Scandinavian Pioneer Index

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The names shown below are from the rosters of the major Scandinvian companies as they appeared in the Deseret News and Journal History. Scandinavians traveled in other companies in smaller numbers, so you may need to look at other companies that left in the same year if you don't find them in the Scandinavian companies that year.

This index includes all known rosters of major Scandinavian companies. Unfortunately this index is incomplete and pioneer rosters on the whole are incomplete. For example, in the year of 1854 there were no pioneer rosters done for any company that year.

Due to a lack of standardized spelling and my poor typing there are many names that are not spelled correctly.

Note: If you find a name you should always double check it against the original source.

The list here is organized by year, company, and surname.


Ezra Taft Benson Company (Journal History Supplement after 31 Dec 1849 pages 9-12). Only Scandinavians are listed here.

Doll [Dahl], Hanna 57
Doll [Dahl], Andrew 16
Hyer [Hoier or Jeier], Christian 32
Jacobs, Swen 25
Jacobs, John 23
Jacobs, Ellen 18
Oleson, Shure 30
Oleson, Elizabeth 24
Oleson, Ola infant
Petersen, Canute [Knud] 24
Petersen, Sarah A. 22
Rasmussen, Rasmus 28
Saby [Sabe], Henry 57
Saby [Sabe], Magla 51
Saby [Sabe], Ira 17
Saby [Sabe], J 22
Saby [Sabe], Walber 16
Saby [Sabe], Peter 14
Saby [Sabe], Betsy 8


Eli B. Kelsey Company (Journal History Supplement after 31 Dec 1852, Deseret News Vol 2. p. 90)
(Only Scandinavians are listed here)

Dorius, Augusta

Hansen, Bertha S.

Hansen Ferdinand

Hansen, Hans

Jensen, Niels of Copenhagen
Jensen, Gjertrund, wife of Niels
Jensen, Karen Jansine, daughter of Niels

Jörgensen (or Forgensen), Carl
Jörgensen (or Forgensen), Ceclia

Mönster, Ole Ulrrick Christian of Copenhagen
Mönster, Maren Christine, wife of Ole
Mönster, Aldolph Valdemar, son of Ole

Nielson, Hans and wife

Raven, Christian Hildur of Copenhagen
Raven, Maren Marie, wife of Christian
Raven, Wilhelm Hugust, son of Christian
Raven, Chistiane Marie, daughter of Christian
Raven, Juliane Marie Rasmussen, an adopted daughter of Christian

Schaneveldt, Conrad Emil Edward of Copenhagen
Schaneveldt, Wihelmyne, wife of Conrad
Schaneveldt, Johan Frederik, son of Conrad
Schaneveldt, Edward G., son of Conrad

Petersen, Rasmus of Copenhagen
Petersen, Ingerine Jacobine, wife of Rasmus
Petersen, Stine Bjerrgaard
Petersen, Frederick


John E. Forsgren Company (Journal History, 30 Sep 1853, p. 3-7; the list is incomplete)
Age and other information is in parentheses.

Andersen, Andreas Peter (16)

Andersen, Dorthea (40)

Andersen, Hans Wilhelm (29)

Andersen Karen Christine (8)

Andersen, Marie (24)
Andersen, Niels Peter (2)
Andersen, Wilhelm (26)

Andersen, Wilhelm (a blacksmith from Karleby, Falster)
Andersen, Henritte L. (wife)
Andersen, Anders, Christian (son)
Andersen, Peter Henrik (son)
Andersen, Marie Chrisitne (daughter)
Andersen, Frederik Wilhelm (son)
Andersen, Hanna (daughter)

Beckstrom, Anna (27; daughter of Hans and Caroline Nilsson)

Bentzen, Jeppe (56)

Bentzen, Peder Christian (24)

Bentzen, Kirstine (27; Bornholm)

Bentzen, Maren Christine (59; Bornholm)
Bjerregaard, Bendix Michelsen
Bjerregaard, Mette (wife)

Bohn, Adolph Joseph (27; from Aaalborg)

Bruun, Else (34)

Christensen, Rasmus

Christensen, Knud of Kjeigaarden
Christensen, Karen Margrethe (wife)
Christensen, Christiane (daughter)
Christensen, Bergithe (daughter)
Christensen, Mette Marie (daughter)
Christensen, Ane (daughter)
Christensen, Jens Christian (son)
Christensen, Niels (son)

Christensen, Christian (later known as Christian Nelson)

Christensen, Herman Julius
Christensen, Hannah (wife)
Christensen, Julius Herman Thovald (son)
Christensen, Theodore Peter (son)
Christensen, Sarah (daughter)
Christensen, Titus (son)

Christensen, Niels Lauritz
Christensen, Hansine Bendine (wife)

Christensen, Rasmus

Christensen, Laura Amelie (19)

Christensen, Jorgen (30)

Christiansen, Niels
Christiansen, Katrine (wife)
Christiansen, Niels Christian (son)
Christiansen, Christian (son)
Christiansen, Ane Marie (daughter)

Christiansen, Christian

Christiansen, Ane Sophie

Dinensen, Hans
Dinensen, Johanne (wife)

Dinensen, Inger (71)

Domgaard, Niels Peter Larsen (40)

Domgard, Else Katrine (30)

Fredericksen, Frederikke (of Store Heddinge, Sjalland, Denmark)

Forsgren, John Erik (leader of the company)
Forsgren, Peter Adloph (brother of John Forsgren)
Forsgren, Erikke Christiana (sister of John and Peter)

Gotfredsen, Else Kristine (29)

Hannibal, Sophia Marie (28)

Hansen, Anne Katrine Hedvig

Hansen, Anna Katrine Kofod (27)

Hansen, Christoffer Berhardt (31)

Hansen, Hans Christian (32; of Langeland)

Hansen, Hans Christian

Hansen, Jens
Hansen, Sophie (wife)
Hansen, Hans Christian (son)
Hansen, Marie (daughter)
Hansen, Jaredine (daughter)

Hansen, Maren (36; from Nibsager)

Hansen, Niels Jorgen (20)

Hansen, _________ (wife of Peter O. Hansen, the missionary)
Hansen, _________ (son of Peter O. Hansen)

Holst, Frederik Jensen
Holst, Johanne Andersen (wife)
Hostgaard, Karen Petersen (mother of Frederik Holst)

Ipsen, Anders (30)

Ipsen, Jens Peter (23)

Ipsen, Matthie Christine (16)

Jensen, Ane Katrine (25)

Jensen, Mads Christian (Bastholm)
Jensen, Maren Hansen (wife; Bastholm)
Jensen, Maren (daughter)
Jensen, Anders Christian (son)
Jensen, Jens Christian (son)
Jensen, Kirsten Marie(daughter)
Jensen, Denmark (son)

Jensen (or Johnson), Rasmus
Jensen (or Johnson), Ane Kirstine (wife)
Jensen, Kirsten (daughter)
Jensen, Karen Marie (daughter; also called Caroline Marie)

Jorgensen, Karen Elizabeth (23)

Justensen, Lars Alexander
Justensen, Caroline (wife)
Justensen, Rasmus (son)
Justensen, Hans Peter

Knudsen, Jens
Knudsen, Johanne Marie (wife)

Knudsen, Kirsten (25)

Larsen, Hans (35)

Larsen, Rasmus (41; wife and 4 children)
Ludvigsen, Margrethe Elizabeth (58)

Maale, Anette Caroline (40)

Madsen, Peter (35)

Marker, Jens Peter (48)
Marker, Peter Jensen (15; son)
Mikkelsen, Niels

Mouritzen, Karen Marie (18)

Munk, Christian Ipsen
Munk, Ane Marie Rasmussen (wife)

Nielsen, Anders (19)

Nielsen, Caroline Marie (38)

Nielsen, Cecilia Jensine (24)

Nielsen, Christian (57)

Nielsen, Ole Christian (of Aalborg)

Olsen, Karen (41)

Olsen, Mads (36)
Olsen, Maren (31)
Olsen, Ole (son)
Olsen, Sophie (daughter)

Overlade, Andreas Jensen
Overlade, Hedvig Nicoline

Pedersen, Ane Mathie (26)

Pedersen, Christine (33)

Pedersen, Ellen Margrethe (51)

Pedersen, Hans (29)

Pedersen, Helen Christine (14)

Pedersen, Niels (32)

Pedersen, Soren Peter (27)

Pedersen, Ane Helene Petra (24)

Petersen, Bertha (of Greve, Sjalland, Denmark)

Petersen, Carl Christian (19)

Petersen, Hans Fredrik
Petersen, Helene Matilde (wife)
Petersen, Dorcas (daughter)

Petersen, Herman Ludvig (45)

Petersen, Karen (49)

Petersen, Petrine Margrethe (40)

Petersen, Marie Christine (59)

Petersen, Niels
Petersen, Maren (wife)

Petersen, Niels Peter (40; of Copenhagen)

Piil, Caroline (18)
Piil, Hans Andersen (died on the plains June 24, 1853)
Piil, Henning Pedersen
Piil, Ingerborg (wife of Henning Piil)
Piil, Karen Christine (51)

Poulsen, Anders
Poulsen, Bodel Katrine (wife)
Poulsen, Anne Katrine (daughter)
Poulsen, Karen S. (daughter)

Rasmussen, Lars (14; from Lolland)

Sondergaard, Knud Nielsen (23)

Terkelsen, Eline Margrethe (16; from Island of Taasing, Denmark)
Terkelsen, Jens (61; from Island of Taasing, Denmark)

Thomassen, NIels (16; from Aalborg)

Thomassen, Soren (40)

Thomassen, Ane (40)

Thomsen, Anders (21)

Thomsen, Maren (29)

Valentinsen, Olaus August Kofod (15; of Bornholm)

Willardsen, Christian
Willardsen, Karen (wife)


Hans Peter Olsen Company (No Roster)


Jacob F. Secrist Company (Deseret News 5:214-215)

Note: Only Scandinavians are shown here. The number in parentheses indicates the number in the family.

Andersen, Karen (8)

Andersen, Ola (7)

Andersen, Peter (5)

Beck, N.H. (3)

Beck, O.K. (2)

Biarnsen, S. (2)

Brawand, A.C.

Brun, Martin (5)

Brun, Rasmus (4)

Capsen, Niels (2)

Christensen H. (5)

Christensen, Anton (7)

Christensen, J. (3)

Christensen, M. (3)

Christiansen, C.

Clemensen, N. (2)

Dahl, Alexander (2)

Dorius, Nicolai

Eilertsen, J. (6)

Ericksen, A.E. (2)

Eriksen H. (4)

Erikson, G.

Frantzen, Lars (2)

Fullgren, A. (3)

Hageman, M.F. (2)

Halvoorsen, S (3)

Hansen, E.G. (4)

Hansen, Hans (5)

Hansen, Jorgen (2)

Hansen, P. O. (Returning Missionary)

Hansen, Peter (4)

Hougan, Erik G.

Jensen, Christine

Jensen, Hans

Jensen, Jens (3)

Jensen, Jens (5)

Jensen, Niels (2)

Jespersen, P. (3)

Johansen, H.J. (7)

Johansen, Niels (2)

Johnsen, B. (4)

Jonsen, Ingri (2)

Kier, L.C. (5)

Larsen, A.C.

Larsen, H.P.

Larsen, M.

Lund, J.L. (2)

Lund, L.P. (6)

Lundbald, H.O. (5)

Mauritzen, N. A. (3)

Monsen, Anders

Nielsen, A.M.

Nielsen, J. (2)

Nielsen, M. (2)

Nielsen, Peter (4)

Olsen, Lars (3)

Otesen E.

Ottesen, E. C.

Ottesen, Hans (5)

Petersen, C.

Petersen, H. (9)

Petersen, J.C. (2)

Petersen, Jens (6)

Petersen, Niles (Niels?)

Poulsen, Jens

Poulsen, M. (3)

Rase, Simon A.

Rasmusen, Jorgen

Sandersen, J (2)

Skrader, Jens (4)

Sorensen, J.C. (8)

Staffensen, Peter (4)

Svane, J.J. (5)

Totte, Lars (3)

Trailsen, Johan (3)

Widergren N. (4)


James G. Willie Handcart Company (See
Pioneer Search for the Willie handcart roster)

Canute Peterson Company (Deseret News, Volume 6, page 254)

Note: Only the Scandinavians are listed here

Anderson, Anders

Anderson, Johana M.

