Adam God

Section 4

Quotations Dealing with the Relationship of Our

First Earthy Parents

to Our Heavenly Parents


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"Concepts & Quotations Dealing with the Origin, Identity & Position of Adam & Eve"

151. J. D. 18:258-59; President Brigham Young; Semi-Annual Conference of the Church, Tabernacle, Salt Lake City; October 8, 1876.

Spirits were begotten, born and educated in the celestial world, and were brought forth by celestial bodies.

These spirits I shall leave for the present, and refer to our first parents, Adam and Eve, who were found in the Garden of Eden, tempted and overcome by the power of evil, and consequently subject to evil and sin, which was the penalty of their transgression. They were now prepared, as we are, to form bodies or tabernacles for the reception of pure and holy spirits * * *--- when the mother feels life there is an evidence that the spirit from heaven has entered the tabernacle. * * *

Having fought the good fight. . .then will they become gods, even the sons of God; then will they become eternal fathers, eternal mothers, eternal sons and eternal daughters; being eternal in their organization, they go from glory to glory, from power to power; they will never cease to increase and to multiply world's without end. When they receive their crowns, their dominions, they then will be prepared to frame earth's like unto ours and to people them in the same manner as we have been brought forth by our parents, by our Father and God.

I have often remarked that if the Latter-day Saints and all the world understood the philosophy of their own being, they would bow in humble reverence to him who is the Author of our being and the author of all wisdom and all knowledge known among the children of men.

152. L. John Nuttall Papers; BYU Special Collections, Mss 188, Letterpress copy book #4, p. 290.


---* * *---

In January 1877, shortly after the lower portion of the St. George Temple was dedicated, President Brigham Young, in following up in the Endowments written, became convinced that it was necessary to have the formula of the Endowments written, and he gave directions to have the same put in writing.

Shortly afterwards he explained what the Lecture at the Veil should portray, and for this purpose appointed a day when he would personally deliver the Lecture at the Veil. Elder J. D.T. McAllister and L. John Nuttall prepared writing material, and as the President spoke they took down his words. Elder Nuttall put the same into form and the writing was submitted to President Young on the same evening at his office in residence at St. George. He there made such changes as he deemed proper, and when he finally passed upon it said: This is the Lecture at the Veil to be observed in the Temple.

A copy of the Lecture is kept at the St. George Temple, in which President Young refers to Adam in his creation &c.

/s/ L. John Nuttall

For Presidents W. Woodruff

Geo. Q. Cannon

Jos. F. Smith

June 3, 1892

Salt Lake City

153. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; Church Archives; 1 February 1877.

...President [Brigham Young] was present and delivered a lecture at the veil some 30 attndg (sp. attending)

154. John Lyman Smith Journal; BYU Special Collections; Photocopy of holograph; Thurs. 1 [February 1877].

Worked at Temple giving Endowments all da. (sp. day) Took thro (sp. through) 671 B.Y. Lectured.

155. Journal of L. John Nuttall; BYU Special Collections; Pres. Brigham Young; delivered in St. George; Wed., Feb. 7, 1877. Was the first draft of the Lecture at the Veil. Brother L. John Nuttall was the private secretary to President Brigham Young until his (Brigham's) death in 1877. He then became the private secretary to President John Taylor (1879-1887) and again to President Wilford Woodruff (1887-1892).

In the creation the Gods entered into an agreement about forming this earth. & putting Michael or Adam upon it. these things of which I have been speaking are what are termed the mysteries of godliness but they will enable you to understand the expression of Jesus made while in Jerusalem. This is life eternal that they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent. We were once acquainited [acquainted] with the Gods & lived with them but we had the privilige of taking upon us flesh that the spirit might have a house to dwell in. we did so and forgot all and came into the world not recollecting anything of which we had previously learned. We have heard a great deal about Adam and Eve. how they were formed &c some think he was made like an adobie and the Lord breathed into him the breath of life. for we read "from dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return" Well he was made of the dust of the earth but not of this earth. he was made just the same way you and I are made but on another earth. Adam was an immortal being when he came. on this earth he had lived on an earth similar to ours he had received the Priesthood and the Keys thereof. and had been faithful in all things and gained his resurrection and his exaltation and was crowned with glory immortality and eternal lives and was numbered with the Gods for such he became through his faithfulness. and had begotten all the spirit that was to come to this earth. and Eve our common Mother who is the mother of all living bore those spirits in the celestial world. and when this earth was organized by Elohim. Jehovah & Michael who is Adam our common Father. Adam & Eve had the privilege to continue the work of Progression. consequently came to this earth and commenced the great work of forming tabernacles for those spirits to dwell in. and when Adam and those that assisted him had completed this Kingdom our earth he came to it. and slept and forgot all and became like an Infant child. it is said by Moses the historian that the Lord caused a deep sleep to come upon Adam and took from his side a rib and formed the woman that Adam called Eve-this should be interpreted that the Man Adam like all other Men had the seed within him to propagate his species. but not the Woman. she conceives the seed but she does not produce it. consequently she was taken from the side or bowels of her father. this explains the mystery of Moses's dark sayings in regard to Adam and Eve. Adam & Eve when they were placed on this earth were immortal beings with flesh. bones and sinews. but upon partaking of the fruits of the earth while in the garden and cultivating the ground their bodies became changed from immortal to mortal beings with the blood coursing through their veins as the action of life. Adam was not under transgression until after he partook of the forbidden fruit that was nesesary (sp. necessary) that they might be together that man might be. the woman was found in transgression not the Man- Now in the law of Sacrifice we have the promise of a Savior and man had the privilege and showed forth his obedience by offering of the first fruits of the earth and the firstlings of the flocks- this as a showing that Jesus would come and shed his blood

[Four lines without any writing on them.]

Father Adam's oldest son (Jesus the Saviour) who is the heir of the family is Father Adams first begotten in the spirit World. who according to the flesh is the only begotten as it is written. (In his divinity he having gone back into the spirit World. and come in the spirit [glory] to Mary and she conceived for when Adam and Eve got through with their Work in this earth. they did not lay their bodies down in the dust, but returned to the spirit World from whence they came.

I felt myself much blessed in being permitted to associate with such men and hear such instructions as they savored of life to me-

156. L. John Nuttall Diary; BYU Special Collections; 10-13 February 1877.

10 February 1877:

...with Bro W. Woodruff engaged in writing the lecture for the Endowments to be read to Prest Young spent the eving (sp. evening) at Prest Young's house - did not finish our work.

