Tracing Mormon Pioneers


Compiled Sources

Early church information file (ECIF).
An alphabetical index of sources on members of the LDS Church.
The index has about 1.5 million entries from over 1,000 sources and includes sources from the 1830's to the 1950's. The information is contained on 75 rolls of 16mm microfilm. The index does not include every source about Latter-day Saints, but is the largest index of its kind.

See the Family History Resource Guide "Early Church Information File" for more information.

Information indexed includes: 

  • Membership records
  • Ward Histories
  • Family Histories
  • Local Histories
  • Journals
  • Collective Biographies
  • Priesthood records
  • Missionary Records
  • Cemetery records
  • Immigration records
  • Marriage records

A digitized version of the films below is available at Family Search.

Early Church Information File 

Start Name End Name  Film Number

Aabbost, Ellen Allen, Joseph W. US/CAN 1750655
Allen, Josephine Anderson, Maud L. US/CAN 1750656
Anderson, Maud S. Avery, Jennie R. US/CAN 1750657
Avery, Jerusha B. Barnes, Joseph R. US/CAN 1750658
Barnes, Joseph Ralph Beecher, Almira L. US/CAN 1750659
Beecher, Amy M. Bingham, Blanche R. US/CAN 1750660
Bingham, Bonnie L. Bongberg, Jane P. US/CAN 1750661
Bongers, Hannah Bridge, Amanda R. US/CAN 1750662
Bridge, Ann Brownson, Seymour US/CAN 1750663
Brox (unnamed infant) Busby, Thomas US/CAN 1750664
Busby, Violet Carlson, Axel Robert US/CAN 1750665
Carlson, Asenith Chatterson, Alice M.P. US/CAN 1750666
Chatterson, Cecle Clark, John H US/CAN 1750667
Clark, John H. Comish, Joseph Nephi US/CAN 1750668
Comish, Lee S. Crabtree, Marlow L. US/CAN 1750669
Crabtree, Marlow L. Cutler, James E. US/CAN 1750670
Cutler, James L. Dawson, Ruth US/CAN 1750671
Dawson, Ruth Dotson, Daisey W. US/CAN 1750672
Dotson, Daisey W. H. Eatough, Lizzie US/CAN 1750673
Eatough, Lucy W. Erickson, Brita L. US/CAN 1750674
Erickson, Carl W. Fenwick, Gertrude A. US/CAN 1750675
Fenwick, James Fowler, Annie US/CAN 1750676
Fowler, Annie Gardner, McKay US/CAN 1750677
Gardner, Madalene D. Glover, Chester L US/CAN 1750678
Grover, Clara Greenwood, Earl S. US/CAN 1750679
Greenwood, Earl S. Hall, Asel A. US/CAN 1750680
Hall, Ashel R. Hansen, Vera P. US/CAN 1750681
Hansen, Vera P. Haswell, Helen M. US/CAN 1750682
Hatch, Sister Henshaw, Mary US/CAN 1750683
Henshaw, Mary Hodgin, Alice US/CAN 1750684
Hodkin, Caroline W. Howard, William W. US/CAN 1750685
Howard, W.W. (elder) Hutchinson, Olive US/CAN 1750686
Hutchinson, Opal Jefferson, Dorothy US/CAN 1750687
Jefferson, Edna S. Johnson, Azer US/CAN 1750688
Johnson, B. Jones, Lillian K.D. US/CAN 1750689
Jones, Lillian P. Kendrick, Edward G. US/CAN 1750690
Kendrick (Hendrick), Edward P. Knowles, Clara T. US/CAN 1750691
Knowles, Clara T.P. Larson, Carrie US/CAN 1750692
Larson, Carrie E. Lewis, Evelyn H. US/CAN 1750693
Lewis, Evelyn Lowdon, Lillian A. US/CAN 1750694
Lowe, Baby McDonal, William US/CAN 1750695
McDonald Madsen, Neil M. US/CAN 1750696
Madsen, Neil S. Matkins, Thos. Lester US/CAN 1750697
Matkovich, Stane Z. Millard, Hannah C. US/CAN 1750698
Millard, Hannah Morgan, John US/CAN 1750699
Morgan, John Murzbach, Herman C. US/CAN 1750700
Musch, Paul Nickerson, Sarah Shines US/CAN 1750701
Nickerson, Susan S.M. Olivato, Maria B. US/CAN 1750702
Olive, Chester O. Paks, H. Clark US/CAN 1750703
Pain Pearson, Lars US/CAN 1750704
Pearon, Lars Peterson, Melva S. US/CAN 1750705
Peterson, Melvin B. Poscoe, Mary E.F. US/CAN 1750706
Posey Radmall, William Henry US/CAN 1750707
Radmell, Joseph A. Rice, Rachel S.B. US/CAN 1750708
Rice, Rebecca Robins, Joseph US/CAN 1750709
Robins, Joseph Ruby, John US/CAN 1750710
Ruby, Lasie M.B. Schuchart, Eva L.C. US/CAN 1750711
Schuck, Henry Sherwood, Daniel US/CAN 1750712
Sherwood, Daniel H. Sloan, William K. US/CAN 1750713
Sloan, William K. Smith, Mary Edith US/CAN 1750714
Smith, Mary E. Sorentzen, Beatrice W. US/CAN 1750715
Soret, Hedwig S. Steele, Dorothy Muir US/CAN 1750716
Steele, Dorothy M. Stope, Fannie S. US/CAN 1750717
Stopford, Harriet A. Talley, Lillian US/CAN 1750718
Talley, Marey Thomas, David US/CAN 1750719
Thomas, Davis Tillett, John H. US/CAN 1750720
Tillett, Lavania Twitchell, Amy J.P. US/CAN 1750721
Twitchell, Anciel Walwluogel, Esther K. US/CAN 1750722
Walema, Edger Watkins, Elvin US/CAN 1750723
Watkins, Elza T. Westesson, Petra Cary US/CAN 1750724
Westafall, Annie O. Wilcox, Catherine US/CAN 1750725
Wilcox, Catherine Webb Wills, Janet P. US/CAN 1750726
Wills, John Woodbury, Thomas H. US/CAN 1750727
Woodbury, Thomas H. Young, Brigham US/CAN 1750728
Young, Brigham Zysling, Kornelisk US/CAN 1750729


Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude (4 volumes) compiled by the International Society of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers.
Call Number US/CAN Reference 2nd Floor 979 D36p v. 1 (A-E),
979 D36p v. 2 (F-L), 979 D36p v. 3 (M-R), 979 D36p v. 4 (T-Z)

This four volume set has 6,000+ biographical sketches of pioneer women who traveled on the plains or came to Utah from 1847 to 1868.    The information is not always 100% accurate, however it does provide a starting point to look as it provides some or all of the following information:

  • Photo of the woman
  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Death Date
  • Parent's Names
  • Year or date of arrival to Utah
  • Pioneer Company
  • Spouse(s) Name
  • Spouse Death Date
  • Marriage Date(s)
  • Children
  • Brief biographical sketch
These volumes have not been microfilmed so you must visit the main library or BYU to see these volumes.  These books are still in print as of April of 2003 and can be purchased from the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers for $125 for the four volume set.   The name that is indexed is the surname of the woman at the time of death, which may have changed over time if a women was married and subsequently married again after their spouse died.

When using this resource use it as a starting point in your research and then verify the particulars by looking at source documents e.g. ship rosters, pioneer rosters, census records, diaries, etc.   Have a skeptical eye about everything you read until you can validate and verify each piece of information.

Conquerors of the West:  Stalwart Mormon Pioneers (4 vols.) compiled by Florence C. Youngberg and  put out by
the National Society for Sons of Utah Pioneers.

Call Number: US/CAN Reference 979 D3y
Volume 1 A- Egan
Volume 2 Eldredge - Lockhart
Volume 3 Losee-Richards, Phineas
Volume 4 Richards, Samuel - Zufelt

These 1300 odd biographical entries for Mormon pioneer men 
contain some or all of the following for each  man:

  • Name
  • Picture
  • Birthdate
  • Parents
  • Arrival to Utah and/or Pioneer company
  • Marriage Date(s)
  • Spouse(s) Name(s)
  • Brief biographical sketch
  • Children-birth information, marriage information  and death dates
This is a nice series of books detailing some of the lives of pioneer men.  As with all information of this type validate and verify it  before you consider it to be the truth.  This book is still in print and may be obtained by contacting the National Society for Sons of Utah Pioneers in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Volume Four contains an index, which is also available online on its own web page.

Mormons and Their Neighbors (2 vols.) compiled by Marvin E. Wiggins.
Call Number: US/CAN 970 D32w (no microfilm or microfiche).
Contents: An index to over 75,000 biographical sketches from 1820 to the present.
An updated Mormons and their Neighbors by Marvin E. Wiggins has been put online at BYU. Search over 100,000 biographical references to Mormon Pioneers and leaders.

Latter-Day Saint Biographical Encylopedia (4 vols.) by Andrew Jenson, 1901, reprint 1971 Call Number: LDS 289.3092 J453L 1971; Vol 1. microfilm US/CAN 410869, Vol 2. microfilm US/CAN 410870, Vol. 3 microfilm US/CAN 410871, Vol. 4 microfilm US/CAN 410872
Contents: A compilation of biographical sketches of prominent men and women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The order of the entries is not alphabetical, so use the index to find the volume and page of a particular entry.

Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah
Genealogies and Biographies
by Frank Esshom
Call Number: US/CAN 979.2 D3e 1913 or US/CAN 979.2 D3e 1966; Microfilm US/CAN 1000617 item 1 and US/CAN 599816 

A digital version is available at the Internet Archive.

Contents: Biographies and photographs of male pioneers who came to Utah in the time period of 1847-1868. This book does not list every pioneer.