Anderson, Johannes and family

Anderson, Lars and family

Anderson, Naren (Maren?), Lars, Annie S.

Anderson, Peter and family

Basmus (Rasmus?), H.G.C. and family

Bentzin, Neils and Dorothy

Christiansen, Frederick J. and Kristine M.

Christopher, Soren and Annie M.

Dahle, Amund A. and family

Didrikson, Jens P.

Halling, Peter J. and family

Hansen, Anders and family

Hansen, Lars C.

Hansen, Rasmus

Iversen, Jeppe and family

Jacobson, Christen and Annie

Jensen, Christian

Jensen, Jacob and Christen

Jensen, Jens C.

Jensen, Lars and Annie M.

Jensen, Soren

Jenson, Peter and Lizzie

Johansen, Neilson and Annie

Johnson, Christine

Jorgensen, Jorgen

Jorgensen, Laust

Jorgensen, Rasmus

Jorgenson, Caroline and Christian S.

Larson, Ole and Caroline Samuel

Lund, Marin and family

Madsen, Peter and family

Makkeprang, Peter M. and family

Morgenson, Dorthy M.

Moss, Stephanus Davisine C.

Munch, Hans J.

Neilson, Annie J.

Neilson, Hans

Neilson, Jens

Neilson, Neils C. and family

Neilson, Soren and family

Nielson, Hans and family

Noblin, Christine

Olsen, Johana and family

Peterson, Karen M.

Peterson, Kirsten

Peterson, Knud

Phister, Frederick

Rasmusen, Annie K.

Sevensdon, Peter

Smith, Hans P. and family

Sorensen, Christian

Sorensen, Ellen

Sorensen, Niels C.

Sorenson, Jens C. and Maren

Sorsensen, Soren and Caroline


Christian Christiansen Handcart Company (See
Pioneer Search for the Christiansen handcart roster)

Mathias Cowley Scandinavian Company (No roster)


Russel K. Homer Company (No roster)


George Rowley 8th Handcart Company (See
Pioneer Search for the Rowley handcart roster)

Robert F. Neslen Wagon Company (Deseret News Volume 9, page 197)

Only the Scandinvians are listed here.

Some of the spelling is suspect here e.g. Yens probably is Jens and Yensen is probably Jensen.

Absesen, Krests

Agustsen, Pauline

Andersen, Christen and Annie M.

Andersen, Christen and family

Andersen, Hans

Andersen, Johannes and family

Andersen, Sachareas and Maria

Anderson, Ann L.

Anderson, Anna M.

Anderson, Maren

Anderson, Yens and family

Andreasen, Jorgen and family

August, Charl

Betsen, Martha

Christensen, Inger M.

Christensen, Maren

Christensen, Maren

Christensen, Maren and son

Christianse, Mattea M.

Christiansen, Amie

Christiansen, J.C. and family

Christiansen, Jacob and Inger K.

Christiansen, Maren K. and child

Christiansen, Sophia

Christoffersen, Christen

Christoffersen, Peter and family

Christofferson, Martha

Cneedson, Karen and Eilen

Dahl, Yens N. (aged 73, died August 1st)

Dastrap, H.L. and family

Delene, Peter A. and family

Fielstad, P.A.

Forgensen, Mads and Anna

Frantsen, Roina F.

Fried, Ensa and child

Fygesen, Maria

Granstein, J.C. and family

Guhl, Sore P. and family

Hagg, Ole and family

Halverson, Jones and family

Hansen, Maren

Hansen, Tida A.

Hanson, Anna M.

Hanson, Bold M.

Hanson, Hans

Hanson, Hans J. and family

Hanson, Johanna M.

Hanson, Lars and Matta

Hanson, Mattea M. and family

Hanson, Rasmus and family

Hanson, Thrine? and family

Hanson, Yens and family

Hiesel, Neils C. and family

Ink, Andreas

Iverson, H.P.

Jacobson, Carolina H.

Jacobson, Neils

Jeppeson, Rasmusine

Johansen, Marta

Kier, Elenor P.

Kilinbeck H.C. and family

Kissen, Neilsina D.

Klingback, F. and family

Larsen, Neils P. and family

Larson, Matta M.

Larson, Yens

Leondgrom, C.J.

Lorensen, Christen and Caroline

Mariager, Lena

Mattsen, P.C. and Fredrika

Mattson, Else

Mattson, Hamra

Mead, Harriet

Mickleson, Yens and Anna M.

Mickleson, Yens and family

Milmstrom, Jacob and family

Monsen, Peter

Mortensen, Lars and family

Neils and Bodil Peterson

Neilsen, Nelsen O.

Neilsen, Yens and family

Neilson, Rasmus

Nelsen, Hans J.

Nelsen, Louisa C.

Nelsen, Soren

Nelson, Lara and family

Nielsen, Kiersten and family

Nielsen, Yens and family

Ogord, N. L. and Ellen C.

Ogord, Nels and Dnak?

Olsen, Catrena

Olsen, Christen

Olsen, Maren K.

Olsen, Sven and family

Ole Olesen and family

Olson, C. and Ann

Peterson, Anders and Caroline

Peterson, Anna

Peterson, Ingeborg and son

Peterson, Karn M.

Peterson, Kiresten

Peterson, Lars O.

Peterson, Martin and Dorta

Peterson, Neils

Peterson, Ole and Annie

Peterson, Sissa

Peterson, Soren and family

Peterson, Yens

Rasmusen, Mads P. and Karen

Sorensen, Matilde

Sorenson, Karen and family

Sorsensen B. and family

Swenson, Peter and family

Vaarden Yens C.J. and family

Vad, Thomas P.

Waldermasen, Armund and family

Yensen, Anders and Andrea G.

Yensen, Anders and family

Yensen, Anna and child

Yensen, Christen and Elise

Yenson, Maren (aged 80)

Yenson, Mattea

Yenson, Rasmus

Yenson, Thos C. and Rise M.

Yorgensen, Christen C.


Oscar O. Stoddard 10th Handcart Company (See
Pioneer Search for the Stoddard handcart roster)

William Budge Wagon Company (Journal History, See after 31 Dec. 1860, p. 53-57)

Only Scandinavians or Scandinavian like names are listed here. Ages are in parentheses and families are grouped together in this roster.

Aagard, Jens P. (69)
Aagard, Maren (51)
Aagard, Anders A. (16)
Aagard, Metta M. (19)

Aberhalden, Anna (65)

Alder, John (32)
Alder, Barabara (36)
Alder, Ferninand (10)
Alder, Alfred (7)
Aldre, Emilie (3)

Andersen, Pehr (25)
Andersen, Karen (24)
Andersen, Johanna (14)
Andersen, Andreas (43)
Andersen, Stena K. (39)
Andersen, Anders Johan (9)

Bar, Henry (47)
Bar, Barbara (33)
Bar, Katrhina (14)
Bar, Richard (13)
Bar, Adoph (11)

Bentsen, Anna (59)
Bentsen, Anna C. (28)

Borg, Ingri (48)

Carlson, Johan F. (43)
Carlson, Cathrina (54)

Carlson, Swain (Swen?; 31)
Carlson, Borita (Bengta? 33)
Carlson, Jons (7)
Carlson, Niels (3)
Carlson, Bothilda (3 months)

Christensen, Niels (34)

Christensen, Niels C. (35)
Christensen, Karen (35)
Christensen, Christen L. (5)
Christensen, Niels L. (1)

Christiansen, Niels (43)
Christiansen, Christian (13)
Christiansen, Niels (12)
Christiansen, Anna M. (9)

Christiansen, Soren (29)
Christiansen, Caroline T. (23)
Christiansen, Christian J. (4)
Christiansen, Maria (3)

Diethelm, John (30)
Diethelm, Katherina (26)
Diethelm, Barbara (60)

Diestwigler, Jochim (58)

Eliasson, Eric (43)
Eliasson, Karen (30)

Erikson, Lars (34)
Erikson, Bertha M. (38)
Erikson, Emma (4)
Erikson, Camilla (18 months)

Fredricksen, Peter (38)
Fredricksen, Peter J. (2)

Gaarder, Ola O. (42)
Gaarder, Anna (39)
Gaarder, Ola (16)
Gaarder, Martin (10)
Gaarder, Anreas (8)
Gaarder, Lauritz (2)
Gaarder, Karen (17)

Godfresen, Anna (57)

Gronvald, Elna (67)

Heiselt, Hans C. (25)
Heiselt, Larina (25)

Jensen, Christian (31)
Jensen, Hedvig M. (16)
Jensen, Hans (32)
Jensen, Karen K. (29)
Jensen, Elsa M. (8)

Jensen, Christen (45)
Jensen, Maren (52)

Jensen, Peter (23)
Jensen, Anna M. (24)
Jensen, Anna C. (1)

Johansen, Dorthea C. (29)

Jonsson, Jons (33)
Jonsson, Elna (31)

Jorgensen, Anna M. (47)

Jorgensen, Karen M. (16)

Juul, Peter (56)
Juul, Margreta (57)
Juul, Ola P. (27)

Knudsen, Jens (28)
Knudsen, Bodil (25)

Knudsen, Kirsten

Krusi, Fredrick (34)
Krusi, Elizabeth (30)

Larsen, Christian P. (24)

Larsen, Jens (49)
Larsen, Anna (57)

Larsen, Jens (44)
Larsen, Karen (36)
Larsen, Christian (17)

Larsen, Lars (32)

Larsen, Niels (32)
Larsen, Hansina (27)
Larsen, Nicolai B. (4)
Larsen, Jensine C. (9 months)

Larson, Lars (52)
Larson, Elsa (48)
Larson, Jorgen P. (16)
Larson, Anna (13)
Larson, Johan A. (11)
Larson, Johanna (9)
Larson, Maria (25)

Lilholdt, Christian (24)

Lovendahl, Swan M. (26)
Lovendahl, Signe (30)
Lovendahl, Christen (5)

Madsen, Ann K. (50)

Madsen, Elizabeth C. (20)

Madsen, Elsa (48)
Madsen, Conradina (31)
Madsen, Auora (13)
Madsen, Lorentz C. (11)
Madsen, Dagmar (9)

Madsen, Hans P. (35)
Madsen, Kirstina (36)

Madsen, Maria (25)
Madsen, Soren (35)
Madsen, Bertha C. (33)
Madsen, Maria (4)

Moller, Soren (27)

Mortensen, Jorgen (52)
Mortensen, Olivia (45)
Mortensen, Peter J. (15)
Mortensen, Niels (10)

Mortensen, Maren (55)

Muller, Ana (20)

Naf, Kathrina (65)

Neeser, Arnold (20)

Nickels, Adolph A. (56)
Nickels, Johanna D. (49)

Nielsdotter, Anna (67)
Nielsen, Elsa
Nielsen, Jens (34)
Nielsen, Anna M. (34)
Nielsen, Sissel N. (5)
Nielsen, Ellen K. (4)
Nielsen, Niels P. (2)
Nielsen, Anna M. (12)
Nielsen, Risa S. (23)

Nielsen, Stina (20)

Nisson, Mads M. (36)

Olson, Jeppe (68)
Olson, Bothilda (48)

Olsen, Maren (47)
Olsen, Karen M. (20)

Paulsen, Mads (49)
Paulsen, Anna (49)
Paulsen, Anna K. (15)
Paulsen, Anddreas T. (13)

Pedersen, Hans (34)
Pedersen, Kirsten (38)

Petersen, Jens (33)
Petersen, Anna (29)
Petersen, Peter (9)
Petersen, Kirstine (6)
Petersen, Marinus (4)
Petersen, Thos. C. (2)
Petersen, Mathilda (3 months)

Petersen, Maren (31)

Petersen, Ola (42)

Petersen, Peter (27)
Petersen, Mette M. (31)
Petersen, Niels P. (6)
Petersen, Johan C. (6 months)
Petersen, Peter (54)
Petersen, Maren (63)

Petersen, Susanna (13)

Pfister, Peter (28)
Pfister, Maria (28)

Rasmussen, Anders (26)

Rasmussen, Bodil (26)

Reidal, John (20)
Reiser, Henry (28)
Reiser, Susanna (24)
Rupp, Marianna (22)

Sorensen, Anna M. (21)

Sorensen, Jens (19)

Staffer, Christian (5) Stephensen, Johanna (20)

Stucki, Kathrian (29)
Stucki, Rosetta (3)
Stucki, Gottfried (1)

Swenson, Engta (62)

Thomassen, Anna B. (50)
Thomassen, Johanna M. (15)
Thomassen, Thomas T. Trane (14)

Wardstrom, Anna (62)

Widerborg, Charles (46)

Williamsen, Lars (58)
Williamsen, Margretha (48)

Witter, Chirstian (38)
Witter, Magdalena (35)
Witter, Samule (12)

John Taylor (Iowa) Company (Journal History Supplement after 31 Dec. 1860, p. 59-62)

Only the Danish portion of the company are listed here. Ages are listed and families are grouped together in this list.

