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    E-xmms is an Enlightenment epplet, created
    to control xmms remotely.

[As Gentoo is removing support for xmms, I've decided to modify this epplet to use Audacious. If you are interested in obtaining this epplet, send me an email. I'll put it online sometime in the future.]


    The only requirements are that you have the Enlightenment window manager,
    the Epplet-0.7 base and xmms.


    Current stable version: E-xmms-1.3.2.tar.gz

    Previous versions:





    Evan Songer's Initial version: E-xmms-1.0.tar.gz



    E-xmms 1.3.2     E-xmms 1.3.1     E-xmms 1.3     E-xmms 1.2 involved some major changes to the backend.     E-xmms 1.1 incorporates my own changes to the epplet, which added/changed the following:

Contact Information

    Please let me know of any issues, or changes you would like.


    E-xmms in the initial state(no mouse, no xmms loaded)

    E-xmms in the initial state, with mouse over the epplet, still no xmms loaded.

    E-xmms while xmms is loading. The load button (seen in the image above this) was clicked for this to appear.

    E-xmms while xmms is playing an mp3.

    E-xmms while xmms is streaming.

    E-xmms icon configuration window.