12 February 1877:

...I wrote on a Mode of Procedure to be observed in the giving of endowments also assisted by Bro J. D. T. McAllister & A H Raleigh - by invitation we all ate supper at the house of Bro Crane - and spent the evening with President Young reading what we had written. he accepted & corrected the same.

13 February 1877:

...At the temple...worked on the Mode of Procedure as I call it - until 6 p.m. at 7 went to Prest Youngs and read over our writing which he approved spent an agreeable evening -

157. J. D. 18:342-343; Orson Pratt; Eighteenth Ward Meeting House, Salt Lake City; Sunday afternoon, February 25, 1877.

This place, Spring Hill, is alluded to by the Lord, in this revelation, as being anciently called Adam-ondi-Ahman, because it is the place where Adam shall come to visit his children, or the place where the Ancient of Days shall sit. . . . We have then an understanding that it was the place where Adam dwelt. Perhaps you may be anxious to know what "Ondi-Ahman" means. It means the place where Adam dwelt. "Ahman" signifies God. The whole term means Valley of God, where Adam dwelt. It is in the original language spoken by Adam, as revealed to the Prophet Joseph.

158. Jans Christian Anderson Weibye Daybooks, Daybook 5th, pp. 20-22; March 1, 1877.

Byron Allred preaches at Manti on Adam as God, with the following remarks in part:

Adam was buried by God (God his Father) and was only dead like a twinkling of an eye, and his God exalted him immediately. Mary was sealed to Adam, and was his wife when she had Jesus. Mary will be the Queen to people another world; Mary was the second wife to Adam; and unless we have two wives, we can never be Gods.

Adam will worship his God and we will worship Adam, and our children will worship us.

159. Women of Mormondom; [This book was written by permission of Brigham Young and was done by Eliza R. Snow, and Elder Edward Tullidge. Tullidge later apostatized into the Godbeite movement.]; March 1877.

"Adam is our Father and God. He is the God of the earth." So says Brigham Young. Adam is the great archangel of this creation. He is Michael. He is the Ancient of Days. He is the father of our elder brother, Jesus Christ---the father of him who shall also come as Messiah to reign. He is the father of the spirits as well as the tabernacles of the sons and daughters of man. Adam! Michael is one of the grand mystical names in the works of creation, redemptions, and resurrections. Jehovah is the second and the higher name. Eloheim--signifying the Gods--is the first name of the celestial trinity. Michael was a celestial, resurrected being, of another world. "In the beginning" the Gods created the heavens and the earths. In their councils they said, let us make man in our own image. So, in the likeness of the Fathers, and the Mothers--the Gods--created they man--male and female. When this earth was prepared for mankind, Michael, as Adam, came down. He brought with him one of his wives, and he called her name Eve. Adam and Eve are the names of the fathers and mothers of worlds. Adam was not made out of a lump of clay, as we make a brick, nor was Eve taken as a rib--a bone--from his side. They came by generation. But woman, as the wife or mate of man, was a rib of man. She was taken from his side, in their glorified world, and brought by him to earth to be the mother of a race. These were father and mother of a world of spirits who had been born to them in heaven. These spirits had been waiting for the grand period of their probation, when they should have bodies or tabernacles, so that they might become, in the resurrection, like Gods. When this earth had become an abode for mankind, with its Garden of Eden, then it was that the morning stars sang together, and the sons and daughters of God shouted for joy. They were coming down to earth. The children of the sun, at least, knew what the grand scheme of the everlasting Fathers and the everlasting Mothers meant, and they, both sons and daughters, shouted for joy. The temple of the eternities shook with their hosannas, and trembled with divine emotions. The father and mother were at length in their Garden of Eden. They came on purpose to fall. They fell "that man might be; and man is, that he "might have joy." They ate of the tree of mortal life, partook of the elements of this earth that they might again become mortal for their children's sake. They fell that another world might have a probation, redemption and resurrection. (pp. 179-180)

God the Father and God the Mother stand, in the grand pre-existing view, as the origin and centre of the spirits of all the generations of mortals who had been tabernacled on this earth. First and noblest of this great family was Jesus Christ, who was the elder brother, in spirit, of the whole human race. These constituted a world-family of pre-existing souls. Brightest among these spirits, and nearest in the circle to our Father and Mother in heaven (the Father being Adam), were Seth, Enoch, Noah and Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus Christ--indeed that glorious cohort of men and women, whose lives have left immortal records in the worlds's history. Among these the Mormon faith would rank Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and their compeers.

* * *

These are the sons and daughters of Adam--the Ancient of Days--the Father and God of the whole human family. These are the sons and daughters of Michael, who is Adam, the father of the spirits of all our race. These are the sons and daughters of Eve, the Mother of a world. What a practical Unitarianism is this! The Christ is not dragged from his heavenly estate, to be mere mortal, but mortals are lifted up to his celestial plane. He is still the God-Man; but he is one among many brethren who are also God-Men. Moreover, Jesus is one of a grand order of Saviours. Every world has its distinctive Saviour, and every dispensation its Christ. There is a glorious Masonic scheme among the Gods. The everlasting orders come down to us with their mystic and official names. The heavens and the earth have a grand leveling; not by pulling down celestial spheres, but by the lifting up of mortal spheres.

* * *

Woman is heiress of the Gods. She is joint heir with her elder brother, Jesus the Christ; but she inherits from her God-Father and her God-Mother. Jesus is the "beloved" of that Father and Mother--their well-tried Son, chosen to work out the salvation and exaltation of the whole human family. And shall it not be said then that the subject rises from the God-Father to the God- Mother? Surely it is a rising in the sense of the culmination of the divine idea. The God-Father is not robbed of his everlasting glory by this maternal completion of himself. It is an expansion both of deity and humanity. They twain are one God! The supreme Unitarian conception is here; the God-Father and the God-Mother! The grand unity of God is in them--in the divine Fatherhood and the divine Motherhood--the very beginning and consummation of creation. Not in the God-Father and the God-Son can the unity of the heavens and the earths be worked out; neither with any logic of facts nor of idealities. In them the Masonic trinities; in the everlasting Fathers and the everlasting Mothers the unities of creations. Our Mother in heaven is decidedly a new revelation, as beautiful and delicate to the masculine sense of the race as it is just and exalting to the feminine. (pp. 190-193)

160. "The Ultimatum of Human Life", from Poems Religious, Historical and Political, Vol. 2:8-9; Eliza R. Snow; 1877.

Joseph Smith say that Adam was the Ancient of Days spoken of by Daniel You cannot get blessings only through the organized priesthood and when there was not an organized Church on the earth there was not priesthood & this power referred to the conferring the power of Elijah's priesthood to Elisha.