Andersen, M.C. (32)
Andersen, Ane K. (32)
Andersen, Cilie (9)
Andersen, Sarah (4)
Andersen, Nephi (1)

Bloomdale, Anders (40)
Bloomdale, Marie (39)
Bloomdale, Ane (11)
Bloomdale, Kirstine (5)
Bloomdale, Mathelda (Infant)

Christensen, Jens Peter (26)
Christensen, Dorthea Marie (25)
Christensen, Emma (1)

Christensen, Hilberg (48)

Holst, Frederick (47)
Holst, Bergitte (36)
Holst, N.C. (9)
Holst, Kirstine (2)

Jacobsen, Lars (49)
Jacobsen, Anne Margrethe (59)
Jacobsen, Soren Christian (9)

Jensen, Christian (47)
Jensen, Ane (57)

Jensen, Marcus (56)
Jensen, Ane Margretha (51)
Jensen, Frederik (15)
Jensen, Wilhelmine (13)
Jensen, Wilhelm (9)

Jensen, Soren (62)
Jensen, Johanne (62)
Jensen, Johanne (62)

Kofod, Ane Elisine (18)

Kofod, Johanne Margrette (15)
Kofod, Anker Agust (12)

Kofod, Jens Hansen (11)

Kofod, Hans (48)
Kofod, Cicilie (45)
Kofod, Wilhemine Frederika Kofod (9)

Hammer, Andreas (43)
Hammer, Junine (28)
Hammer, Henriette (18)
Hammer, Henrik (10)
Hammer, Jery (3)
Hammer, Andrew (1)

Larsen, Anders (30)
Larsen, Ane Kristine (40)
Larsen, Johanne Kristine (6)
Larsen, Hyrum Fritz (2)

Larsen, Stine (28)

Nielsen, Chr. Peter (33)
Nielsen, Else Christine (46)
Nielsen, Samine Margrethe (14)
Nielsen, Jens Christian (12)
Nielsen, Simon Chr. (10)
Nielsen, Juliane Marie (14)

Nielsen, Poul (51)
Nielsen, Ane Kirstine (32)
Nielsen, Mariane (11)
Nielsen, Stine (1)

Madsen, Sine (53)

Rasmussen, Rasmus (35)
Rasmussen, Ane (24)
Rasmussen, Bertha M. (1)

Svaab, Ane (69)

Svendsen, Jens (54)
Svendsen, Maren (58)
Svendsen, Erik Peter (14)

Wilhelmsen, Hanne (29)
Wilhelmsen, Wilhelmine (Infant)

Wogn, Marie (64)
Wogn, Mare Jr. (17)


Samuel A. Wooley Company (Journal History, 22 September, 1861)

Akerlund, Ola
Akerlund, Bengta
Akerlund, Carl P.
Akerlund, Mathilda E.

Andersen, Christian
Andersen, Hedevig K.
Andersen, Peder Christian
Andersen, Karen
Andersen, Anders
Andersen, Niels

Andersen, Gunder
Andersen, Karen
Andersen, Karine
Andersen, Serine
Andersen, Anders
Andersen, Berthe
Andersen, Anders
Andersen, Peder
Andersen, Mathea
Andersen, Gunda
Andersen, Adolph

Andersen, Joseph
Andersen, Maja C.
Anderson, Sophie
Anderson, Oscar
Anderson, Mathilda

Andersen, Niels

Andersen, Niels Peter
Andersen, Ane
Andersen, Niels Christian
Andersen, Ane Kirstine
Andersen, Mette C.

Bekstrand, I.
Bekstrand, C.

Biankinghow, William

Biscoff, Lovise C.

Booth, Thomas

Christensen, Ane

Christensen, Christian Anthon
Christensen, Mette Marie

Christensen, Christian
Christensen, Mette S.
Christensen, Niels
Christensen, Inger
Christensen, Anders

Christensen, Dorthea K.

Christensen, Jens C.
Christensen, Kirsten Marie
Christensen, Maren Catherine
Christensen, Karen
Christensen, Christian
Christensen, Inger Marie
Christensen, Elisabeth Cathrine
Christensen, Adolf Ferninand
Christensen, Nielsine Christine

Christensen, Lars Peter
Christensen, Ane Marie

Christensen, Peder G.
Christensen, Ane K.
Christensen, Cicilie M.
Christensen, Jens
Christensen, Niels
Christensen, Larsine B.

Christensen, Rasmus Peter
Christensen, Marie
Christensen, Ane Elisebeth
Christensen, Soren
Christensen, Kjerstine

Christiansen, Marie

Christiansen, Soren
Christiansen, Maren C.

Christoffersen, Johanne E.

Christoffersen, Niels
Christoffersen, Johanne
Christoffersen, Caroline
Christoffersen, Christian

Christoffersen, Rasmus

Edholm, Lars P.
Edholm, Justine J.
Edholm, Bengt
Edholm, Esbjorn
Edholm, Petter L.
Edholm, Johan
Edholm, Elizabeth C.

Ekelund, Johanna
Ekelund, Alfred

Enggaard, Niels
Enggaard, Maren
Enggaard, Johanne M.
Enggaard, Ane M.
Enggaard, Jens
Enggaard, Wilhlm
Enggaard, Johan P.

Eriksen, Peder

Erickson, Marie M.

Fagerberg, Johan (Captain of 4th ten)

Fröding, Julia

Geertsen, Lauritz C.

Gronberg, Frantz T.
Gronberg, Anna
Gronberg, Carl Oskar
Gronberg, Marie Elizabeth
Gronberg, Hilda Josephine

Gudmundsen, S. (Captain of the 5th ten)
Gudmundsen, Marie

Halvorsen, Knud
Halvorsen, Marta
Halvorsen, Jorgen
Halvorsen, Hilda
Halvorsen, Lisa

Halvorsen, Peder
Halvorsen, Maren
Halvorsen, Mette

Hansen, H.O.

Hansen, P.
Hansen, Ane

Hansen, Mette Marie

Hansen, Hans Peter
Hansen, Ane
Hansen, Karen
Hansen, Maren
Hansen, Marie

Hansen, Inger

Hansen, Johanne A.
Hansen, Hansine A.

Hansen, Niels Peter

Hansen, Peder
Hansen, Johanne S.
Hansen, Ane Sophie

Hansen, Rasmus
Hansen, Maren

Hecker, Carl W. J.
Hecker, Karen M.

Hogglund, Sophie

Holm, (Karl) Johan

Jacobsen, Niels
Jacobsen, Ane
Jacobsen, Marie D.
Jacobsen, Jacob L.

Jensdatter, Karen

Jensen, Ane Elizabeth

Jensen, Jens M.

Jensen, Mads Peter

Jensen, Maren K.
Jensen, Jens Jacob

Jensen, Niels

Jespersen, Anders P.
Jespersen, Ane M.
Jespersen, Helene

Johansen, Knud

Jorgensen, Maren C.

Jorgensen, Rasmus
Jorgensen, Jacobine Kirstine
Jorgensen, Maren

Kaisa, Stine

Knudsen, Lars

Knutson, Anna

Kok, Jorgen Jensen
Kok, Ane Mette
Kok, Ane Mette
Kok, Niels Jensen
Kok, Mikkel J.

Krog, Anders
Krog, Carl Johan

Lang, William
Lang, Barbara

Larsen Ane K.

Larsen, Andreas
Larsen, Caroline

Larsen, Hans

Larsen, Hulda

Larsen, Jorgen

Larsen, Lars

Lindelof, Niels P.
Lindelog, Marie
Lindelof, Otto F.

Lindholm, ________
Lindholm, Johanne

Lundgreen, Peter B.

Lyngberg, T. or F.

Mikkelsen, Jensine Dorthea

Nickols, Dorthea Magdalene

Nielsdatter, Karen

Nielsen, A.
Nielsen, Dorthea
Nielsen, Theodor Valdemar
Nielsen, Mathilde
Nielsen, Laura
Nielsen, Joseph

Nielsen, Erik

Nielsen, Hans
Nielsen, Ane M.
Nielsen, Ane I.

Nielsen, Hans
Nielsen, Johanne K.
Nielsen, Inger
Nielsen, Dorethea
Nielsen, Nielstine
Nielsen, Bergithe
Nielsen, Ane K.

Nielsen, Lars
Nielsen, Sara Marie
Nielsen, Seppara E.
Nielsen, Lasia L.

Nielsen, Niels

Nielsen, P.A. (Captain of 1st ten)
Nielsen, Kjertsti
Nielsen, Ingar
Nielsen, Eva
Nielsen, Ema

Nielsen, Hakan
Nielsen, Johanna
Nielsen, Bothilda
Nielsen, Christian
Nielsen, Hermann

Nielsen, Peter (Captain of 3rd ten)
Nielsen, Marie T.
Nielsen, Frihoff G.

Nielsen, Peter
Nielsen, Maren
Nielsen, Johanne Christine
Nielsen, Lars Peter
Nielsen, Hans Christian
Nielsen, Ole Erastus

Ohlssen, Christian

Ohlsson, Gustaf (captain of 2nd ten) Ohlsson, Eline
Ohlsson, Adolf Fredrik
Ohlsson, Thor Wilhelm
Ohlsson, Charles Gustaf
Ohlsson, Joseph Waldemar

Ohlsson, Olof

Olesen (Brudal), Peder
Olesen, Jensin
Olesen, Kjertstine A.
Olesen, Josephine M.

Olsdatter, Karin
Olsdatter, Oline

Olsen, Hans
Olsen, Martha

Olsson, Carl

Omann, Aron G.

Paachs, Cathrine J.

Paulsen, Marie

Pedersen, Erik
Pedersen, Ane
Pedersen, Peder

Pedersen, Hanne M.

Pedersen, Jacob

Pedersen, Jens Peter

Pedersen, Thor Neve
Pedersen, Maren
Pedersen, Maren

Persson, Niels

Petersen, Anders
Petersen, Sissel

Peterson, Erik Wilhelm
Peterson, Johanna Carlottie

Peterson, Peter
Peterson, Catherina
Peterson, Johan

Pettersson, Petronealla

Phister, Frederik

Porter, R.H.

Poulsen, Poul Michael
Poulsen, Cicilia

Ramstrom, Helena

Rasmussen, Anders

Rasmussen (Mikkelsen) Ane

Rasmussen, Lars
Rasmussen, Gedske
Rasmussen, Ane Marie
Rasmussen, Rasmine
Rasmussen, Soren Herman
Rasmussen, Maren
Rasmussen, Carl
Rasmussen, Sine

Rasmussen, Maren
Rasmussen, Soren Morten

Rasmussen, Soren P.

Rolfsen, Margrethe
Rolfsen, Nicoline
Rolfsen, Bent
Rolfsen, Marie
Rolfsen, Niels

Rose, Anders
Rose, Mette
Rose, Niels Peter

Sandberg, O. P.
Sandberg, Karen
Sandberg, Adam
Sandberg, Johnnes
Sandberg, Elisabeth

Skjörbek, Ane Marie
Skjörbek, Soren Jensen

Sorensen, Johanne Marie

Sorensen, Maren
Sorensen, Ane
Soresnen, Anothomine

Steansen, Josephine

Stephensen, Stine

Stock, Ane Sophie

Stok, Jens F.
Stok, Petrine B.
Mikkelsen (Stok), Jens

Stork, Paul
Stork, Marie
Stork, Morthen

Stuart, Daniel
Stuart, Agnes
Stuart, George
Stuart, Christian M.
Stuart, Saine Agnes

Tajkealey, Eleanor

Tegen, Johanne Felt

Thomsen, Inger M.

Thorsen, Thorval A.

