The following applets were created by me, about six or seven years ago. (You can tell, can't you.) I created these applets while I was working as an undergraduate in the Physics department at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT. These applets appear to be no longer available from their original host ( I have also found that the Photoelectric applet is still being used (Google is very helpful). Hence, I decided that maybe all interested could benefit somewhat by having these three applets available.

If you have questions about these applets, I can certainly provide answers. If you would like enhancements, please ask, and I will see what I can do. Bear in mind that any modifications would be done in my spare time. The other issue is that there are plenty of other applets available, that are much more advanced than these, that you can very likely find a more suitable replacement. You can contact me by Email

These applets were compiled with an ancient version of Java, probably 1.2 or earlier. Any new applets would be compiled with the same version, as this would not only allow me to modify the code easily (no porting to 1.4.x), but it would make it available to older browsers that have the old Java distributed with them.


This applet attempts to show the concepts behind the principles of buoyancy.

This applet shows the concepts regarding elastic and inelastic collisions between two objects of possibly different mass and velocity.

This applet shows the concepts regarding the Photoelectric effect.