Joseph traced the Priesthood from Adam to Peter, Ja & John - they to Joseph & all who have held a portion of the priesthood would have to give an account of their stewardship or Priesthood to the one from whom they received it - [p. 2; backside of the same sheet]

Rendering up an account of your stewardship to the one that preceded you - but you do not give up your priesthood Adam heard the voice of the Lord walking in the garden. Adam had a God then . . . (sic)

Cain heard the voice of the Lord who enquired after Abel -

referred to Peter Jas & John conferring the Mel Prt on Jos Smith Moses who conferred the spirit of gathering - Elijah the sealing of the fathers & when we get to God our Father we are told to approach him in the name of Jesus Adam is the father of our bodies who is to say he is not the Father of our spirits.

Present Pres Taylor CCR. F.D.R. & W L Johnson Jr.

162. "Minutes of the High Priests Quorum", p. 86; Box Elder Stake; February 24, 1880.

Pres. Jensen referred to the condition of some of the High Priests in the Malad Ward who were contending one with another concerning some point of doctrine, which they did not understand. The point in dispute being, was Adam our God, some taking the affirmation and some the negative of the question. This was not right. We ought to allow these matters to rest until our minds were better informed regarding them. Contention leads to strife and ill feelings and eventually into apostasy. Hence how careful we ought to be in these regards.

163. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; January 19, 1881.

...O Pratt was very feeble yet we all performed the ordinance of washing our feet against our enemies and the enemies of the Kingdom of God according to the commandment of God unto us. * * * This is the last time that the Apostle Orson Pratt will ever in this life officiate in an important ceremony in the church & probably the same with Charles C. Rich.

164. Masterful Discourses of Orson Pratt, p. 346; Salt Lake City, Utah; October 3, 1881.

... and you will fall asleep in peace, having made sure your salvation, and having done your duty well, like those whose funeral sermon we are preaching this morning; and thus you will fall asleep, with a full assurance that you will come up in the morning of the first resurrection with an immortal body like unto which Adam had before he partook of the forbidden fruit. This is the promise to them that fall asleep in Jesus.

165. Journal of Charles L. Walker, p. 39; BYU Library; April 16, 1882.

(St. George). Father Jno L. Lytle gave a very interesting account of his early experiences in the church, his travels with the Prophet Joseph and of his telling them how Father Adam chased the game and outstripped them and caught them, and his knee was never brought to the ground so great was his strength, and also showed the spot where Adam offered up sacrifice in Adam-ondi-Ahman.

166. Journal of Oliver B. Huntington, p. 207.

Joseph Smith said that our old Father Adam was such a perfect man great and stout, that he never stumbled or fell a joint to the ground. This was said in the hearing of Dimick Huntington.

167. J. D. 25:155; George Q. Cannon; Delivered in Salt Lake Tabernacle, Salt Lake Stake Quarterly Conference; Sunday Evening, May 4, 1884.

My brethren and sisters, it is a glorious truth that has been taught to us, that we are literally the children of God, that we are his literal descendants, as Jesus was literally descended from Him, and that He is our Father as much as our earthly parent is our father, and we can go to Him with a feeling of nearness, knowing this, understanding it by the revelations which God has given to us.

168. Letter to Pres. John Taylor from Scott Anderson; Salt Lake City; Sept 22nd 1884.

President John Taylor


Duty imperatively demands that as I am about to withdraw from the Church over which you preside I make known to you and to all whom it may concern the reasons which have compelled me to take this step.

When I joined the Mormon Church a little over 5 years ago I believed implicitly as I do now that the Bible was the word of God and the Rule of Faith and while the "Book of Mormon" and "Doctrine and Covenants" were referred to as additional revelation they no where contradicted the Bible but rather established it.

Before joining the Church I became acquainted with Elders Wm. Budge, John Nicholson, Francis Cope, James L. Bunting, and others. Elder Nicholson preached from the Bible only and almost entirely dwelt on what is known as the first principles claiming that these principles were what had been introduced by our Savior and preached by his immediate apostles but that men had wandered away from them and had fallen into darkness & superstition. I had heard a great many things about the Mormons that were nothing to their credit consequently the eminent social qualities and gentlemanly conduct of Elder Cope won my admiration and esteem. I was greatly pleased to find him a monogamist for while I could not deny that many good men in the past had had more wives than one, I never for one moment assented to the idea that there was any virtue in such a proceeding or that it merited or would receive any reward.

I joined your Church on the 20th of May 1879 and during the first 2 years of my membership I faithfully adhered to it and would have given my life to defend it, during all this time I never heard of Adam being God, never heard of Blood Atonement, never heard of polygamy being required of all men before they could attain to highest glory. Never dreamed that Brigham Young or any one else cooly threw the Bible overboard and preached whatever they pleased which I was bound to accept as the revelations of God. I do not and cannot accuse these men of having told my anything absolutely false, but they certainly withheld the horrible I was in the Church some five years before I heard or knew anything about these things--doctrines against which my soul revolts.

The first shock I received was from Albert Carrington who succeeded William Budge as President of the European Mission. William Budge always appeared to me in the light of a most kind gentlemanly and truly Christian man. It was not unnatural that I should look for all this in a man who was a successor of the twelve apostles of Christ and whose speeches and writings were to be received as Scripture.

Judge my horror and amazement when I found that he constantly used language which I had only heard from the lips of the lowest blackguards and that his conduct generally was something disgraceful. I saw him myself in the presence of several hundred witnesses on board a tugboat in Liverpool conduct himself so disgracefully with a young girl, then a servant in the Mission House, that every Elder present held his head down with shame. I was so disgusted that I almost left the Church then & there. Several of the Elders came to me and assured me that such conduct would not be overlooked, but would be promptly dealt with by the authorities. I believed this, and shortly afterwards left Liverpool to make my way to Utah in obedience to the command to gather. I left behind me a dear old mother, friends, associates, companions, country, everything, and with my family came to Salt Lake. God who alone judgest the hearts of men knows the sincerity and purity of my intentions. I imagined that I had come to the kingdom of God to help to build it up! What did I find? I found that God, the God of the Bible is not even worshiped by the Church over which you preside, the God you worship is Adam. Brigham Young teaches I quote his words, "When our Father Adam came into the Garden of Eden, he came into it with a celestial body and brought Eve one of his wives with him. He is our Father and our God and the ONLY God with whom we have to do." At first I could not bring myself to believe that this doctrine was accepted by the Church, but on careful enquiry found to my horror and astonishment that it was really so. It is true a great many know nothing about it and are simply in ignorance. Those who do know accept it as far more to be relied on than any portion of the Bible, for say they the Bible has been translated over and over again and may be wrong but this is the direct teaching of a Great Prophet.