Unsworth, James
Unsworth, Alice
Unsworth, Elizabeth

Vidding, H. O.
Vidding, Karen

Wilhemsen, Niels
Wilhelmsen, Ane Kirstine
Wilhelmsen, Christian William
Wilhelmsen, Wilhemine
Wilhelmsen, Nephi

Wilson, John

Winter, Frantz Martin

Wodnigton, Thomas

Wooley, Samuel A.

John R. Murdock Company (No roster)


Ola N. Liljenquist Company (No roster)

Christian A. Madsen Company(No roster)

John Murdock Company (Deseret News, Vol 12, p. 93)

Many names are probably spelled incorrectly.

Adamson, Henry T., Andrew

Adamson, Peter and Anna

Adamson, Sarah L., August, Anders

Allquist, Pricilla

Amansen, Derah

Anderseon, Neils, Sophia, Sarah, Victoria

Anderson, Cecilia and Kirsten

Anderson, Celia, Caron, Moron, Caron M., Enger C., Sarah

Anderson, Hougar, Marian, Oscar, Etnora?, Hako

Anderson, Johanes

Anderson, Martin C., Ellen, and Anders M.

Anderson, Mary

Anderson, Owla, Mary

Anderson, Paul, Kerstina, Cecilia, Engre, Mary, and Christian

Anderson, Susannah

Ashman, Anne

Baker, Susan

Bardsley, Samuel, Mary, William

Barrigon, Karl, Nels, Augusta, Franklin

Benson, Caron, Bene, Anna, Anna

Bergreen, Nels

Berks, John, Sarah, William, Thomas, James

Bowen, John

Boy, Hans, Jens

Bramson, Ann, Christiana, Maria, Christian, Ann C.

Briant, James, Hannah, James, Margaret

Broadfield, Charles, Maria

Brown, Hans Jens, Anna, Maron

Bryan, Thomas

Buckley, Betsey, Mary

Butler, Elizabeth

Carlson, Ogla, Anna, Berta, Anna Maria, Maron

Carlson, Peter, Anna, Hannh, Ellen, Mary, Anders, Niels, Kersti, Johan

Christensen, Jens

Christian, Mads, Anna

Christiansen, Anna K, Jens, Hardy, Christina

Christiansen, Anne M.

Christiansen, Christian, Ann, Medisophia, Louisa, Anne C.

Christiansen, Franz, Sophy, Anne, Hans, Anna, Hans

Christiansen, Loren, Maron, Christian

Christiansen, Nels, Besti, Maryoni, Anne C., Jens

Christiansen, Peter,

Clarke, John, Emma

Clousen, Christian

Cobley, Thomas, Sarah, Emily, Jane, Charley

Collin, George

Constant, Thomas D. Hannah, Thomas, Charlotte, Arthur, Reuben

Cook, Joseph

Cook, Mathias

Coolhear, Mary, David

Cortzen, Soren Jens, Kersten

Cowswon, Ann

Crow, Eliza

Crowder, Rebecca

Dalguist, Simon, Peter

Davenport, Hanna, Maria

Edinburg, Isaac, Ann

Ellison, Lars, Hanna Owla, Hannah, John

Ely, Mary, Hyrum, Joseph, Thomas, Elizabeth, George

Erholder, Sophia

Filer, Maria, Martha

Firsth, Mary Anne

Ford, Emma

Foss, Charlotte

Foster, Ann

Fowler, James, Lorenzo

Fox, Zibadi, Amy

Franels, John, Mary Anne

Froyer, Anne

Gledell, John A., Elizabeth

Green, Mary, Margaret

Hagstrom, Kirsten

Hagstrom, Peter N.

Halegrin, John

Hansen, Anne M., Sarah, Niels, Hansina, Martin

Hansen, Christian Gertude, Hans, Rasmussen

Hansen, Hans

Hansen, Jacob, Hans

Hardy, Thomas, Sarah, Hannah

Harmon, Goerge and Mercy

Harrison, John, Nancy, Isabella, and Margera

Haslem, Henry

Henderickson, Edward Christian

Henisen, Meti F.

Hensen, Catrina

Hibbard, James, Sarah, Emma

Holder, Sara J.

Holland, Ann

Holson, Caston

Hopkin, Harriet

Horkinsen, Johana

Horsley, Thomas, Sophia, Cyrus A.

Houlseon, Christian, Frederic, Stena, Jens

Huntington, Joseph, Ellen

Ipsen, Wilhelmina

Jensen, Bodel

Jensen, Hans Christian

Jensen, Jens, Bowl?

Jensen, Josias, Medi

Jensen, Niels, Else, Anne, Michael, Sophia, Caron, Eli C. Dortia, Lars L., Marion Else, Sophrana

Jensen, Sarah

Jensen, Sene

Jepsen, Jens, Maron, Jencina, Antoine, Jens P.

Jepsen, Ela

Jergenson, Anders, Kierston

Jerrison?, Hanna

Jervis, Henry

Johansen, Gustavus, Loviasa, Sophia, Ida

Johansen, Johan Peter, Jens, Lars, Jen, Jospeh, Sophia

Johansen, Neils

Johnson, Maria Catrina, Keyso, Anders Gusto, Carl

Johsen, Anna Maria

Jondersen, Christian, Maria

Jons, Richard

Jonsen, Nels, Eager

Kibby, Edward

Kier, Ellen

Larizen, Jens C.

Larsen, Andrea M.

Larsen, Kerstina, Nels

Larsen, Maria

Larsen, Morgan

Larsen, Peter

Larson Maren

Larson, Anna C., Maron

Larson, Mareta, Doria

Larson, Peter, Mets C.

Legs, Lowe E.

Leonsen, Kiersten

Lindse, John, Mary

Longmore, Henry, George

Lonigreen, Edna, Carolina, Anna

Lunstrom, Neils P. Else, Neils

Marrinos, Christian, Anna, Jens

Marson, Meti M.

Mate, Wm., Margery

Mattison, Ann C.

Megelson, Else Sophia

Memett, Thomas

Milorf, Adolph Peter, Ingeborg, Fratz, Alexander, Hans Peder, Lina

Mitchell, William Anne, Mary

Mitchell, William Sarah, Mary Anne, Sara Jane, Elizabeth, Emma William T., Ann

Mitcheslson, Erasuvy, Mary

Morfew, William

Morisen, Else M., Jansina

Mortinsen, Christian

Mortisne, Jens Frederick, Meti, Christian

Mycock, Marina

Nelson, David, Harriet

Nielsen, Anderson, Sarhah, Caroline, Anton, Neils P. Mary A.

Nielsen, Carl Christian, Mary, Jens, Niels, Christian, Jens P. Joanna, Anders, Catrina, Stena

Nielsen, Soren Christian

Nielsen, Swen

Nielseon, Lizzie

Nodfur, Peter

Olsen, Niels Peter, Juliana S. Jens, Hans, Christian


Oulson?, Oga, Hahah

Owlen, Jens, Mary, Maron

Paulson, Anna M., Karen

Paulson, Christiana

Pearson, Mary

Person, Charles

Pertleson, Peter, Maren, Jens, Anna, Jeslma?

Petersen, Erasmus, Annie, Karen M. Christina, Christiana, Anders, Marie Annie Christian, Johannes

Peterson, Anders, Carton, Purie, Bent Neils, Botilda, Cecilia, Rasmus, Peter R.

Peterson, Elsi M.

Peterson, Kerstin, Anna, Ellen, Ellen, Ida

Peterson, Lars, Maren, Oval, Karen, Hans

Peterson, Peter, Gustava, Jonas, Alfred, Raclina?

Platt, Johas, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Johnathan, William, Sareah E., Marintha

Pogsen, Jens W., Sarah, Henry

Poineter, Mary Anne

Pollock, David, Cecilia, Catherina, Brigham, Jared A., Marv

Ramsbottom, Mary, Betsy

Ranow, C.P., Margreda, Larena, Sophia

Rasmussen, Hans, Lars

Rasmussen, Mati Christina

Rearstan, Peter Christian, Anna, Christian

Regstrom, Daniel, Sariah, Hanna, Christina, Paulina

Reid, William, Ruth

Reid, William, Jane, John, Jane, Henry, John J.

Reidson, Elizabeth, Elizabeth

Robinson, John, Maria, Mary J., Anna M., Rebecca

Rosenquist, Else, Nelly, Annie, Anna, Hans

Rowlandson, Henry

Ruberra, Clara

Rugreeen, Peter, Magdelina

Ruth, George

Sanberg, Cecillia

Savage, Herbert, Mary

Scevens, Anna

Schoder, Thomas Peter, Kerstina

Shcmidt, Hans Peter W., Matilda, Begar, Carl, Leon Lena

Shothaw, Robert

Skone, Andreas, Anna C., Elsi

Skousen or Skinner, Jens, Lizzie, Niels P, Vilate

Soler, Anna E.

Sonson, Peter, Mary, Peter Jr. Hans, Annie

Sorensen, Christian Peter, Marea

Sorenson, Maron

Sorsensen, Jens

South, Mary, George, Joseph

Spendlove, Mary

Starfield, Elizabeth, John, Elizabeth, Heber, Emma, Cyrus

Stek, Christian, Maria, Andrea, Stephena

Stokes, Anna

Straw, Alice

Stringtelow, Samuel

Swap, Anna, Anna Margeritta

Sweben, Anders

Swenson, Elsei, Johanna

Thomas, Joseph, Penelope, Eliza, Josehp, Anne, Henry, John, James, Richar, Samuel

Thomas, Maron Catrina, Carolina

Tomander, Peter

Warrilow, Sophia

Whitaker, Abraham, Emma, Mary, Margaret

Wilkinson, Lydia

Williams, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Hyrum, Joseph

Withers, Jane

Wolfindum, Mary, Sarah Ann, Mary Ellen, Francis

Joseph Horne Company (Deseret News, Vol. 12, p. 98)

Ackninberg, Ann

Ainge, Geogre, Elizabeth, Lori, Jonah, Alfred, William

Alstroum, Soren, Chrlotte, Reinault

Anderg, Gargen Maria

Andersen, Mads, Caroline, Maria

Anderson, Anders Frederick, Gayza, Anders, Johannes, Carl, Gustave, Mary Stein, Matilida, Hanna

Anderson, Anders, Cecilia, Jens, Berta, Alexander, Paul

Anderson, Christian, Karen, Judgeborg

Anderson, Johan Peter

Anderson, Johan, Ergia

Anderson, Marian, Anders, Simon

Anderson, Marna, Owla, Peter

Anderson, Morta

Anderson, Peter

Anderson, Sohia

Anguson, Hannah

Backe, Anna

Baker, William, Mary, Caroline, Elizabeth

Ball, Israel, Emma

Bell, Lucy

Berg, Anna S.

Bergenstrotter, Cuysa E., Gustave

Bergstrom, Magnus, Julian

Bistrup, Anne

Bjorksan?, Erik

Booth, Sarah, Mary Anne

Bowen, Ben

Breeze, Sarah, Joseph

Breman, Cafrina

Brockelburst, John

Broockman, Chrolette

Brotholomew, Johan, Harriet, Johan

Brown, William, Mary, William

Burgon, George

Cardel, Anne C., Erika

Cate, Eliza

Chrensen, Jacob, Maria

Christian, Thos.

Christiansen, Anna

Christiansen, Anna

Christofensen, Jens, Dorthia

Christofensen, Johan, Mary

Cristensen, Marie

Cristiansen, Magdaline

Cristien, Koren

Crowther, Mary

Damn, Irena Josephine

Daner, Nels

Dawson, Elmet?, Mary, Lorisa?, John

Dibble, Amanda, Julia, John, Francis, Ida

Dortia, Johana, Wilhelm, Joseph

Dyer, William, Sarah, Elizabeth

Eastwood, Ann

Erickson, Anders

Eriksen, Eric, Anna C., Elof?, Selmon

Eskelson, Johan, Jacob

Frank, Julie M.

Fredericksen, Anna Maria, Nels

Frost, Jens, Johan

Graan, Caroline

Griffin, Joseph B., Mary, Susan, Sarah, Agnes

Hack, Christina

Hansem, Anne, Eliza, Rasmus

Hansem, Thomas, Christiana, Anna, Johanes

Hansen, John, Joneta

Hansen, Maria S.

