LDS Emigration from Australia 1853-1868

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One of the best sources of LDS information for Australia during the second half of the 19th century is the book, Australian Mission List of 19th Century Members by Marjorie Newton
which is found on British microfiche 6072503 or book form with the call number of British 994 k22n

Some of the information from Newton's book has been extracted and put on the two pages below. To learn more about these people and those who did not emigrate look at the book itself which lists over 1,000 entries.

Australian Emigration List sorted by Surname
Australian Emigration List sorted by Ship Name

If your ancestor sailed on the Lucas then you may want to take a look at the journal of the ship, which can be found at the main branch in Salt Lake City under the call number of British 994 w3jc or US/CAN Film 928396, item 3. The actual account is pretty content free, however a list of those LDS families on board is included along with a record of some births that took place on the voyage.

The asterisked items are estimates.

Australian Mormon Emigrant Companies
Vessel Rig Registry Tons Master No. LDS Pass. Depart. Port Depart. Date Arrival Port Arrival Date Passage Days Comp. Leader
Envelope Bark Br. 402 Smith 30* Sydney 4-6-53 S.F. 7-8-53 94 C. Wandell
Julia Ann Bark U.S. 372 C. Davis 63 Newcastle 3-22-54 S. Pedro 6-12-54 83 W. Hyde
Tarquinia Brig U.S. 210 E. Meyers 72 Melb. 4-27-55 Hono. 7-5-55 69 B. Frost
Julia Ann Bark U.S. 372 B. Pond 28 Sydney 9-7-55 Wrecked, Scilly Is. 10-3-55 --- J. Penfield
Jenny Ford Bark U.S. 397 S. Sargent 113* Sydney 5-28-56 S. Pedro 8-15-56 80 A. Farnham
Lucas Ship U.S. 350 J. Daggett 69 Sydney 6-27-57 S. Pedro 10-8-57* 103 W. Wall
Milwaukie Ship U.S. 738 C. Rhoades 19* Melb. 12-28-58 S.F. 3-18-59 81 ---
Albert Bark Br. 319 P. Holkins 15* Melb. 10-17-65 S.F. 1-26-66 100 J. Spencer

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