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Who Video List

A quick attempt at listing the "official" Who music videos that have been made and/or aired.

I have deliberately excluded movies (Kids Are Alright, etc.), "promo" films before the age of MTV, and music video excerpts from movies.

  • The Who
    • Face Dances
      • Another Tricky Day
      • You Better, You Bet
      • Don't Let Go The Coat
    • It's Hard
      • Eminence Front
      • It's Hard (same setting as Eminence Front)
    • "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)"
  • Pete Townshend
    • Empty Glass
      • Rough Boys
      • Let My Love Open The Door
    • All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes
      • Face Dances pt. II
      • Slit Skirts
      • Communication
      • Stardom In Acton
    • White City
      • Give Blood
      • Face The Face (I remember this from MTV)
    • Iron Man
      • Friend Is A Friend
  • John Entwistle
    • Too Late The Hero
      • Too late The Hero
      • The John Entwistle Band also shot videos at his estate for "Vanpires" but Brian Cady don't think they were ever used.
  • Roger Daltrey
    • McVicar
      • Free Me
    • Parting Should Be Painless
      • Walking In My Sleep
    • Let Me Down Easy (w/Brian Adams)