Hansen, Maria, Christian, Olse, Jensinah, Frederick, Reegetta

Hansen, Owla, Else, Else, Anna, Ellen

Hansen, Peter, Sophia, Hans, Christian

Hansen, Rasmus, Anne, Sophia, Josephus, Ann

Harrision, Mary

Henderson, Thomas, Martha, Mary, George

Hendricsen, Karen H.

Henrcik, Frederick

Henrnick, Carlone

Herby, Hans, Grecia

Higgins, James, Mahala

Holmstedt, Nels, Hustra, Olorf, Justus, Johan

Houlsen, Lars, Mormon, Owla

Iricson, Dority, Annie

Isaackson, Gustave, Christiana

Jacob, John

Jacobsen, Frederic, Elizabeth, Peter J.

Jencie, Sophia

Jensen, Anders, Carolina, Mari

Jensen, Fredrick, Joanna Maria

Jensen, Jacob, Cecil

Jensen, Jensinah

Jensen, Maren, Anna Maria

Jensen, Marion

Jensen, Nels, Karen, Rasmus

Jensen, Nels, Kerstein, Anne Marie

Joenberg, Owla S.

Johansen, Annie

Johansen, August, Caroline

Johansen, Johan Christian, Anna, Caron, Maron, Hans Peter

Johanson, Karen

Johnson, John Christian

Johsnon, Benjamin, Emilia, Bejamin, Nels, Peter, Hannah

Johson, Anetta

Johson, Nelson

Jones, Charles K., Eliza

Jones, Elizabeth, Hyrum, Henry

Jones, Jermiah, Mary, Jacob, Elizabeth, Heber

Jorgansen, Anne M.

Jorgansen, Jorgan, Liz, Jorgan, Nels, Anders

Jorgasen, Anne K, Joren, Annie C.

Jorgasen, Frederic O., Carolina, Hulda

Jost, Doroty, Hanna

Judd, Samuel

Kelton, Maria

Kirk, James, Joseph, Ann

Labram, Thomas, John

Larsen, Hans, Johanna, Karen

Larsen, Jens, Jens C., Soren, Karen

Larson, Anger M., Jens C., Bergetta, Soren, Karen

Larson, Christian, Anna Sophia, Christina

Larson, Jens, Karen, Matti, Hans, Neils, Anne, Karen

Larson, Magnus, Maren, Leni, Annie, Sophia, Frederic

Larson, Nelly, Peter, Annie, Annie Margretta, Maren, Nels, Chriian, Anna Maria, Mira Hurop

Larson, Olif, Emma

Linberg, Jonas, Maria

Lindall, Nels

Livesey, Mary, John, Mariana, Ellen Jan, Matilda

Lyderson, Sara C., Medi

Mack, Johan F., Maren S.

Madsen, Hans Christn., Mary

Mansen, Ann

Mantle, Matilda

Mapp, Elizabeth

Mardsen, Elsxabeth, Mary, John, James, Ann Eliza

Martinsen, Carl Frederick, Hans, Peter, Jens, Kiresten

Meyer, Christian, Anna, Jacob, Sophia Bense, Carl, Maria E.

Meyser, Carl Frederic

Michelson, Johan Mary

Mills, John

Mortisnen, Catrina, Eliza

Mortsen, Karen, Anger

Nelson, Aaron, Mary, William

Nicoliline, Flotina

Nielsen, Henrie, Hans, Olse, Ake, Maria, Sissy, Lars Peter, Anders, Anders, Anne Lira, Swartz, Annie, Annie

Nielsen, Jens

Nielsen, Peter, Kersitna, Nneils, Frederick, Anne, Ann, Hannah, Albertina, Christian, Ingra, Carn, Peter, Hannah, Joanna, Inga, Nels, Johan, Jens

Nislen, Anders

Oakey, Thomas, Mary, Lucy, Annie

Oakey, James, Alfred, Sarah, Hyrum

Okey, Karen

Olsen, Loua

Olsen, Sarah, Emma, Elizabeth

Ortegrin, Charolotte

Paulsen, Hans

Paulson, Zinah

Pauslen, Jens, Maren

Pauslen, Peter, Maria, Annie, Annie Mareda

Payne, William, Pricilla

Pearsell, William

Petersen, Ingra, Anders, Ntall, Avilda, Flora, Dorita Christiana, Montiths, Christian, Jens, Maria, Karen, Hans F., Julia M., Annie, Julia, Ole, Annie, Peter, Neils, Johan, Christian, Mets, Dortia

Peterson, Anders Christian, Ann D., Karen, Ann Katrina Jensina N.

Peterson, Hans, Margretta, Christian

Peterson, Nels, Louisa, Sophia

Peterson, Sophia

Presley, Ann

Proctor, Isabella, Annie

Ramstrom, Caroline

Rasmussen, Angelina, Christian

Rasmussen, Christian, Anne

Rasmussen, Hansina

Rasmussen, Soren, Anne, Meti Susan, Emma, Larini

Rausson, Elna, Ingra

Raybold, Charles, Caroline, Edward, George

Roberts, William, Domincus

Rogers, Emma, Ann

Rogerson, John, Ann, Joseph, Daniel

Rosengreen, Lovisa

Rosenquist, Ingra, Anders, Johana

Rosgard, Carl, Marie

Rowell, William, Mary

Rowland, Mary, George, Samuel, Elizabeth

Rutherford, Mary

Samuelson, Carol, Sophia

Sanberg, Ingra

Schaline, Frederick

Scoults, Anna Kerstein, Calvenholme

Selaverson, Ann

Simonson, Soren, Hustra, Simon, Joanna

Singelton, Sarah, Mary

Skunk, Crhstiana, Joan

Soar, Henry

Sromberg, Annie, Wilhelmina, Laura, Sophia, Maria

Standberg, Adners G., Anna, Carl Johan

Stanfield, Maria

Stanton, Herbert

Steainforth, Mary

Stevensen, John, Mary, Elizabeth, George, Fanny, Brigham, Willard, Jesse

Stevenson, Abel

Stick, Anna Bergitta

Strant, Mary

Stryers, William, Sarah Ann, Benjamin Alfred, Anne, Ellen, Sarah

Swensen, Elias, Maria

Swensen, Marian

Swenseon, Bergitta, Anetta, William

Swenseon, Gustavo

Swenson, Canute, Medi, Anna, Hannah, Jens, Elentri S.

Teosson?, Maren K.

Thomas, Philip, Mary, Sarah Ann

Thygysen, Engri, Swenborg

Tyberg, Frederick, Matilda

Wallace, John J., Elizabeth, Lavina, John Thomas

Werbolm, Julia

Wilson, William, Sarah

Woodhead, Wm., Joseph, Rachel, Sarah, Martha, Alfred


John F. Sanders Company (No Roster)

John R. Young Independent Company (No Roster)

William B. Preston Company (No Roster)

Peter Nebeker Company (No Roster)


William B. Preston Company (Deseret News, August 17, 1864, p. 369)
Some the names are obviously incorrect e.g. "Ave" is probably "Ane".

Andersen, Amund

Andersen, Bolleth

Andersen, Christiana

Andersen, Julius

Andersen, Maren

Andersen, Neils and family

Andersen, O. O.

Andersen, Soren and Trise

Andreasen, Else

Asklund, Lovsa Christiana and Hulda

Atonsen, S.

Baresen, Elsek

Beck, Amelia

Bergtsen, Brita

Bertesen, Marie and Ave

Bocker, Carl W.

Bodelsen, Elna

Borgastrom, Johane E.

Borglum, Jens and family

Carlsen, Anna and Johanna

Christensen, and family

Christensen, Caroline

Christensen, Christen and family

Christensen, F. and family

Christensen, Hans C. and family

Christensen, Lars, Jens and Marie

Christensen, Neils and family

Christensen, Nils C and Katrino M.C.

Christensen, Olive and Sophia

Chulnilan, Marie P.

Cobabe, F. F. L. and family

Dahl, Ane M. and Chas. G.

Dahlstrom, Caroline

Eliasen, Elsa

Endersen, Elna

Espelund, Marie

Fernland, Danl and family

Froyd, Else and Hans

Funk, Hans P.

Gyldenlove, Jensine

Hail, Trine

Halvoersen, Anders

Hammer, Andres and Maren

Hansen, Caroline

Hansen, Jens and family

Hansen, Jens

Hansen, N.P. and Marie

Hansen, Niels

Hansen, Peter and family

Henstrom, Lars

Hentzi, Anders and family

Hessel, Peter

Hillstrom, Johan and family

Holem, Eliza

Holmberg, Christiana

Hoyer, Thodore, and Eliza

Hyltberg, Charlotte

Injerod, Julia

Jacobsen, Arne

Jacobsen, Batezan and family

Jacobsen, Behr

Jensen, Banday and Ave

Jensen, Elizabeth

Jensen, Hans O.

Jensen, Ingeborg

Jensen, Jens

Jensen, Jens and family

Jensen, Jens C.

Jensen, Karen M. and Tohra

Jensen, Kirsten

Jensen, Mads and family

Jensen, Maren and family

Jensen, Peter

Joansen, August

Johansen, August

Johansen, Elne

Johansen, Lars P. and family

Jorgensen, Peder

Jorsgensen, Rasmus and family

Kirstine, Maja

Kjoler, Hans

Knudsen, Johannes and family

Knudsen, Rasmus C. and family

Kulhertsraud, Helena

Lagertren, Marie

Larsen, Anna K.

Larsen, Carl, Julius and Stine

Larsen, Edw.

Larsen, Hans P.

Larsen, Henrick and Maren

Larsen, Jens

Larsen, Karen

Larsen, Rasmus and family

Larutizen, Larutiz and family

Lendholin, John M.

Liljequist, Eric and family

Lilljegren, Matilida and family

Linaberg, Hanna

Ljunberg, Johanne and family

Loderberg, A. P.

Lunquest, Enfinia

Madsen, Johane

Matsen, Lars

Megnussen, L. Lene, Carlgren, Raisa

Mickelsen, Knud and family

Micolsen, Andreas

Monsen, Per

Mortensen, Andrea P. and family

Mortensen, Lars and Johnas

Mortsensen, Soren

Myer, Wilhelm A.

Neilsen, Hans and Sophia

Neilsen, Mette M.

Neilson, Johan and family

Nelsen, Johannes

Nelsson, L.

Neve, S.P. and Emma

Nilsen, Ane

Nilsen, Johannes and family

Nilsen, Lars

Nilsen, Per and Krinsten

Olefsen, Olof

Olsen, Gustav and Johannes

Olsen, Hans and Christina

Olsen, Jens C. and family

Olsen, Knud and family

Olsen, Marie

Olsen, Olaas

Pedersen, Ole and family

Pedersen, Per Ole, Berg, Mauritz, Dorthea

Pehrsen, Ane

Perhersen, Haren S.

Perhrsen, Torkel and family

Persen, Andreas and Maren

Peterrsdather, Ave

Petersen, Christine

Petersen, Frederike and family

Petersen, Hans

Petersen, Johan and family

Petersen, Kerstine and family

Petersen, Lars

Petersen, Mare and family

Petersen, Ole and Ave K.

Petersen, Petrino

Petersen, Stine

Phersen, Nils and Johanne

Plenstrom, S.

Poulsen, Emma

Pousen, Gurine

Rappe, Peter and family

Rostrup, Christiana

Rull, August

Scheleth, Mare and family

Schoenfeld, Fredrick and Henrietta

Shutts, Christen

Soderdahl, Marie

Sorensen, Kirstine

Sorsensen, Mare

Sorsensne, Soren and Marie

Svanberg, Marie and family

Svanstrom, Marie and family

Svenders, Olive

Svensen, Lars and family

Svensen, Wilhelmina

Talset, Andreas and Marie

Tellefesen, O.C.

Thersen, Maren K. and James

Thulin, Bengt and family

Thygare, Nils

Toman, Johana

Wall, August

Wessel, Kils Frauz, Johannes

Westergren, Johanna

Wetterline, Julia

Widerborg, Elva

Wilklund, Carl and family

Zacerinsen, Johanne

Isaac Canfield Company (Deseret News 17-Aug-1864 Volume 13, p. 369; microfilm 26590)
Note: Many names are not spelled correctly, so check for variations.

Andersen, A.

Andersen, Boel and family

Andersen, Inger C.