Guide to Mormon Diaries and Autobiographies by Davies Bitton
Call Number: Microfilm 1059488 item 2 or microfiche 6053254
Contents: Summary of 2894 individual's journals, diaries, etc. includes index.

Missionary Record Index 1830-1971. Lists names of those who served missions and when they were set apart.

Early Mormon Missionaries is a nice web site that gives mission start/end dates and provides documentation about the missionary


Patriarchal Blessing Index

This is useful in finding a date when an ancestor was in Utah or the surrounding area if no other record exists.

If you find a reference to a direct line ancestor you can obtain a copy at the LDS Church Archives. There is an index that covers 1833 to 1993 that includes the name of the person having the blessing, birth date, date of blessing, volume and page number of original blessing. This resource can be found at the Family History Library US/CAN Library Attendants' Window of fiche number 6334933 and consists of 68 microfiche.

An older index covering 1833 to 1963 may contain more information than the fiche above and is shown which films can be used for this.
Names covered  Microfilm 
AA - Adams, L. US/CAN Film
Adams, M. - Anderson, A. US/CAN Film
Anderson, B. - Ashby, L. US/CAN Film
Ashby, M. - Barbezat, E. US/CAN Film
Barorer, A.- Beck, M. US/CAN Film
Beck, N. - Billman, W. US/CAN Film
Bills, A. - Bond, O. US/CAN Film
Bone, A. - Brimhal, C. US/CAN Film
Brimhall, D.- Bulkley, A. US/CAN Film
Bulkley, B.- Caldwell, Alice US/CAN Film
Caldwell, Alice - Cathcart, M. US/CAN Film
Cathcart, N. - Christiansen, L. US/CAN Film
Christiansen, M. - Coll, C. US/CAN Film
Collamer, L. - Crainer, L. US/CAN Film
Cram, A. - Damuth, L. US/CAN Film
Dana, A. - DeOrozro, O. US/CAN Film
DePaez, I. - Droubay, S. US/CAN Film
Droubay, V. - Dunman, J. US/CAN Film
Dunn, A. - Emmons, M. US/CAN Film
Emmons, M. - Faustine, M. US/CAN Film
Faul, N. - Fewlks, W. US/CAN Film
Fox, A. - Garnsworth, I. US/CAN Film
Garr, A. - Goodworth, R. US/CAN Film
Goody, A. - Gunson, J. US/CAN Film
Gunson, S. - Hanselman, O. US/CAN Film
Hansen, A. - Harris, C. US/CAN Film
Harris, C. - Hawkins, James B. US/CAN Film
Hawkins, James K. - Hemmert, V. US/CAN Film
Hemmert, V. - Hipwell, W. US/CAN Film
Hira, H. - Howcroft, N. US/CAN Film
Howd, L. - Irving, A. US/CAN Film
Irving, A. - Jensen, Jo Ann US/CAN Film
Jensen, Joannah - Johnson, Lovella US/CAN Film
Johnson, Loverinia - Juursema, J. US/CAN Film
Kaaa, H. - Kiser, E. US/CAN Film
Kiser, J. - Larsen, G. US/CAN Film
Larsen, H. - Leuba, F. US/CAN Film
Leuba, F. - Lubniewski, J. US/CAN Film
Lubniewski, P. - Marsden, F. US/CAN Film
Marsden, G. - McDermott, T. US/CAN Film
McDermott, W. - Mezenen, M. US/CAN Film
Miachael, M. - Moore, J. US/CAN Film
Moore, K. - Mytinger, P. US/CAN Film
Habahe, N. - Nielson, Conway US/CAN Film
Nielsen, Cora Lou - Olsen, Isabel US/CAN Film
Olsen, Isabella - Park, Della US/CAN Film
Park, Dennis - Perkins, W. US/CAN Film
Perkins, Z. - Pilling, M. US/CAN Film
Pilling, N. - Pugmire, L. US/CAN Film
Pugmire, M. - Reid, Neal US/CAN Film
Reid, Neal - Roberts, Judy US/CAN Film
Roberts, Jules - Rowley, Mary Jane US/CAN Film
Rowley, Mary Lanon - Schreiner, W. US/CAN Film
Schreiter, E. - Schrum, S. US/CAN Film
Shubert, L. - Smith, Jerry Leslie US/CAN Film
Smith, Jerry Lynn - Spelleman, M. US/CAN Film
Spence, A. - Steward, L. US/CAN Film
Steward, M. - Swindlehurst, A. US/CAN Film
Swindlehurst, B. - Thomas, Elizabeth O. US/CAN Film
Thomas, Elizabeth P. - Towner, L. US/CAN Film
Townesend, J. - Vlaming, D. US/CAN Film
Voehatzer, M. - Watson, Fronia US/CAN Film
Watson, G. - White, Ila US/CAN Film
White, Ileta - Willington, R. US/CAN Film
Willis, A. - Woolf, Simpson Melvin US/CAN Film
Woolf, Simpson Molen - Zysling, P. US/CAN Film