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This page will be here for a while, I think. The links below will remain at: Bear in mind that the links are extremely old. I thought I would mirror it before the old site is finally removed. If you are looking for Phil Dukes' Electric Field applet, you can find it HERE (backup copy on this server) or HERE.
Please note: I did not create this applet.


The links below contain references to documents which I did not create. If you want to search for their original author, then please do a search using Google.

Weather links
These are links relevant to observing at BYU.

Here are a couple applications/toys/eye candy I use on Linux.

The first of these I have modified to my own liking.

I modified this epplet (for enlightenment) to create a little popup that would show me
which application would load. It is a combination of E-Launch, and E-Clock (one that
shows a popup of the date).

I modified the base Epplets. The major modification was with E-Net, which now shows
the amount of data that has been transfered into and out of the box. The epplets have
already been compiled for my system, which is Mandrake 7.2, so all is needed is a
"make install" as superuser.

The next file is my own enlightenment configuration.
It includes some backgrounds, as well as some themes.

This file is the Xdefaults file that I use. It includes colors for Netscape 4.7x.
Here it is: Xdefaults. Backup your existing Just "cp .Xdefaults .Xdefaults.backup" and "cp Xdefaults .Xdefaults" - that is what I suggest.

This is the Eterm file I modified. Since I use Mandrake 7.2, it gave some
people headaches with the Eterm config, since their config didn't load the
correct backgrounds. Just get this file and
tar -xzvf in your home directory.

Saoimage displays fits files using IRAF. It can be used
for other things, but I only use if through IRAF. I modified this program to be able
to print using the lp on linux(this was a quick fix). The original version can be found here.

(Use DS9)

Tik is an AOL Instant Messenger clone, written in Tcl/Tk.
The program can be found here.

Period98 is a program created by the folks at the Delta Scuti Network in Vienna
to determine periods for variable stars. It combines sequential data, and uses FFT
to determine the periods/harmonics.

The following scripts are what we use with IRAF.
(I may provide another link to them again.)

I also have another nice little epplet that I modified, which is E-xmms
which was initially created by Evan Songer. His initial version can
be found at
My version can be found at,
along with some nice screenshots.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these programs, or if I have
told you about other programs/scripts/themes, etc., and they are not found
here, please feel free to contact me.
If you would like to contact me on AIM, my screen name is euvitudo.

Here are some nice latex manuals.
(Maybe later, too.)