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Long Live Rock

Though extracts from The Who's extensive repertoire have been covered by artists as poles apart as David Bowie and James Last, Tina Turner and The New Seekers, Pete Townshend has never sought a lucrative side-line as a song peddler. Indeed, only a mere handful of songs not performed by The Who have surfaced: "Join My Gang" by Oscar, "Lazy Fat People" by The Barron Knights and this song of celebration originally gifted to former British teen idol Billy Fury for the soundtrack of "That'll Be The Day."

It wasn't until after Fury's interpretation has been released that The Who premiered their own version on the "Odds & Sods" anthology.

By way of passing interest, "Long Live Rock" was part of the blueprint of a Townshend project tentatively entitled "Rock is Dead - Long Live Rock" - an idea that was later re-assessed and re-developed to eventually become "Quadrophenia". 1K icon; 200x198 8K image

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