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Revolutionary soldier by A. Chappel

Captain David Perry's Recollections,
D.G. Jones, annotator, editor

The 2014 edition of Capt. David Perry's Recollections of An Old Soldier follows the text of the original 1822 edition (except as indicated in notes), with very little editing of puntucation, etc. For this edition, all previous editions (1822, 1912, 1928 and 1971) have been consulted and all editions meticulously compared, with discrepancies included in brackets. Expected to be available within the coming year, the 2014 edition includes a preface, introduction, illustrations, footnotes, endnotes and maps. Locations of all known extant editions and a short discussion of each, some with remarkable stories, make up one appendix.
Editor D.G. Jones, who has researched Perry's life and times for three decades, says, “I finally realized it was impossible to compile all the research I’ve gathered. So, besides Perry's account, the 2014 edition will bring readers interesting tidbits of information to whet their appetites, and give them fascinating bursts of facts and insights that fill in blanks and read between the lines. Those who want to learn more will have an historical foundation on which to build. Those who simply want to read Recollections will have enough information to clarify Perry’s record without obscuring it. That’s my goal. At the very least, readers will know more about Capt. David Perry’s life and times than I did when I first read his words 30-plus years ago.” (21 July 2002)
This new edition will be the first generally available hard copy of Perry's Recollections since the 1971 edition. Completion has been delayed since before 2002 because of chronic illness, but the wait will finally be over with a resulting work that will be well worth it.
Every effort will be made to keep the project's size under control, and cost down.
Projected publication: 2014.
For ordering information. To add your name to the David Perry mailing list CLICK HERE This method is preferred. (Or e-mail and put "David Perry" in the subject line.) If you want to be notified by post card, send your name and postal address here. The list will only be used for this purpose. E-mail notification will be attempted first.)
See The Captain David Perry Web Site or click here to read excerpts of Recollections and articles on David Perry and his memoir.

Projected cover, 2014 Edition, size 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN 0-9718474-2-8
"Captain David Perry: Provincial Soldier, American Patriot"
Introductory Summary by D.G. Jones
"FACT OR FICTION: References to Captain David Perry's Words"
by D.G. Jones  
Near-death experience of David Perry (1762)
includes vision he was shown of the Revolutionary War                
Capt. Perry's Admonition to Future Generations (1819)

(SUMMARY at the Captain David Perry Web Site)
Recollections of an Old Soldier:   The Life of Captain David Perry A Soldier of the French and Revolutionary Wars.   Containing Many Extraordinary Occurrences Relating to His Own Private History, And an Account of Some Interesting Events in the History of the Times in Which He Lived, No-where Else Re-Corded. Written by Himself. Windsor, Vt. Printed & for Sale at the Republican & Yeoman Printing Office, Directly Opposite the Bank of Windsor.  

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