Andersen, Kartine

Andersen, Kjersti

Andersen, Lars and family

Andersen, Soren and family

Andher, Lars

Aspelund, Botilda

Bonever, Ane C. and family

Bourtersen, Neils and family

Branting, Eric and family

Brown, Johanna and family

Carlsen, Matilda C. and family

Carlson, C.P. and family

Christensen Niels P.

Christensen, Helena M.

Clason, Ana

Enisen, Sven and family

Fagerstrom, Ane C.

Grounland, Johanna

Hallgren, Clara

Hallgren, Sarl

Hammerlund, Johanne

Hammerlund, Olaf

Hansen, Ane O. and family

Hansen, Hemming and family

Hansen, Malen

Hansen, Niels

Hansen, Peter and family

Hartvjsen, Peter A.

Heck, Bengta

Hedland, Wilhelmine

Hilaber, Anna and family

Holmberg, Ingerborg

Homquest, Christiana

Isaacsen, Anna C.

Isaacson, Hedvig

Jacobs, Edward T.

Jacobs, Hans

Jacobsen, Anna S.

Jacobsen, Christina

Jacobsen, Gustaf

Jacobsen, Sophia

Jensen, Ane

Jensen, Celia

Jensen, Dorha

Jensen, Karen K.

Jensen, Mads

Johansen, Jens and family

Jorgensen, Rasmus and family

Larsen, Andreas and family

Larsen, Christina K.

Lindgren, Lars

Lindqvest, Soraphia

Lindqvest, Brita

Linstrom, Carl and family

Lion, Johan

Lorenvensen, Hans and family

Lovgren, Marie E.

Lugelberg, Alfred

Lund, Katrine

Lundberg, Caroline

Lundberg, Helena

Lundblad, Elna

Mork, Dorthea M.

Neilsen, Jens M. and family

Nielsen, Caroline

Nielsen, Niels and family

Nielsen, William C. and family

Nilsen, Anders

Nilsen, Jeppe

Nilsen, Pers and family

Nilson, Elva

Nilson, Margaret and family

Olsen, Anders

Olsen, Ane

Olsen, Elizabeth

Olsen, Maren H.

Pearseon, Johanna B.

Pearson, E.M.

Petersen, A.

Petersen, C.A. and family

Petersen, Caroline and family

Petersen, Chris.

Petersen, Jorgen and family

Petersen, Maren K.

Petersen, Maria

Petersen, Marie

Petersen, Oscar

Qvanberg, Johna and family

Rasmusen, Kirstine

Rasmusen, Soren

Roberg, Josephine

Rosberg, N.O.

Rountrein, Jens H. and family

Rugner, Stina and family

Runberg, Johanna and family

Saudstrom, Louvise

Sjobolom, Nils

Stonberg, Mons

Sundberg, Cig

Svendsen, Ann M.

Svenlund, A.

Svensen, Nils and family

Victor, Inger

Waldon, Sophia

Wulif, Bengt P.


Miner G. Atwood Company (Deseret News Volume 14, p. 402-403)

Abiard, J.G.

Agaard, A.J. and family

Alford, John

Andersen, Anders and family

Andersen, Anne

Andersen, Carl

Andersen, Christian

Andersen, Jens

Andersen, Johannah and family

Andersen, Johannes and family

Andersen, Niels C.

Andersen, Ole and wife

Andersen, Sara

Andersen, Sophia

Anderson, Anna M. and daughter

Andersen, Anders and family

Atwood, Minor G. (Captain)

Bensen, Charolette

Benson, F.

Bircumishaw, Joseph

Brom, Caroline

Carlsen, Elanor

Christansen, Jens C. and family

Christensen, Jorgen

Christiansen, Ann Karrina

Christiansen, Christian and family

Christiansen, Christian M.

Christiansen, Elce M.

Christiansen, Gerturde and family

Christiansen, Johannah C.

Christiansen, M.W.

Christiansen, Meter

Christiansen, Peter and family

Christiansen, Peter and family

Christiansen, Soren and family

Davis, Albert

Eliasen, Christine

Erecksen, Peter

Ericksen, Anders and family

Ericksen, Elce

Ericksen, Erick and family

Ernstensen, Johanne

Evans, Henry V.

Eyerett, John and family

Frankom, Mrs. and family

Fredrickson, Nelsena

Frighnight, Frerick

Garstom, Magelena

Gentrup, John

Gregg, Margaret

Grundtvig, T.C.

Gundersen, Annetta

Halset, Marina

Hansen Karen C. and family

Hansen, Anna

Hansen, Bengta and family

Hansen, C.J.

Hansen, H.W.

Hansen, Lars

Hansen, Lars

Hansen, Maria and family

Hansen, Niels

Heaps, Joseph

Hensen, Marie

Hoffman, John and family

Hogstead, H.C., and family

Holm, Anders

Holm, Kerstina

Holm, M.F.

Holmgren, Peter O. and family

Holsen, Christy

Hughes, S. A.

Hunt, Cornelius and wife

Iversen, Ingomer

Iversen, Morten and family

Jacobsen, Jens and family

Jacobsen, Maren

Jemett, M.A. and daughter

Jensen, Anne

Jensen, Christopher and family

Jensen, H.C and family

Jensen, Ingomer

Jensen, Jens C.

Jensen, Kersten

Jensen, M.C.

Jensen, Mechaline

Jensen, Soren and family

Johansen, Anders

Johansen, Anne

Johansen, Gustave and family

Johansen, Martha

Johansen, Metten

Johnsen, Bette

Johnsen, Johan

Knudsen, Anne

Lanberg, Ann Kim and family

Larsen, Anne

Larsen, Jens and family

Larsen, Johannes

Larsen, Maren and family

Lebbert, C.F.B. and family

Lejou, A. and J.J.

Lofbern, Anne and fmaily

Lowdall, Maria

Matteson, Amelia

Memgersen, Sara

Mickelsen, Lina

Mitchell, Arthur

Monsen, Anders

Morgansen, Mette M.

Mortensen, Line

Neilsen, Peter and family

Nicholsen, Christian

Nielsen, A.P. and family

Nielsen, Christian and family

Nielsen, Katrinea

Nielsen, Lovisa

Nielsen, Ole

Norgrave, Johannah

Olsen, Bengt

Olsen, E.G.

Olsen, Gulbrand

Olsen, Johannes

Olsen, Morten and family

Olsen, Sophia G.

Ottersen, Stene L.

Pearsen, Christian

Pedersen, Lars

Pego, Gusta and family

Petersen, Ann and family

Petersen, Exeline

Petersen, F.C. and family

Petersen, Gine

Petersen, Hans

Petersen, Jens C. and family

Petersen, Maren and family

Petersen, Marian

Petersen, Marianna and family

Peterseon, Torkee C. and family

Poulsen, Johanne

Quin, Isaac

Roberts, Benj.

Romney, Miles P. (Returning Missionary)

Simminodsen, Marlina D. and family

Sorensen, Hans

Sorenson, M.P.

Sorensen, Line

Stoge, Marie and fmaily

Swenson, John (Commisary)

Taylor, Charles B. (Asst. Captain)

Thompsen, Johannah C.

Thomsen, Nocholina

Thontson, Andrea

Thorgensen, Knude? and family

Waddel, Soren O. and family

Wallgreen, Amelia

Whitmall, Mrs. and family

Winberg, Andrew W. (Chaplain)

Wise, Thos, and family


Peter Nebeker Company (Deseret News, Volume 15, pages 350-351)
Note: This list is incomplete as "one of the sheets of the names having been lost or mislaid".

Alger, Sarah Ann, Joseph J., Clarisse E., John W., Polly A.Althron, Marg., Wm.

Anderson, Bengta C.

Anderson, J.J, Annie C.

Anderson, Phillip, Eleda

Arverson, Anna J.

Bechman, Christian, Josephine

Bendell, Peter C.

Beonsgaard, Christian, Christian, Peter C., Carn J., Dosta C., Christian C., Jens C., Peter S., C., Kirsten, C., Dosena

Bertelsen, T.R. E., Wilhelmina, Hulda, Rudolph, Albert

Bocker, Matilda

Carlson, Olof

Christiansen, Jens, Elso, Peter C., Annie M., Christian

Drybach, Allen F.

Ericson, Josephine C.

Eskildesn, Soren

Eskisnsen, Neils C., Martha M., Mary Ann C., John V., Johanne M., Carm M.,, Abraham, Neils

Frederickson, Rasmus, Emma B.

Hanson, Anders, Annie S., Augusta

Harlgren, Anna M.

Henrickson, Neils

Hultman, Christiana

Ingebrethsen, Anders

Jacobson, Jorgen, Martha M., L.J., Christian, Caroline

Jensen, Lars, Maria, Frederick Jens J., Carl E., Annie A.

Jensen, Olse, Morn, Jens F.

Jensen, Peter, Corn M., Johanna S.

Jenson, Johannes, Eda, Nicolena

Joenson, Soren J., M.

Johansen, Christine, Hans J. Anna C, Johannah A., Neils C.

Johansen, Neeli

Johansen, Nichola, Annie

Johnson, Jane C.

Johnston, Lars, Juger, Soren, Olof, Neils

Jorgensen, Anna

Jorgensen, Hans, Maria, Rasmus, Mecal

Jorgsensen, Carl C., Jensena

Larsen, Anotte M.

Larsen, Christina, Julius P., Carl Z.

Larsen, Juger, Jensen, Martha

Larsen, Lars, Margaret, Peter, Christian

Larsen, Peter C.

Larsen, Peter, Sissie P., Annie, J.P., Annie C., Lars P., Can M., Annie S., Caroline

Leamberg, August, Marchen, Hermon, Robert

Lindroth, Bengt

Linholm, Niels

Marsen, Getrude M.

Michelson, Christian, Eve

Miller, Carl D.

Morholm, Chrisitan, Chritina, Loweets C.

Mortisnen, Niels, Martha,-----, Maria, Erastus W., Josephine, Stena

Mortison, Hans C., Annie Mortison

Munson, Botelle

Nealson?, Hans, Corn M., Jens H., Berrince H.

Neilsen P.

Neilsen, Soren W., Annie M., Annie, Carl

Neilson, Else, Elenor J.

Neilson, Johannah

Neilson, Johannah

Neilson, Neils

Neilson, Olans

Nielsen, Peter

Olesen, Eric

Oleseon, Carl S., Mon M., Ole, Vrol? C.

Oleseon, Dinah, Jorey

Oloson?, Loren C., Morn M., Ole P., Lorsena

Olsen, Hanse, K.

Olsen, Johanna

Olsen, Ole, Anna, Magnus, Olof

Pearson, Hannah

Petersen, Christian, Lena S., Bna, Caroline, Peter, Eda

Peterson, Neil, Hanna P.

Ploughman, Jacob

Poulsen, Jens, Doethe?, Annie M., Annie, Johanne, Moran, Neils

Rasmussen, Lars

Rolf, Mosa, Bengat, Andres, Neils, Magnus

Rous, Anders, Gertrude, Johannah, Anna, Carl, Bosna

Scharling, Carl

Schill, Neils, Christopher, Corna, Olof

Sjoblum, Else, Alfred

Snooks, Lydia, Laura

Sorn?, Neils, Hans C., N., Soren P.N., Annie M.

Stisborg, Jensen, A., Annie C. Else M., Morganius J. Annie J., Lena, Matilda, Ed.

Sunberg, Carl H., Eliz. W., Selina H., Amanda

Sunberg, Catharine E.

Sunberg, Jjilmer

Swenson, Anders J.

Joseph Rawlins Company (Deseret News, Volume 15, pages 350-351)

Abersen, Inger M.

Andersen, Jno., Maragret, Neils

Anderson, Britina, Christian

Anderson, Emil, Matilda

Anderson, Jens, Cathrine, Maria S., Berti H., Rasmus

Anderson, Jepher, Sophia

Anderson, Johas

Aveson, Robert

Aylett, Wm., Hormah, Mary A., Wm., Jesse, Jediah

Bec, Christian J.N., Annie M. Christian Carl, Dorthy M.

Beck, Fred., Annrics, Emma, Enleus, James

Behrmann, V.G., Annie M.

Berg, Lousia, Amelia

Berry, Jane

Bird, Jno., Emma

Borreusss, Christiana

Bowberry, Neils, Caroline

Bramson, Anders N.

