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Fürfanggasse 4
Mission Home from 1960-2002

The mission home at Fürfanggasse 4 was purchased in November of 1960, shortly after the creation of the Austrian Mission on September 18, 1960. It served as both Mission Home (top floors) and Mission Office (ground floor). It also housed an apartment for some of the office elders (basement).

Fürfanggasse 4 continued to be Mission Home/Mission Office as the Mission name was changed twice in 1970: first to the "Austria Mission" and then to the "Austria Vienna Mission." It briefly served as two mission offices in 1987 when the mission was split to create the Austria Vienna East Mission (which had responsibility for the East Bloc countries that did not yet have their own missions). A few months later, the Austria Vienna East Mission was able to locate, and move to, its own office.

As the headquarters of the newly combined "Germany Munich/Austria Mission" is to be in Munich, Fürfanggasse 4 will presumably cease to function as the Mission Home/Mission Office as of July 1, 2002. Logic predicts that it will probably be sold.

As tribute to our beloved Fürfanggasse 4, which served each of us as an anchor during our years in Austria, please submit your pictures to be posted here. As you scan them, .jpeg is best. Send them full size (resolution no more than 800 X 600 or 72 DPI), and I'll create the thumbnails for this page. Include in the email the approximate date of the picture (at least a year), who took the picture (for the copyright notice), and a one or two sentence description (for example, "This is President Smith in his office"). Send them to


The mission home.
Immediate Neighborhood

The stairs (down) from the mission home.

The stairs (up) to the mission home.

Lise (Moyes) Christiansen