I reject this as abominable and horrible idolatry and give it as one reason why I cannot remain in your Church.

Then there is the Doctrine of Blood atonement which to me is simply a doctrine of murder. Brigham Young says "I could refer you to plenty of instances where men have been righteously slain in order to atone for their sins." Again he says, "I have seen scores and hundreds of people for whom there would have been a chance if their lives had been taken and their blood spilt upon the ground as a smoking incense to the Almighty." I know of nothing so horrible as this in all the idolatries and superstitions which have cursed the human race, and it would of itself be reason more than sufficient for my withdrawal from your Church. But there are many more, far too many to mention in this letter but I will refer to a few.

As I have shown Adam is made God but you do not give him much power or rather leave him much for you do teach that he has given you the power to wield, that however matters little you hold it and he has parted with it. that is my point you teach that. If a faithful son of Adam's is called behind the vail (sp. veil) and has no priesthood God (Adam) cannot give him any. He must wait until he gets it from the earth where you have all the power. If he has no wife or wives (and you teach that he must have at least three or he cannot have the highest glory) God (Adam) is utterly unable to help him You have the keys and he must wait your leisure and pleasure.

In fact you teach that you have the power to make a God "who shall pass by the angels and the Gods" whereas God according to Mormonism can only make an angel (servant) and scarcely that without your permission. This to me is a mockery and silly superstition and I unhesitatingly reject it. I know many members of your Church whose sincerity to do not doubt and who are very good people. But generally speaking I never saw so much hypocrisy in my life as I have seen since I came to Salt Lake City. You profess to have a direct revelation from God commanding you to do no work on Sunday. But you and the people generally are steeped in Sabbath breaking. Shortly after I arrived in the city I found the Theatre open on Sunday and Bishop O. F. Whitney and a number of members of the Church rehearsing plays that they were going to perform at Conference for money. I found that here and in other parts of the Territory rehearsals are commonly held in the preaching houses of the wards upon a Sunday--that painters had been sent for by yourself and other leading members of the Church to do work on Sunday and that the business office of the Church is frequently open all that day and your clerks diligently at work. You profess to abhor drinking, smoking and swearing. One of the heaviest smokers in the city is John Smith the patriarch of the whole Church. Members of the Church in full fellowship keep saloons, and the Church organ the "Deseret News" opens its columns for the advertisements of the lowest dens in the city, and so far as bad language is concerned I say deliberately I have heard more in Salt Lake City from Latter-day Saints in one year than I heard from all the members of other churches with whom I have been acquainted in the whole course of my life. Joseph F. Smith during last conference told the Priesthood meeting that to obey the higher law they must have at least three living wives at one and the same time, and that anything to the contrary was a damned lie. You yourself in the Ogden Tabernacle speaking of what the Gentiles were trying to do said "Who the Devil cares." Surely you do not think I can believe such language from the Holy Spirit of God.

I now request you to erase my name from your books, and only add in conclusion that I have had no quarrel, no dispute, no misunderstanding with any member of your Church. I leave it from conviction and at the call of duty well persuaded that I can meet you or any member of the Church over which you preside at the bar of God and look you in the face before him as an honest man

Yours respectfully,

Scott Anderson

169. Minutes of a Bishops Court. Eleventh Ward School House Tuesday evening Jany 20th 1885.

Prayer was offered by Counselor Joseph H. Felt. The following charge was read.

Salt Lake City, Jany 17th 1885

Bishop Alexander McRae

Dear Brother

We the undersigned prefer a charge against Brother Scott Anderson for Apostasy, and ask that you appoint as early a date as practicable for the hearing of the complaint; as we understand he is preparing to leave the City permanently.

Your Brethren in the Gospel.

Mark Barnes

Thomas Simons

John Sears

Brother Scott Anderson being present. Bishop A. McRae asked him whether he was guilty of the charge or not. Bro. Anderson said "If my not being in accord with all things in the Church makes me guilty, then I am guilty."

Bp. McRae. Do you still hold to the sentiments expressed in your letter to Prest Taylor. (copy of same accompanies this) Bro Anderson said, That portion that alludes to doctrine I still adhere to but not to that referring to persons.

Bp. McRae said It is in consequence of the statement you made in your letter to Prest Taylor dissenting from the Church of the Latter Day Saints that we have cited you to appear before us here tonight you being a member of this Ward it is our duty to inquire into the matter. Bro Anderson said I have no desire to enter into any controversy, but will say that since being in Salt Lake I have been treated with the greatest of courtesy and kindness by both man woman and child: do not wish to enter into any details; except that if I was in the Bishops place I should do as he is doing in a similar case.

Bishop A. McRae said Our decision is that you be disfellowshipped from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for apostasy. Brother Anderson said "he anticipated that such would be the case and immediately left the house.

Alexander McRae Bp. 11th Ward Joseph H. Felt Counselors

Robt. Morris

Per John Coulam Clerk

170. Contributor, Vol 6, pp. 76-78; "Our Father and God", J. F. Gibbs; c. 1885.

* * * To the intelligent Latter-day Saint it [the phrase, "Our FATHER which art in Heaven"] emits a world of light and comfort. It enunciates a principle that indissolubly links the immortal past to the mortal present, and this life to the glorious and infinite future.

* * *

. . . The spirit could not be perfect without the body--could not answer the great object of its existence, and therefore, this same infinite power that called it into being and provided for its occupation a tangible body will surely at the appointed time call the atoms that formed the mortal casket from their resting place. . . .

* * *

. . . Having, while on earth complied with the requirements of the Father in relation to Celestial Marriage, he is thus qualified to become a "Father of spirits," and his immortal wives become the mothers of spirits, thus obeying the only and eternal law of reproduction.

. . . he is placed upon it [the world] and with his wives repeats the history of man on this and other planets.

The Being that has organized the world; and placed upon it the germs of animated nature; is the one most entitled to furnish mortal bodies for his spiritual children. And when the great drama of life is finished and he with his children are redeemed and glorified, is he not entitled, as the head of an innumerable posterity, to be recognized as a Father and God to those that will rise up and call Him blessed? Is there anything inconsistent or unphilosophic in the doctrine that eternal progression will eventually exalt human beings to the godhead? The reverse would be illogical, no other reason for man's existence can be adduced. In this way only can he be of service in increasing the glory of his Father and God to whom forever he will be a grateful and venerating son and subject.