Buker?, Jens, Mary A., Neisl P., Christian, Abraham

Carlsen, Hans, Marion, Christian, Bertie M.

Christiansen, Annie M.

Christiansen, Annie C., Elsy O.

Christiansen, Neisl, Carn, Anders, John J. Marian M., Carn

Christiansen, Stena

Christiansen, Neisl P. Carn P. Fred. P., Valdamir, Joanan

Chrisitansen, Peter

Cunningham, Alma

Daniels, Daniel, Ann

Davidson, Caroline M.

Dean, Jno, Martha W., Annie, Elisa, Joseph, Heber, Jeddiah, Martha H.

Farr, Sara A.Freeholt, Annie C.S.

Frondsen, Jens, Kirsten, Frona P., Hannah M.

Gill, Mary

Goff, Heber, Mary A. Ruth, Naomi

Green, Elisabeth

Greenhalgh, Thos, Mary, Mary A. , Sarah, Abram, Thos, Margaret W. and Ruth E.

Griddle, Henry, Mary, Jane, Charlotte, Seliana, Charles

Grimshaw, Margaret, Annie

Gustaveson, Charle J, Soren

Halifax, Chris., Harriet C., Harriet C.

Hansen, Anders, Catharine

Hansen, Louisa, Christian

Harriet, Thos.

Harrison, Ralph, Edith F.

Heden, Johan

Herbert, Leva J., Annie C, Hebert, Rasmus

Hill, Elizabeth

Hinchey, Paul, Louisa, Morni, Maria, Henry

Hind, Ann

Huste, Jacob, Armanda, Lydia, Hilmer

Ipson, Esper, Bedig, Jens, Jorgine, Amina

Isaacson, Iver, Marion C., Rayner C. Carn A., Issac A., Dedrie N. August, Peter N.

Jacobson, Jacob

Jenkins, Eleanor

Jensen, Carol, Banta N. Eleanor, John W., Chaste

Jensen, Meta

Jenson, Christian

Jenson, Jens, Carn, Jens E.

Johansen, Swens

Johnson, B.M.

Johnston, Annie N.

Johnson, John P., Ann, Carl, Maria, Joseph, Peter P. H., Jacob

Jones, David, Mary, Ann, David

Jones, Wm.

Jonson, Johannes

Jorgensen, Peter, Marin

Keep, Susannah, Catharine

Kinsbury, Thos, Henry, Geroge, Jno., Joseph

Kirk, Mary A., Charolette

Larsen, Annie, Lars F., Annie, Marn

Larsen, Christian

Larsen, Eric

Larsen, Hans, Annie

Larsen, Jens P.

Larsen, Jens, Christian

Larsen, Lars, Fred., Joanna

Larsen, Peter, Inger, Lars, Magrada, Kirsten

Larson, Annie M.

Lungreen, Caroline

Luygreen, Annie M.

Markison, Carl A.

Marsten, Carl

McFarland, Sarah, Margaret, Agnes, Sarah J.

Mitchell, W.L, Sara A., Elisabeth, William, Jono, Rhoda

Monk, Mary

Morganson, Jens, Nicholina

Morris, Jacob, Ann, Mary, Margaret, Ann, Weemmy

Morsen, Jens

Mortonson, Jens, Maria, E., Oscar, Maria

Neilson, Anni C.

Neilsen, Jacob, Maria A. Sorn I.

Neilson, Maria, Carl F.

Neilseon, Neils, Martha, Annie C. Maria, Justina S.

Neislon, Cecelia, Marla E., Neils C.

Nelson, Carn, Sorena

Nelson, Jno, Darty?

Nelson, Neils, Swens

Nicholson, Jno.

Olsen, Carn

Olsen, Jno, Sophia M. Swen, Marn C., Peter S., Peter A., Hannah, James

Olsen, Joanna F.

Olsen, Neils

Olsen, Neisl A.

Olsen, Paul, Joanna

Palmer, Geo., Mary, Annie

Petersen, Andrus, Caroline D., Fred., Jens, Annie, Berham, M.

Petersen, Jens, Ansena

Peterson, Anders, Inger M., Hans P., Annie C., Gustave

Peterson, Annie

Peterson, Bergata

Peterson, Ellen, Carl

Peterson, Frerica H., Roter, Annie S.

Peterson, Hans J.

Peterson, Hans, Marlan N. Hannah, Willemina, Rasmus, Eugar

Peterson, Lars, Annie M., Carn E., Jno. P.S.

Peterson, Moses, Annie C. Annie, Neisl P. Stena

Ramsell, Moroni

Rasmussen, Anders

Rasmussen, Ann C.

Rasmussen, Annie

Rasmussen, Morton

Rinder, W. Ellen, Esther A.

Robinson, Caroline

Robinson, Jere., Mary H., Arthur H., Rachel, Amelia, Lorenzo, Fred.

Salmon, Mararet Mormen

Schon, Neils, Maria, Jens M., Neils C. Trena, Sovn C, Oliver

Sprague, L.

Stephens, David, Jane, David, Evan

Stormfeldt, Charles F., Cathrine, Christina

Surley, Peter C., Annie M., Caroline, Peter, Edward, Hyrum, Josephine

Tilt, Sara E. Charles R.

Todd, Abram, Ann, Ellen, Emily

Tovey, W.H.

Trees, Annie M., Annie M., Neils

Trinty, Annie C.

Trulsen, Eleanor

Ull, Gugena C.

Wakefield, Caoline

White, Daniel, Isabella

Wilkins, Jane

Windon, Emma

Wood, Jeol, Margaret, Samuel, Sara A., Elisabeth

Woodward, William

Worhington, Mary, Jno., Herny, Jane

Andrew H. Scott Company (No roster)

Abner Lowry Company (Journal History 22 Oct. 1866)
Note: many died along the way as shown in the roster

Andersen, Anders

Andersen, Christian, Stine, Johanne

Andersen, Johan G., Marie (died Aug. 20, 53 years old), Kristine (died Aug. 13, 21 years old)

Andersen, Katrine (died Aug. 30, aged 38 years)

Andersen, Katrine, Klaus, Carl, Hilda

Bearbom, Niels F.

Bendine, Augusta

Boe, Alexander and Hannah (left the company at Weber)

Bolen, Johannes, Katrine (died Aug. 15, aged 31)

Brown, Mary Ann

Cederstrom, Magnus

Christensen, Marie

Christiansen, Christian and 2 children

Christiansen, Jens Martin

Christiansen, L.M.C. (son), Else C. (son's wife), Pauline (daughter), Petrine, Nielsine

Christiansen, Christen

Eriksen, Lotta (died Sept. 8, aged 16 years)

Erkman, Gjertrude and 1 child

Farnsworth, William M., James, Elizabeth

Frandsen, Carol Ephraim (died Aug. 28, aged 25 years)
Frandsen, Caroline (died Aug. 24, aged 24 years)
Frandsen, Christine (died Aug. 18, aged 21 years)
Frandsen, Karen (died Aug. 15, aged 60 years)
Frandsen, Niels (died Aug. 21, aged 55 years)
Frandsen, Regina (died Aug. 28, aged 16 years)

Hansen (Rommer) Trine (died Sept. 11, aged 60 years)

Hansen, Ane Marie (died Aug. 23, aged 32 years)

Hansen, Christian, Marie

Hansen, Dorthea (or Birthe) (died Aug. 26, aged 52), Jens Peter, Karen E., Jorgen, Mads (Died at Wyoming Aug. 12, 6 yrs. old)

Hansen, Dorthea and Jens, Jorgen, Niels, John, Joseph, Hans H.K.

Hansen, Goerge

Hansen, Jens Peter (had no provisions up to Laramine, was then taken to drive team for P. Draper)

Hansen, Marie

Hansen, Niels Anthon (died Aug. 27, 9 years old), Hans (died Oct. 11, 5 1/2 years old), Andreas M. (died Sep. 1, 2 1/2 years old)

Hansen, Niels, Mariane, Dorius, John Brown

Hansen, Peter

Hansen, Rebekka (died Aug. 16, aged 43), Hans P. (died Aug. 24, aged 19), Marie C. (or Maren K.), Nikoline, Nils R., Johanne, Mariane C.

Hardy, George, Ann and 1 child

Hendricksen, Lars, Josephine

Horn, Thomas

Isaksen, Gustav

Jakobsen, Bodel (died Aug. 22, aged 28 years)

Jakobsen, Jens

Jakobsen, Marie

Jensen, Catherine Margrethe, Jens, Petrea

Jensen, Elizabeth (died Aug. 15, aged 13 years)

Jensen, Hans (died Aug. 20th, aged 42)

Jensen, Jens L. and 1 child, Stine

Jensen, Johanna

Jensen, Johanne

Jensen, Lars S. (died Aug. 21), Katrine (died Aug. 19, aged 52), Marie, Inger, Jensine

Jensen, Peter

Jensen, Thomas C., Karen M., Johanne, Chris. Julius, Niels Peter, Ane Mathilda

Jespersen, Lars, Karen, Marie, Jesper

Johnson, Andreas, Hannah and 3 children

Jorgensen, Jorgen, Jorgen E. (died Sept. 25, aged 33), Wilhelm

Keep, James Joseph, Ann, Sarah (baby), Ruth, Maria Jane

Keeting, Elizabeth

Kling, Herman W., Matilda

Lansaw, Emma M.

Larsen, Ane

Larsen, Else Marg.

Larsen, Jens, Annie Marie (died Aug. 33 years old), Lars P. (died Aug. 13, 13 years old), Ane C.

Larsen, Peter

Lund, Johanne, Axel

Lund, Laura, Hulda

Lund, Morten (returning missionary)

Madsen, Henning, Katrine (died Oct. 17, aged 46?), Peter, Rasmus, Johanne, Christine

Madsen, Marie and 1 child

Matiesen, Julius and 2 children

Mortsensen, Johanne

Myrup, Lars
Myrup, Mariane

Nielsen, Carl Edw., August (died Aug. 20, aged 12)

Nielsen, Hans

Nielsen, Inger, Severine, Hannah

Nielsen, Karen Christine (died Aug. 16, aged 25 years), Mary Josephine (died Aug. 17, aged 3 months)

Nielsen, Lars P.

Nielsen, Marie, Lars, Marie, Rebekka, Johanna C., Lauritz Alma (died Sept. 7, 4 months old)

Nielsen, Nikokine, Christine, Brighamine, Josphine, Emma, Alma

Nielsen, Nikolai, Marie (died Aug. 22, aged 36)

Nielsen, Peter C., Magdalena, Rosanna, Johan, Thora

Nielsen, Svend P., Marie C.

Olsen, Carol

Olsen, Else Marie (died Sept. 26, aged 45), Nikoline, Nilsine, Karen K.

Olsen, Fred.

Olsen, Jens

Olsen, Josphine, Severine (died in August, 12 yrs. old)

Olsen, Soren

Peacock, Fiullis, Martha

Petersen, Ane Marie (died Aug. 31, auged 46), Marie, Peter and Jens (traveled with Lars Hendricksen)

Petersen, Bred Else

Petersen, Christine, Sine (died Aug. 16, aged 24)

Petersen, Hans Jorgen, Hanne Christine, Fred. Hyrum

Petersen, Peter (died Aug. 17, age 35), Marie, Chrisitne M., Antomine, Joseph G., P.P. Pratt (died Aug. 16, aged 2 years)

Poulsen, Chr., Else

Rasmussen, Erik, Karen (died Aug. 13, aged 25 years)

Rasmussen, Jens, Mariane (died Aug. 19, aged 65), Hans P., Karen

Rasmussen, Johanne M., Erik, Katrine (died Aug. 13, age 25)

Rasmussen, Maraine Johanne

Rondquist, Carl F., Gustave

Ronquist, Carl, Sine Sophie and 2 children

Sanderseen, Sander, Nicholine M., Christianse, Otte Marie, Christian, Emma, Frederikke, Ammon or Edmond, Johannes Alma (died Aug. 28, aged 4 years), Neils Jakob (died Aug. 15 aged 9 years), Christian (brother's child)

Stones, John E., John, Mary

Thomsen, Anne C.

Warnick, August, Marie, Augusta (infant, died Sept. 23), Carl P.

