Unknown Family
Binomial Nomenclature


Unknown #1

Autumn Onion?
Near South Fork of Ogden River near Highway 39.

Allium stellatum?
Onehead sunflower Helianthella uniflora

Unknown #11

Found growing at about 6300 feet on an exposed rocky ridge at North Ogden pass.  The plant is fairly short coming up only a few inches off the ground.

Unknown #13

I thought this might be some sort of parsley, however the leaves do not look like most in the parsley family.  This was taken at over 7000 feet near Tony Grove Lake, which is nearby Logan, Utah.

Unknown #14

Definitely in the Pea family, but what is it?    I have seen these in several places.  These plants tend to favor the shady areas from what I could tell.

Lathyrus leucanthus?
Unknown #16

I thought this just might be another variation of Paintbrush, however I am not sure.

Unknown #17

This plant was very low to ground at found at the top of Monte Cristo off Highway 39.  This was found at about 8500+ feet 

Unknown #20

These were found off Highway U-24 on the eastern side of the Capitol Reef National Park. 

Black Medic
Medicago lupulina

Unknown #24
Found in foothills above Weber State University.

Wavyleaf Thistle
Cirsium undulatum

Unknown #29

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