171. J. D. 26:115; Elder H. W. Naisbitt; Great Salt Lake Tabernacle; Sunday afternoon, March 8, 1885.

The scriptures give an account simply of the woman Eve; declaring that this name was given her of Adam, because she was "the mother of all living;" but outside of biblical record there has been handed down from time immemorial the idea that Adam had two wives, the narrators go so far, or rather so near perfecting the tradition so as to give their names, Lilith being said to be the name of one as Eve was the name of the other, and while it may be difficult to harmonize all the Rabbinical and Talmudic versions of this matter, it is said that Joseph Smith the Prophet taught that Adam had two wives.

172. Epistle to the Church; President John Taylor; April, 1885.

Who are women? The mothers of the whole human family. They are the mothers of the whole human family. Adam was the first flesh upon the earth, and it is an office in the Priesthood. Eve was the first woman, and it is also an office in the Priesthood and should be translated "eternal lives."

173. History of Wels August Nelson, p. 41; 1885. (Scott Anderson talks about Brigham Young and the other authorities talking about it. It is Anderson's Bishop's Court.)

. . . The first question for me to solve was regarding my future inheritance. I had heard preached varied thoughts, but they did not give a logical connection. My wife and I had read the scriptures together, but still I was not satisfied. One morning about three or four, a vision of the pre-existence, and the future was shown me. It was all so clear. My parents were my brother and sister. They were simply a medium in helping God (which is Adam) in bringing his children from the spirit to the mortal stage. This is necessary that we might have the opportunity to being celestial beings like the Father. If I could so conduct myself in this stage of action, to be worthy of the celestial kingdom with eternal increase, then and only then, would I gain an inheritance of my own to be as a Father Adam, and my wife, a mother Eve. Failing this I would forever inherit in connection with others of my brethren and sisters, one of the three glories eternally without increase, hence no need of an individual inheritance. Perfection and Celestial Glory of God are definite terms, the end of all human attainment. While we become fathers and grandparents a hundred times in this world, the highest possible attainment is celestial glory with eternal increase. I know the Redeemer to be the senior of Adam, where or from whence the Prototype provides Redeemers for each planet, is not material to us in this sphere of action. All intelligence comes from the Prototype. There is not intelligence where or beyond the first (first in inconceivable) intelligible. God is not eternally progressing in the sense that we understand it. He is the same today and forever, unchangeable. He is forever increasing in heirs and worlds numerically, but one eternal circle intelligently. With this information I asked the Lord to send my way all the experiences necessary for me to attain an individual inheritance, which in itself includes eternal increase and Godhood.

174. Contributor, Vol 8:218; "Biblical Cosmogony", Thomas W. Brookbank, early pioneer; April 1887.

* * * Since our great progenitor, Adam, figures in many phases of life to which none of us have yet attained, the first portion of the parallel [between the history of man and the history of the earth], to make it more complete, will be founded upon facts connected with his history.

* * *

Before Adam fell he was a resurrected man, that is, his physical body had been disorganized, and then reorganized.---The Apostle Peter tells us plainly that this earth is to be dissolved, after which a new world is to be organized. It will be resurrected as Adam was.

Between the time of Adam's resurrection and his fall afterwards, he must have enjoyed a season of rest and peace.---the Millennium which is to give the earth a rest of a thousand years, is the corresponding state in the world's history.

175. Deseret Weekly, 38:389; Wilford Woodruff; March 3, 1889.


The Prophet Joseph taught us that father Adam was the first man on the earth to whom God gave the keys of the everlasting priesthood. He held the keys of the presidency, and was the first man who did hold them. Noah stood next to him, he being the father of all living in his day, as Adam was in his day. THESE TWO MEN WERE THE FIRST WHO RECEIVED THE PRIESTHOOD IN THE ETERNAL WORLDS, BEFORE THE WORLDS WERE FORMED. They were the first who received the everlasting priesthood or presidency on the earth. Father Adam stands at the head, so far as this world is concerned. Of course, Jesus Christ is the Great High Priest of the salvation of the human family. But Adam holds those keys in the world today; he will hold them to the endless ages of eternity. And Noah, and every man who has ever held or will hold the keys of presidency of the kingdom of God, from that day until the scene is wound up, will have to stand before Father Adam and give an account unto the lord, of the principles that we have received when our work is done in the flesh.

176. Millennial Star, Vol 51:278; President George Q. Cannon; April 7, 1889.

We believe that we are the literal offspring of Deity. We have descended from the great Being who formed this earth, and from Him we have inherited the glorious aspirations to be like unto Him. . . .

We believe in a God of revelation, who will give more and more light to us til (sp. till) we can become like Him.

We worship the Being who has revealed Himself to us. It was necessary at the outset of this work to have a revelation from Him. There were many erroneous ideas about God, and the first revelation to Joseph Smith was the appearance of the Father and the Son. I have heard that there are some among us who say that both are one person. This is a fallacy. There are two personages, the Father and the Son. God is the Being who walked in the Garden of Eden, and who talked with the Prophets. This revelation came to us in certainty.

177. Journal of Abraham H. Cannon, (Apostle); BYU Library, Special Collections; June 23, 1889.

He (George Q.) believes that Jesus Christ is Jehovah, and that Adam is His Father and our God: that under certain unknown conditions the benefits of the Savior's atonement extend to our entire solar system. . . . He asked me what I understood concerning Mary conceiving the Savior; and as I found no answer, he asked what was to prevent Father Adam from visiting and overshadowing the mother of Jesus. Then said I: "he must have been a resurrected Being." "Yes," said he, "and though Christ is said to have been the first fruits of them that slept, yet the Savior said he did nothing but what He had seen His Father do, for He had power to lay down His life and take it up again. Adam, though made of dust, was made, as President Young said, of the dust of another planet than this." I was very much instructed by the conversation and this days services.

