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In the News.

Here are some of our alumni who've been mentioned in newspapers around the country. If you see an alumni mentioned in your local paper, let me know about it. (At address below.) Include the name of the paper, the date it appeared, and the essential facts.

Tyrrell Robert Seager

Former Missionary Tyrrell Robert Seager (served from 1964-66) passed away on February 03, 2003 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. His sister, Kara Seager-Segalla, requests any memories of him at:

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Ray Michael Adair (Sisam)

Deseret News -
Thurs., Sept. 3, 1998
passed away Sept. 1, 1998;
died of cancer;
b. Jan. 1965;
mission to Austria 1984;
survived by wife, parents, siblings.

Clyn Dee Barrus

Deseret News -
Sun. March 1, 1998
passed away Feb. 26, 1998;
b. March 1943;
mission to Austria 1963-1965;
survived by wife, children.

Charles W. "Todd" Broberg

Desert News -
Fri., May 8, 1998
Passed away May 4, 1998;
age 94;
mission president
- Austria 1969-1971;
preceded in death by wife, Lucy.

Michael Hugh Christensen

Deseret News -
Thurs., Feb. 19, 1998
passed away Feb. 18, 1998;
died of diabetes complications;
b. March 1948;
mission to Austria;
survived by wife, mother,
children, grandchildren.

Daniel H. Clyde

Salt Lake Tribune -
passed away April 25, 1996;
motorcycle accident;
b. July 1969;
mission to Austria;
survived by wife, daughter,
parents, siblings.

William Shirley Erekson

Salt Lake Tribune -
passed away Feb. 2, 1997;
age 90;
mission president
- Swiss Austria Mission 1959-1962;
survived by wife, daughters,
grandchildren, great-grandchildren;
preceded in death by son.

Jean-Marc Frey

From Elder Francois Passeraub:
"About Jean-Marc Frey's death. This is a painfull and faith's destroying story.
Jean-Marc returned in October 88 to Switzerland to start Business studies at the University of Lausanne. While serving in Vienna he mets a nice girl - Isabelle Rainer - coming from Neuchâtl (Switzerland). He taught her and baptized her. Isabelle was studying music in Vienna. She decided to return to Switzerland several weeks before Jean- Marc's returning.
Jean-Marc Isabelle dates during several years. Each one of them were studying on their side. Jean- Marc got a license of Business School. Then start to work as an assistant in the Business School. Isabelle finished her studies to be a domalger.
Before and after his mission, Jean-Marc was involved in a society of "magician" (Juggelery). He was famous. The week-end before there marriage, Jean-Marc and Isabelle were driving to go Zürich's stake. Suddenly on their road, a drunk driver loose the control of his car and hit the front side of J.M.'s car.
Jean-Marc was killed and Isabelle survived but with severe handicaps, blind, deaf, in a wheeles chair. She is now in an Institute somewhere on the East Coast of the USA."

Brian Jonathan Hill

Salt Lake Tribune -
passed away Oct. 16, 1996;
b. April 1966;
mission to Austria;
survived by wife, children,
parents, siblings.

Matt Humiston

From Elder Dave Mathias:
passed away 2000;
died of stomach cancer;
mission to Austria

Debby Lehman (now Maddern)

From Jean Tanner:
passed away Aug. 2003;
died of complications of surgery;
mission to Austria, 1977-1979

Dr. Stephen Wayne Limburg

Salt Lake Tribune -
passed away Sept. 15, 2000;
b. June 1944;
mission to Austria;
survived by wife, children,
parents, siblings, grandchildren.

Rosanne Johnson Reiner

Deseret News -
Sun., July 12, 1998
passed away July 9, 1998;
died of cancer;
b. Aug. 1965;
mission to Austria 1991-1993;
survived by husband, father,
preceded in death by mother.

Winslow Whitney Smith

Salt Lake Tribune -
passed away July 28, 1994;
age 87;
mission president
- Austria 1960-1963;
survived by wife, children,
sister, grandchildren;
preceded in death by daughter.

Ken Myers

Former Mission President Ken Myers passed away on July 19th 2002after a valient fight with cancer. The funeral will be Friday, July 26th, 2002 in Lehi, Utah. A viewing will be held the evening before. Contact John McKay for further details:

Howard Benjamin Cleavinger

Vernal Express -
Aug. 5, 1998
mission to Austria 1994-1996;
to marry Amanda Michelle Knopfel
on Aug. 7 in the Salt Lake Temple.

Duane Ferkovich

Vernal Express -
March 26, 1997
mission to Austria;
to marry Lindsey Drollinger
on March 28 in the Mount Timpanogos Temple.

Tobias Genge (member in Graz)

Jason Greenhalgh

Ogden Standard Examiner -
Sun., Jan. 24, 1999
mission to Austria;
married Michele Paskins
on Thursday in the Logan Temple.

Brandon Williams

Ogden Standard Examiner -
bet. Feb. 23 March 02, 1999
mission to Austria;
married Megan Fowler
on Thursday in the Salt Lake Temple.

Roger Wayne Boren

Election Candidates, CA '94-

mission to Austria 1961-1964;
Biography of.

James W. Cannon

James E. Talmage Society -

mission to Austria 1962-1965;
Featured Scientist, BYU
Dept. of Mathematics.

Franz R. Gaag

Church News -
Saturday, April 11, 1998
mission to Austria;
called to Third Quorum
of the Seventy.

Alan Rex Mitchell

One of our alumni has written
an award-winning novel whose protagonist
is an Austrian Missionary.
Check it out at

or email the author directly at
mission to Austria 1977-1979;

Holger D. Rakow

Church News -
Saturday, April 12, 1997
mission to Austria 1975-1977;
called to Third Quorum
of the Seventy.

D. Lee Tober

Deseret News -
Sat., June 13, 1998
Swiss-Austrian Mission
called to Second Quorum
of the Seventy.

Alan Rex Mitchell

One of our alumni, Alan Rex Mitchell, has written a novel whose protagonist is an Austrian Missionary. If you can't find it locally, check the major online bookstores (the site has a review by Dr. Cracroft from BYU) or email the author directly at

Lise (Moyes) Christiansen