Minnie Margetts File

The Minnie Margetts File, which is also known as the Membership Card Index or Historian's Office record of members. It contains an index of membership records of most early English branch records for the years of 1839-1913. Microfilm 415443 contains the branches covered by this index.

It contains an alphabetical surname index including some or all of the following items:
  • Name
  • Date/Place of Birth
  • Parent's Names
  • Date/Place of Baptism and by whom
  • Priesthood Ordinations
  • Residence
  • Emigration Information
  • Remarks

When looking for women you may need to check for their maiden and married names.

Minnie Margetts Card File
Surnames Included on Film Film Number
Names of branches, wards, and stakes
indexed on these films is on this film.
Aagard, A. - Batez, J.
British 415443
Bath, B. - Bryson, L. British 415444
Bubb, E. - Cooper, William British 415445
Cooper, William - Ekstrom British 415446
Elanson, C. - Goudie, C. British 415447
Gough, A. - Hess, S. British 415448
Hess, T. - Johnson, Minnetta British 415449
Johnson, Minnie Alice - Luker, S. British 415450
Luker, T. - Moungoy, E. British 415451
Mount, A. - Pfouts, S. British 415452
Pfail, A. - Ryves, L. British 415453
S - Startup, A. British 415454
Startup, H. - Waildin, M. British 415455
Wain, E. - Wood, Janet British 415456
Wood, Jesse - Zytherlaan, M. British 415457

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