Watt, Robert


Leonard G. Rice Company (No roster)


John R. Murdock Company (No roster)

Horton D. Haight Company (No roster)

John G. Holman Company (Journal History, 25 Sep 1868 or Deseret News, Volume 17, page 266)

Andersen, Carl L. Andersen

Andersen, Christen and Christine and one child

Andersen, Emil

Andersen, Peder

Anderseon, Sven

Anderson, Assarina

Anderson, Gustaf and one child

Anderson, Hans

Anderson, Hans, Inger

Anderson, Jans, Cecilia and four children

Asmussen, Carl (returning missionary)

Baierholm, Ole

Bancroft, William and Mary

Bancroft, William Jun.

Barber, Thomas, Eliza

Beard, Elizabeth and George

Bird, Mariane

Bishop, George

Blom, Anne

Bohr, Clus

Bridge, Mary Leth

Burton, William, Hannah and seven children

Carlsen, Johan

Carlsen, Jorgen, Else and two children

Christensen, Christine

Christensen, Hans

Christensen, Ingeborg

Christensen, Marie and two children

Christensen, Peder and Jens

Christensen, Stine Mathilde

Christensen, Anne and two children

Christensen, Jens Christian and two children

Christensen, Ann Dorthe and Nielsine

Christensen, Andreas, Johanna and two children

Christensen, Hans

Christensen, Jorgen, Mariane and four children

Christensen, Mette M.

Christoffersen, Hans, Johanna

Christoffersen, Lars

Christoffersen, Anne Marie

Cleinmensen, Pedear, Christiane and 1 child

Collins, Mariane

Cook, Thomas, Elisabeth and one child

Cooper, Mary

Cramer, Helmut

Cramer, Herman, Pernille and three children

Dahl, Augusta

Dardin, Joseph, Nancy

Day, John

Easthope, John and Sarah

Engebrekston, Henrik, Bolette and five children

Fagerberg, John (returning missionary)

Findley, John

Frederiksen, Anne Kirstine

Fugl, Christan and Stine and three children

Funk, Jacob A.

Giles, George and three children

Gosver, J.C.A., Maria and one child

Greco, J.S.

Gregersen, Stine

Gregorsen, Kirstine

Gundersen, Lars

Gunnison, Torgny and four children

Gylennskoyr, Hanna, Eva

Hals, Hans Jensen (returning missionary)

Hanse, Maren S.

Hansen, Anne

Hansen, Christen

Hansen, Hans Soren

Hansen, Hansine

Hansen, Henrick, Anna and three children

Hansen, Herik, Stine

Hansen, Inger Marie

Hansen, Johanna

Hansen, Karen

Hansen, Karen

Hansen, Lars

Hansen, Mathilde, Caroline

Hansen, Niels, Marie

Hansen, Ole and Ane and three children

Hansen, Peder (returning missionary)

Hansen, Petronella and one child

Hansen, Rasmus

Hansen, RAsmus

Hansen, Stine and Birgette

Haugaared, Karen

Hausen, Johanna, Kirsten

Hirst, John and six children

Hunger, Gustave E. and Jacobine and one child

Hyllested, Karen and two children

Israelsen, Mare and three children

Iversen, Karen

Jacobsen, Anne and two children

Jacobsen, Mads, Else, and six children

Jacobson, Pehr, Elna and one child

Janson, Elman and three children

Jensen, Birgitte, and two children

Jensen, Dorthea

Jensen, Hans C., Karen

Jensen, Hans, Maren

Jensen, Hans, Maren and one child

Jensen, Kirsten

Jensen, Lars and Anne Sophia and six children

Jensen, Maren

Jensen, Marie

Jensen, Marie, Emilie

Jensen, Marie, Neils

Jensen, Mikkel, Karen and five children

Jensen, Niels

Jensen, Nils Peder

Jensen, Olse

Jensen, Peder, Christen, Stine and Otto

Jensen, Peder, Jens

Jensen, Sorine

Jensen, Stine

Jensen, Stine, Soren and three children

Jeppson, Hannah

Johansen, Johan and one child

Johansen, Johannes, Mette

Johansen, Peder and Kare and two children

Johnsen, Otto and Charlotte

Johnsen, Johanna

Johnson, Elna

Jonson, Christen, Marie and one child

Jonson, Pehr

Jorgensen, Hans, Marie and three children

Jorgensen, Jorgen

Jorgensen, Wilhelmine

Jorgenseon, Hans

Jeppesen, Jens, Marie and two children

Karstesen, Marie and two children

Kaysen, Frederik

Keir, David and Agnes and one child

Kjoer, Mads

Knudsen, Johanna

Kofod, Hans

Kull, Karoline

Landin, Harald

Larsen, Anders (returning missionary)

Larsen, Bent and Ole

Larsen, Hans and Anne and two children

Larsen, Karen and one child

Larsne, Morten

Larson, Jens, Margrethe

Larson, Niels, Sisse

Larson, Olof, Sisse and four children

Liljeroth, Carl

Lind, Mariane, Jenas and five children

Ljungquist, Anders, Johanna nad two children

Lofgren, Anders

Lund, Christine

Lund, Christian

Lund, Chritan P. and Marie and five children

Lüsberg, Ane and six children

Madsen, Anders and Marie and four children

Madsen, Anders, Annie Marie and two children

Madsen, Morten

Malinson, Thomas, Sariane

Marker, Cecilia and two children

Matsen, Manna

Mattson, Lars

Mauntell, Anna Meyer, Christian, and two sons

Mikkelsen, Jens and Christiane and two children

Moretnson, Anders, Karna and two chldren

Nielsen, Anee R.

Nielsen, Annie Marie

Nielsen, Christen and Johanne

Nielsen, Dorthea

Nielsen, Hans, Jensine and one child

Nielsen, Jacob, Ellen and four children

Nielsen, Jensine and four children

Nielsen, Johan, Inger and one child

Nielsen, Julane

Nielsen, Karen

Nielsen, Karen

Nielsen, Lars

Nielsen, Lars, Mare and one child

Nielsen, Maren

Nielsen, Mariane and one child

Nielsen, Marie and two two children

Nielsen, Marine

Nielsen, Mons

Nielsen, Morten

Nielsen, Niels, Hanna

Nielsen, Nils P. and Margarethe and one child

Nielsen, Nilsine

Nielsen, Ole and Johanne Nielsen

Nielsen, Ole, Birthie and one child

Nielsen, Peder and Caroline and five children

Nielsen, Peder, Mette M. and three children

Nielsen, Rasmus

Nielsen, Soren, Amilia and four children

Nielsen, Else, Dorthea

Nilsen, Peder, Jensine

Nissen, Hans A.

Nüm, Caroline

Olsen, Carl, Marie

Olsen, Johan, Maren

Olsen, Johannes and Johanna and two children

Olsen, Lars, Annie and one child

Olsen, Marie and one child

Olsen, Niels

Olsen, Olse, Juli

Olsen, Stine

Olson, Elan and three children

Olson, Jorgen, Kirsten and three children

Olson, Morten

Olson, Niels

Ostergaard, C. and Anne, and one child

Ostermann, Jens, Caroline and two children

Parry, Frederick, Elizabeth and one child

Pedersen, Anne

Pedersen, Anne M.

Pedersen, Anne Margrethe

Pedersen, Christian

Pedersen, Hans P.

Pedersen, Jacob, Anne

Pedersen, Jens, Hans

Pedersen, Maren

Pedersen, Marie and two children

Pedersen, Maron

Pedersen, Mikkel, Dorthea and one child

Pedersen, Morgens, Sigrid

Pedersen, Niels P.

Pedersen, Peder and Petrine aon one child

Pedersen, Soren

Pedersen, Trine, Marie

Pederson, Niels, Else and one child

Pehrson, Phol, Anne

Porter, Ellen and three children

Poulsen, Niels C.

Poulson, Christian

Pouslsen, August and two children

Randel, John, Rosuanna

Raphaelsen, Rasmus and Johanne

Rasmussen, Margrete and two children

Rasmussen, Marie

Rasmussmen, Margrethe and three children

Richards, Christian, and Emil

Robinson, Andrew

Roos, Johannas

Sammelsen, Theodor, Frederikke and one child

Samuelsen, Anne

Sarnum, Frantz, Elizabeth Warnum and five children

Sateson, Ebba

Sharp, John Jun., and Anne

Sharp, John, Elizabeth and one child

Skoldebrand, John and Eliza

Smith H.

Smith John

Smith, George

Soderberg, G.

Sorensen, Hans, Maren

Stanford, Mary

Stenfildt, L.M.

Stuard, Samuel, Isabella and four children

Svendsen, Jens

Svensen, Kjersten

Svenson, Niels and Permilla

Sward, Anders, Inger

Tanbmann, Ernst

Taylor, Hanna

Tegen, Christiane, and two children

Thomsen, Else

Thorsen, Erik, Saine

Thorsen, Lauritz

Thorsen, Marie

Thuelson, Niels and Hanna and one child

Tolbo, Hanna

Tyregaard, Henritte, and two children

Wahlgren, Medvig

Walker, J. (returning missionary)

Walter, Marma

Wardle, William

Weiby, Maren and two children

Westergaard, Anne K.

Westersen, Anders

Williams, Rachel

FC Anderson Group Deseret News October 19, 1868

FC Anderson Group - Emigrants who remained behind at Ward Island Hospital

Deseret News, October 19, 1868
The following list of persons now enroute for Salt Lake City.....

We left New York on Saturday 7:30 PM and arrived at this place (Albany, NY) the morning following. The greater portion of our little company, having been detained at New York on account of sickness, have much improved, but yet, more or less suffer from weakness. Through careful attendance and our united faith, we trust all will be sufficiently strengthened by the Lord to reach our friends and destined home. Yours respectfully, F.C. Anderson

Deseret News, October 23, 1868

Echo - Oct. 22 -Will camp near Grass Creek to-night. We expect to reach the city on Saturday. F.C. Anderson

Deseret News, October 24, 1868

The immigrants who were detained behind by sickness got in today about 11 o'clock, with the teams sent for them. They were about 60 in number and wre in charge of Elder F.C. Anderson, returning missionary. One died coming into the city; two are still sick; the rest in good health and spirits.

Deseret News, October 28, 1868

Called: - We received a call this morning from Elder F.C. Anderson, just returned from a mission to Europe. elder Anderson left Utah in May 1865, reached Liverpool in the early part of August and was appointed to labor in the Scandinavian mission. a few months afterwards he was appointed to preside over the Edinburgh Conference, and subsequently over the Bristol Conference; where he continued until last May, when he was released to return home. On arriving in New York he assisted in forwarding the various companies of emigrants to the terminus and was afterwards left to look after those who were detained, through sickness at Ward's Island hospital. The company were released from the hospital on the 3rd inst. (Oct) and started for the terminus, arriving there on the 13th, being rreated with marked respect and consideration by the railway officials along the entire line. One of his company named Christian Petersen, was unavoidably left behind at New York. He had the misfortune to break his leg while crossing the Atlantic on board the Emerald Isle and though in a fair way of recovery, it was not deemed prudent for him to rish the journey this season.
(Deseret News, October 19, 1868 The following is a list of persons now en route for Salt Lake City...)

Anderson Anna C.

Anderson, Caroline

Anderson, Karen and Jens

Bird, Ann, Ann, Mary and Hyrum

Carlson, John

Christensen, Bergetta

Cramer, Pernilla

Gibbs, G. F. (from Liverpool office)

Hanse, Peder, Bodil and Jens

Jensen, Baren

Jensen, Margaret

Jensen,Niels, C. Johanna, Christen and Neilsen

Johansen, Karen, Soren, and Jens N.

Leo, Joseph H. (returning missionary)

Ludvigsen, Emilurs

Nebel, Johan P. Anna and Kail M.

Neilsen, Ellen

Neilsen, Hanna

Olsen, Anna S.

Olsen, Dorthea

Petersen, Christian - left behind in NY due to broken leg which occured aboard Emerald Isle ship.

Price, william C. and Rhoda

Rasmussen, German and Wilchlmine

Rassmussen, Sidse M., Ingar, Hans and Lars

Sander, Christopher, Nicholine and Anna

Shair, Johanna

Sorensen, Metta S.

Startup, William and Harriet

Swendsen, Pernilla

Thorsted, Jens B. and Dorsina

Tolbo, Niels

Widerborg, Maria and Carl

Wilkie, Samuel, Ann, Eliza, Mary Ann, Alice, Lydia and Sarah

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