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Pete Townshend Roger Daltrey
Keith Moon John Entwistle

From a film byJeff Stein
Executive ProducerSidney Rose
ProducersBill Curbishley
Tony Klinger
Associate ProducersThe Who and
Ed Rothkowitz
Musical DirectorJohn Entwistle
Engineered byCy Langston

My Generation'The Smothers Brothers' TV Show, U.S.A.
I Can't Explain'Shindig' TV Show, U.S.A.
Happy JackLive Tour, Sweden
I Can See For Miles'The Smothers Brothers' TV Show, U.S.A.
Magic Bus'Beat Club' TV Show, Germany
Long Live RockOlympic Studios, London
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere'Ready Steady GO!'TV Show, U.K.
Young Man BluesLondon Coliseum
My WifeKilburn State Theatre, London
Baba O'RileyShepperton Film Studios
A Quick OneThe Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus
Tommy, Can You Hear Me?'Beat Club' TV Show, Germany
Pinball Wizard
See Me, Feel Me
Join Together
My Generation Blues
Pontiac Stadium, Michigan
Won't Get Fooled AgainShepperton Film Studios

Thanks to Atlantic Records for the Woodstock tracks and to The Rolling Stones for 'A Quick One'.

Sleeve concept by Bill Curbishley, Chris Chappel and Richard Evans
Design and Illustration by Richard Evans.
Editorial by Roy Carr

Photographs by Fiona Adams, Camera Press, Robert Ellis, Fabulous 208 Magazine, Bob Gruen, Ross Halfin, Graham Hughes, Colin Jones, Art Kane, Emerson-Loew, Lee Marshall, Linda McCartney, David Montgomery, Christopher Morphet, Terry O'Neill, The Observer, Neal Preston, Michael Pulland, Ethan Russell, Michael Zagaris and, more than likely, a few unknowns.

The lyrics or extracts therefrom, of the undermentioned compositions are reproduced by permission of Towser Tunes, Inc. under exclusive license in the United States and Canada.
Copyright Proprietor for the World Fabulous Music Limited. All Rights Reserved.

Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (C) 1965 Fabulous Music Limited
My Generation (C) 1965 Fabulous Music Limited
Substitute (C) 1966 Fabulous Music Limited
The Seeker (C) 1970 Fabulous Music Limited 1K icon; 199x200 8K image

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