Olympic Village Snapshots

These snapshots were taken with a cheap digital camera before, during and after my shifts at the Salt Lake Olympic Village.
I'm working as an athlete driver, having spent most of my time so far shuttling the Olympic teams into the Village.
Opportunities to chat with the athletes are numerous, but arranged photo ops are rare so far.
These "photos" are of poor quality, but this first week sight-seeing has been less important than getting the new "job" down.

Much more to come as opportunities permit.

South part of Residential Zone, last week. That's Team Hungary at the right (thanks Stwoodle).

Two (lovely) Dutch athletes chillin', last week

Team Welcome Ceremony performer

Street Musicians and hot cocoa dispensers, International Zone

Me by the Village signpost

Village Gateway shuttle drop and entry. The athletes check into the Village here. The baggage handlers are to the left. I'm usually behind the fence. They let me out to see the torch relay.

The Torch passes the Village Gateway

The Torch arrival at Washington Square (downtown, a short walk from my place). I ran like hell to get there after working at the Village!

Team Brasil is formally welcomed to the Village. Each team is welcomed to the Village with a short ceremony. We had one per day, then two, then eight, then a dozen, etc. My schedule has me working during all of them.

With the athletes preparing for the Opening Ceremonies, Athlete Transportation was shut down to a skeleton crew. That let me watch, greet and cheer the athletes on their way to the stadium. A great time was had by all!

Team Iceland gathers for the Parade of Nations. Team Russia in the background.

Members of Team Japan and Latvia prepare for the Parade of Nations

Teams gather for the Parade of Nations

Team Russia embarks for the Parade of Nations

Team Russia embarks for the Parade of Nations

I'm pretty sure this is Team Italia, before the Parade of Nations. Lots of teams wear powder blue this year, including the USA, Kazakstan and the Ukraine.

The entire San Marino Olympic Team in one snapshot

Just prior to the Parade of Nations, Team Great Britain.

Part of Team Bulgaria, I think, embarks for the Parade of Nations - cheered on by Team Blueberry

Two Swiss team members pose before the Parade of Nations