178. The Contributor, Vol 10:265-267; "Man's Relationship to Deity", B. H. Roberts; 1889.

Then came one of the sons of God* [Footnote reads: Lest any one should doubt that Adam was one of the sons of God, I call attention to the verse of Luke, iii chapter; where, in tracing the genealogy of Jesus back to Adam, and coming to Cainan it goes on to say that "he (Cainan) was the son of Enos, which was the son of Seth, which was the son of Adam, which was the son of God."] to the earth--Adam. A garden was planted in Eden and the man placed in it, and there the Lord brought to him every beast of the field and every fowl of the air, and Adam gave names to them all. Afterwards was brought to Adam his wife, whom, since she was derived from man, he named woman; and she became his help-mate, his companion and the mother of his children. In this nothing is hinted at about man being made from the dust, and woman manufactured from a rib, a story which has been a cause of much perplexity to religious people, and a source of much impious merriment to reckless unbelievers. We are informed that the Lord God made every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb before it grew [Footnote: Genesis ii, 4,5.] on our planet. As vegetation was created or made to grow upon some older earth, and the seeds thereof or the plants themselves were brought to our earth and made to grow, so likewise man and his help-meet were brought from some older world to our own, to people it with their children. And though it is said that the "Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground"--it by no means follows that he was "formed" as one might form a brick, or from the dust of this earth. We are all "formed" of the dust of the ground, though instead of being molded as a brick we are brought forth by the natural laws of procreation; so also was Adam and his wife in some older world. And as for the story of the rib, under it I believe the mystery of procreation is hidden.

179. Manuscript History of St. George Stake; Church Historical Department, CR/mh/7836/v. 3. See also Southern Utah Mission Historical Record 1886-1900, Book D. Referred to as the "Annals of the Southern Utah Mission."; Church Historical Department, 84258.

November 8, 1890

Saturday, Nov. 8. High Council of St. George Stake met in St. George Tabernacle, Pres. Ivins stated that he had learned that Father Edward Bunker, of Bunkerville in this Stake had been teaching that some of the ceremonies of the Temple were wrong and erroneous teaching was given in the lecture at the vail (sp. veil). As Elder Myron Abbott, first Councilor to the Bishop at Bunkerville had given some information on this matter, it was decided to learn from him, more definitely in (next page) relation to this matter.

December 13, 1890

Saturday, Dec. 13. High Council of St. George Stake met at St. George Tabernacle. In response to invitation of the Presidency of the Stake, Bishop Edward Bunker, Jr., and Elders Myron Abbott and Jos. I. Earl were present.

Pres. McArthur invited the brethren named to express themselves on the views said to have been expressed in Bunkerville Ward and which are considered by some to be unsound doctrine.

Myron Abbott, counselor to Bishop Edward Bunker, Jr., stated that for a number of years, questions on church teachings have been agitated in Bunkerville Ward. Bishop Bunker had stated he did not believe Adam was our God, and Bishop Bunker had expressed his opinion that some teachings in the Temples were wrong, notably part of the lecture at the vail (sp. veil). That Father Bunker had the same views. Father Bunker stated to him (Bro. Abbott) a number of years ago, that adoption would be of no avail as administered in the Temple. All such work would have to be done over again.

Bp. Edward Bunker, Jr., among other things said: "In regard to the lecture at the vail (sp. veil), in the Temple, it is certainly wrong. It teaches that Eve was an immortal being and was brought here by Adam, 'did not believe this.' That Adam was not a resurrected (next page) being. In answering question of Councilor Cannon, expressed his belief that Adam was the Archangel and that Jehovah and Michael were persons of Spirit; that Eloheim was a person of Tabernacle and the head of all."

After a prolonged second session of the Council, Bp. Edward Bunker and his councilor, Myron Abbott felt that they had done wrong in contending on the subjects referred to.

May 15, 1891

Friday, May 15. The High Council of St. George Stake took up the case of Edward Bunker Sr., of Bunkerville Ward, who had been charged with erroneous views and teachings. Father Bunker's views were brought (next page) to the attention of High Council on the 13th of last December. Since then Father Bunker expressed a desire to submit his views to the Council in writing. This was granted resulting in a statement bearing date "Bunkerville, April 25, 1891 and submitted on ten pages of foolscap. After reading the document and discussion on the case Council decided "that the communication of Edward Bunker on what he believes and does not believe, together with the statement of the causes leading to the investigation which called forth is declaration, also the full action of the Council in this matter be forwarded to the First Presidency of the Church, asking their advice to the proper course for us to take, as the Presidency and High Council of this Stake."

Councilor David H. Cannon moved that the Presidency of the Stake with Councilor James G. Bleak and the clerk of the High Council act as a committee to formulate this statement, carried.

May 22, 1891

Friday, May 22. The following was prepared and subsequently approved by the High Council and forwarded to the First Presidency:

"St. George, May 22, 1891.

To Pres. Wilford Woodruff and Councilors; Brethren:

For some years there has existed a spirit of division on doctrinal points and Church teachings in Bunkerville Ward, this Stake of Zion. It was thought by the gentle corrections and teachings of the Stake Presidency to certain of the disputants, that division would gradually die out and be overcome. Such, we regret to state, has not been the case. Finding the evidences of this division more and more manifest, it was reported to the High Council here at its meeting in November last. By action of the Presidency and High Council, the chief parties to the division were invited to meet with us in council that we might learn more definitely their views.

At our high Council in December last in response to this invitation, Bishop Edward Bunker, Jr. and his councilors Myron Abbott and Jos. I. Earl met with us. Father Edward Bunker being in poor health at the time, could not attend.

Bishop Bunker and his first councilor Myron Abbott, who is also his uncle, being representatives of the diverse and unreconciled views prevailing in the Ward, stated some of their respective differences of belief and teachings.

Upon hearing these brethren it was found that they were each most pronounced in their respective views. (next page)

As a result of the investigation the following was passed as the action of the Council: It is the sense of this Council that it is an error to teach that Adam was not an immortal or resurrected being, when he came to this earth, also, that we pray to Adam as our God; and it is wrong to teach that Adam is one of the Godhead.

Father Edward Bunker was present at High Council in March last, and asked the privilege of expressing his views in writing, upon doctrines and teachings referred to in the December High Council meeting. This was granted. "The written statement has been presented to, and read in, the High Council and the Council has decided to submit it and this whole matter to you." This statement enclosed herewith, sets forth the points upon which the division in Bunkerville Ward is based and we submit it to you with a desire to receive instruction as to what you wish with us as a Presidency and High Council to do in this matter.

There is one thing more: You will notice in the beginning of Father Bunker's statement declaring his views relating to Adam, he uses the words: "That the Council has decided upon as I believe." The only Council action in deciding anything about the points in controversy is embodied in the quoted action of the Council found at the bottom of page two of this letter.

Awaiting your instruction, or decision in this matter.

We remain, dutifully yours,


/s/ A. W. IVINS, Per D. D. MC.A.


