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About Dugway Proving Ground

(Adapted from gopher://technology.tamu.edu:70/00/federal/flc/def/f8.)


The U.S. Army's Dugway Proving Ground (DPG) is a multipurpose facility with a full range of capabilities for testing the performance of chemical and biological materiel. Located 80 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah, Dugway encompasses 840,000 acres of land free from encroachment. DPG supports all branches of the DOD and shares the surrounding restricted airspace with the AF's Utah Test and Training Range. A recently completed $300 million modernization program has made Dugway an efficient, state of the art technical facility.


DPG is the DOD's principal proving ground for chemical and biological defense materiel, protective items, and soldier compatibility with protective clothing/equipment. In addition to this primary mission, Dugway has been designated a Center of Excellence for military smoke/obscurant and illumination systems testing and performs artillery, mortar, mines, and a wide variety of special purpose equipment testing and evaluation. Another major responsibility is the Joint Chemical/Biological Contact Point and Test Project which was assigned directly by the Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In connection with this task, DPG serves as the central source for information on chemical and biological materiel issues for all Commanders-in-Chief and Services.

Facilities / Resources

DPG has numerous instrumented test grids and a variety of artillery and mortar ranges, capabilities for characterizing smokes/obscurants and relevant systems, and a manned airfield with a 13,125-foot runway, supporting all types of aircraft and aviation activities. Specific facilities/resources are:

  • Articulated robotic mannequin
  • Aerosol test facility
  • Automated data collection/processing
  • Ballistic ranges
  • Biological test facility
  • Combined chemical test facility
  • Containment chambers for chemical testing
  • Cryofracture facility
  • Electronics maintenance facility
  • Electronic trajectory measurement
  • Environmental testing
  • Hazardous waste management facility
  • Materiel test facility
  • Meteorological measurement/modeling
  • Optical maintenance facility
  • Optical tracking capability
  • Photographic laboratory
  • Physical test facility
  • Real-time x-ray facility
  • Smoke/obscurant characterization
  • Software development laboratory
  • Telemetry capability
  • Tropic test facility (Panama)

Areas of Expertise

  • Chemical/biological containment
  • Data acquisition software
  • Laser/lidar technology
  • Meteorological measurement/modeling
  • Real-time chemical sensors
  • Robotic applications

Technology Transfer Program Components

Coordination with SBIR Program: Managed through Mr. Rick Cozby at Test and Evaluation Command (TECOM) Headquarters. DPG SBIR coordinator is Mr. Don Hill, Phone (801) 831-5662).

Head of Organization

Col. James R. King, Commander

Technology Transfer Contact

Mr. Perry A. Pederson
U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground
Attn: MT-AT (Mr. Pederson)
Dugway, UT 84022

(801) 831-5689
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(801) 831-5661
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