Tracing Mormon Pioneers

Emigration Resources by Region/Country

Emigration from England

If your ancestor joined the LDS church in England and you would like to learn more about their membership in England along with some possible emigration information you will want to use the Minnie Margetts File, which indexes most early English branch records.

Emigration from South Africa

If you ancestor emigrated from the South African Mission from 1853-1865 then refer to the South African Mission Emigration page.

Emigration from Australia

If you believe your ancestor emigrated from the Australian Mission from 1853-1868 then jump to the LDS Emigration from Australia (1853-1868) page.

Emigration from Scandinavia and Europe

If your pioneer ancestry is from Sweden refer to Swedish Mormon Pioneers and you can quickly learn about their emigration from Europe.

An entire page is dedicated to tracing Scandinavian Latter-day Saints. Visit it to learn about resources on thousands of people.

If you know the name of the ship or the year of the voyage you can easily narrow down when they came to the states by going through the list of emigrant ships that carried LDS passengers. If you are unsure of the ship or the year of the voyage you can search other indexes to find out when your ancestor came across the Atlantic. A good starting point is the European Emigration Card Index. If your ancestor is not listed here then a search of the European Mission Emigration records is required. If still no entry is found and your ancestry came from Scandinavia then take a look at the Scandinavian page. It should be stated that many companies traveled together from start to finish, however at the same time a few sometimes stayed in the Midwest for a time or found work elsewhere to save up some money prior to the trek across the Plains, so the year they came across the ocean is not always the year they came to Salt Lake City.

Last updated: February 27, 2000