially in dense wood. This is a potentially dangerous operation. Keep a firm grip on the stock, and your hands well away from the router bit.

Now cut the outer portions. Be really careful not to cut past the line inside the V grooves. Again, reattach the template, mark the router cuts, and template-rout.

You can use the template as a guide for trimming the inner V recesses where a router bit can't reach. Just be careful not to trim your template at the same time!

The screw tabs can be cut off after unscrewing the template for the last time. Blend and smooth using rasps and files.