180. Journal of Abraham H. Cannon, Vol 16:119; May 26, 1892.

At two o'clock I was at my Quorum meeting where were present all the Presidency and myself, as also Bro. Lyman; Geo. Gibbs, clerk. Bro. Jos. F. Smith was mouth in prayer. Thereafter some conversation followed as to whether Adam is our God or not. There are some in the Church who do not accept of the statement of Pres. Young that such is the case, but to me it seems reasonable to think that Adam has at least much to do with our present condition, and will control greatly our future destiny.

181. Diary of Charles Lowell Walker, Vol II: 740-741; June 11th, 1892. [See also Typescript Copy, pp. 43-44. See also Letter of Bishop Edward Bunker, Jr. to Joseph F. Smith, Feb 9, 1902.]

St. George June 11th, 92 Attended the High Council at which Pres Woodruff presided. G. Q. Cannon was present also and a large body of the leading men of this Stake. Br Edward Bunker Sen. and others of Bunkerville, Nevada, had been advancing false doctrine. One item was, that he, Bunker, thought it was right to worship the intelligence that was in God the Eternal Father and not God, who made all things by the power of his Word. And another was that Adam was made of the dust of the earth contained in the Garden of Eden. He had also advanced some erroneous ideas concerning the resurrection. Pres Woodruff and Cannon showed in a very plain manner that it was right to Worship the true, and the Living God, and Him only, and not the intelligence that dwelt in Him; that His Son Jesus Christ, or Jehovah, never taught such doctrine, but always to worship my Father which is in Heaven, and to always pray to the Father in the name of his Son Jesus Christ. Showed that Adam was an immortal being when he came to this earth and was made the same as all other men and Gods are made; and that the seed of man was of the dust of the earth, and that the continuation of the seeds in a glorified state was Eternal Lives. And after this Mortal tabernacle had crumbled to dust in the grave, that God would, in the time of the resurrection by his Matchless Power, bring together again in the form of a glorified and an immortal to the Righteous to dwell with Him forever. Also that those that were not righteous would also be resurrected, but not with a glorified body. Said it was not wisdom for the Elders to contend about such matters and things they did not understand. And not to teach such things to the children in the Sunday Schools; they could not comprehend them. Pres Woodruff spoke of the false doctrine taught by Amasa Lyman some years ago, viz, that the Atoning blood of Jesus Christ was of no more efficacy than the blood of any other man or that of a Bullock &c. Such false ideas had led him to apostasy and finally out of the church. Also of the false teachings of the late Orson Pratt, one of the Twelve, arguing that every particle of matter which composed the elements had all the attributes of the Deity in it, and that they, i.e., the particles of Matter, by some unaccountable way united together and became God. Pres Woodruff told of Orson's unyielding stubbornness, and of upbraiding the Twelve for not being manly, for not declaring their views the way he looked at it, and branding them as cowards &c &c. Spoke of the firmness of Pres Young in correcting Orson Pratt and setting him aright; Of Orson wishing to resign his position in the Quorum; of Pres. Young saying "No you wont Orson, I'll rub your ears until I get you right;" and had it not been for firmness of Pres Young in maintaining the right, and assiduously laboring and showing him his gross errors, Orson would have been out of the Church. Showed the folly of some men because they cannot look up and prove by the Bible the glorious Revelations that God has given they receive them doubtfully. Showed that God had, and would yet, reveal many glorious things that men could not prove, and Search out of the old Bible. Pres Cannon said that it was not necessary that we should or endorse the doctrine that some men taught that Adam was the Father of Jesus Christ. Counsel was given for the Elders to teach that which they knew, not that which they did not. The Meeting was in session over three hours, and much good counsel was given to the Elders present on these things by Pres Woodruff and Cannon. To me it was a feast for I had been pondering over some of these things of late.

182. Manuscript History of St. George Stake; Church Historical Department, CR/mh/7836/v. 3; June 11, 1892. See also Southern Utah Mission Historical Record 1886-1900, Book D. Referred to as the "Annals of the Southern Utah Mission", Church Historical Department, 84258.

June 11, 1892

Saturday, June 11. High Council of St. George Stake convened at 10 A.M. in St. George Tabernacle. Pres. Daniel D. McArthur Presiding. The Council was favored with the presence of Pres. Wilford Woodruff and his first counselor, Pres. Geo. Q. Cannon. The case of disagreement on points of doctrine between brethren of Bunkerville Ward was called up.

Father Edward Bunker and others from Bunkerville Ward were present[.]

Elder Arthur Winter, clerk of the First Presidency, then read Father Edward Bunker's views on doctrinal points, written April 25, 1891 and forwarded to the First Presidency by St. George Stake Presidency pursuant to action of St. George Stake High Council on May 15, 1891. (See "Annals, 1891" pp. 14--17 inclusive) (next page)

The result of this investigation was that all the Bunkerville parties became reconciled to each other on the points which they had been agitating for a long time and which had engendered bitter feelings between them.

183. Journal of J. D.T McAllister p. 99; BYU, Mor/M270.1/m/v. 6; June 11, 1892.

Saturday 11-- Alvina about the same. Administered to her. 10 A.M. attended High Council. Presidents Woodruff and Cannon present. The doctrine preached, and contended for by Father Edward Bunker of Bunkerville Ward, was investigated condemned and Father Bunker set right. It was a nice time. Much instruction was given by the First Presidency present. 2 P.M. High Priests Quarterly meeting. Prests Woodruff and Cannon addressed both meetings. A glorious time.

184. Millennial Star 57:355-356; Pres. Wilford Woodruff; General Conference address of April, 1895.

Before I sit down I want to say a word to the Elders of Israel on another subject. . . . How much longer I shall talk to this people I do not know; but I want to say this to all Israel: Cease troubling yourselves about who God is; who Adam is, who Christ is, who Jehovah is. For heaven's sake, let these things alone. Why trouble yourselves about these things? God has revealed Himself, and when the 121st section of the Doctrine and Covenants is fulfilled, whether there be one God or many gods they will be revealed to the children of men, as well as all thrones and dominions, principalities, and powers. Then why trouble yourselves about these things? God is God. Christ is Christ. The Holy Ghost is the Holy Ghost. That should be enough for you and me to know. If we want to know any more, wait till we get where God is in person. I say this because we are troubled every little while with inquiries from Elders anxious to know who God is, who Christ is, and who Adam is. I say to the Elders of Israel, stop this, Humble yourselves before the Lord; seek for light, for truth, and for a knowledge of the common things of the kingdom of God. The Lord is the same yesterday, to-day, and forever. He changes not. The Son of God is the same. He is the Savior of the world. He is our advocate with the Father. We have had letter after letter from Elders abroad wanting to know concerning these things. Adam is the first man. He was placed in the Garden of Eden, and is our great progenitor. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost, are the same yesterday, to-day and forever. That should be sufficient for us to know.

185. Letter to the Honorable A. Saxey, Provo, Utah from Joseph F. Smith; d1325/Bk4/fd 1; Jan. 9th, 1897.

Jan. 9th 1897

Hon. A. Saxey----


Dear Brother:---your esteemed favor of Dec. 31st came to hand safely. Sickness in my family and consequent increased pressure upon my time have prevented an earlier reply. And even now I cannot attempt more than a cursory reply to your enquiries. I may say I submitted your letter to President Woodruff, and he partially outlined what I should say in answer to your questions. To know this might be more satisfactory to you than to suppose my statements were simply my own. I am happy to know that he and I are in accord on the subject.

With reference to Prest. B. Youngs remarks, in a discourse delivered in 1852. with reference to "Adam being the only God with whom we have to do" &c. I will say:---Prest. Young no doubt expressed his personal opinion or views upon the subject. What he said was not given as a revelation or commandment from the Lord. The Doctrine was never submitted to the Councils of the Priesthood nor to the Church for approval or ratification [p.2] and was never formally or otherwise accepted by the Church. It is therefore in no sense binding upon the Church nor upon the consciences of any of the members thereof, except perhaps only so far as some may have confidence in President Young, believing that he had light on the subject which was not given in connection with his public mention thereof. It is thought, even if there is truth in it, that the bare mention made my Prest. Young, with out indubitable evidence and authority being given of its truth, was unfortunate to say the least.

But the sure test is to be found in "the law and the Testimony" and revealed truth. Whatsoever is not in accordance with these must fall. No scripture being of any private interpretation &c. but open to the understanding of every man who possesses the Holy Ghost, anyone thus endowed may apply the tests by the light of the good spirit. While I am not authorized to sit in judgment upon Prest. Young, I am at liberty to test the truth of his words or utterances by the Revealed and accepted word of God. Anything uttered by man which is contrary to the Divine law must fall, while that only [p.3] which is in harmony with it can remain, or stand.

Generally--when the Lord speaks through his approved channel, he speaks with no uncertain sound. Yet many there be who cannot see the truth no matter how plain to the mind of the Spirit. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned, (1 Cor. 2:9-11-16.) but carnal things by the natural senses. When the inspired head, speaks by the power of the spirit & he is backed up by "thus saith the Lord"--, it becomes a serious matter to reject, or lightly pass it by. There is no such responsibility attached to this statement, made by Prest. Young.

With reference to the "Manifesto" prohibiting plural marriages, I scarcely need to say more than that you expressed yourself on that matter Strictly in accord with my own views, and in harmony with the views of President Woodruff-and the facts.

The doctrine is not repealed, the truth is not annulled, the law is right and just now as ever, but the observance of it is stopped. And as to the future--no man knows, only as it may be revealed to him, and no one is authorized to foretell. We may have opinions, but it may not be wise to express them for by doing so antagonism might be engendered [p.4] Altho our belief would necessarily come within the realm of conjecture only. I am willing to let the matter rest with God for I feel I have done my whole duty, as an individual, in regard to that matter. Of course this is not germane to your question, but I trust you will pardon the digression. I certainly believe fully in the Revelation and I know the principle is sound and right. I believe those who entered into it, are as sacredly obligated today to fulfill their covenants as they ever were. The Manifesto stopped further pl. marriages in time, but it did not divorce a single wife--nor relieve a man who had entered into the Covenant, or a single responsibility. The operation of the law--as to further pl. marriages was suspended--or stopped: but the obligations already incurred were not touched.

I hope you will excuse the hasty and crude form of this letter. and that you will digest it, together with what is not said in it at your leisure. I have not had a nights sleep since last Sunday on account of sickness in my family.

With very Kind regards, I am &c. /s/ Jos. F. Smith

186. John Henry Smith "Journal", p. 47; University of Utah Library, Special Collections-Manuscripts; Dec. 16th 1897.

Thursday. Dec 16th 1897.

Ogden City. Utah.

I returned to the City and Met with Presidents Wilford Woodruff. Geo. Q. Cannon, & Jos. F. Smith. Lorenzo Snow. Franklin D. Richards. Brigham Young. Geo Teasdale. Heber J. Grant. Anton H. Lund. and Myself with G F Gibbs as clerk in the Temple. It was agreed by all present the sealings done outside of the Temple should stand and children born after these sealings should be held as born under the Covenant. If persons so sealed visited the Temple to get their endowments their sealings might be reviewed over the Alter.

187. Brigham Young, Jr. "Journal", Apr 4, 1897 - Feb 2, 1899 Journal, Volume 30: page 107. Church Historical Dept, Ms/f/326. Dec 16th 1897.

Salt Lake City Thurs Dec 16th 1897

Meeting at 11 am in Temple

Pres W. Geo Q Jos F S. L.S. F D R B Y Jno H S. Geo T. H J G A Lund present. Question on ceremony of marriage sealing. Couples who have never had their endowments; do their children need to be sealed to them in the Temple when they come to have their endowments. Answer No. It is all done. Adam is our father and God and no use to discuss it with Josephites or any one else. Gave in my report on Bluff, that city will be maintained for the present; . . .

188. Journal of Franklin D. Richards; Ms/f/318/ Reel #7.

December, THURSDAY 16, 1897, a pleasant cold day. . . . At 11 at Council with WW GQC &JFS---LS, FDR, BY, J.H.S., G.T., HJG, AH Lund. After investigation it was decided by Pres. WW that children (of parents who are sealed but not Endowed) are born in the cov.t & need not to be sealed to their parents, and voted by all present.

Letter & Article by E. H. Nye was read & highly approved but no action as to the dealing with Adam our F. & God subject.

December, FRIDAY 17, 1897, A clear cold day. Drafted a letter for President Ephraim H. Nye 915 Golden Gate Avenue Fran. Cal.

December, SATURDAY 18, 1897, a clear cold day. Sent Prest E. H. Nye letter of Decision of Council about and approving his Article to the Fresno--- Republican & a copy of Prest Youngs remarks about Adam our Father as contained in Vol 1 of Journal of Discourses.

189. Letter of F. D. Richards, Richards Family Collection, Franklin Dewey Richards Letterbook; Ms/f/318/reel 11; Dec 18, 1897.

S.L. City Dec 18, 1897

President E. H. Nye, 915 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, Cal.

Dear Brother---

On receipt of your letter of the 4th inst., I conferred with Prest. Joseph F. Smith, and we concluded to present the matter to the Council of the First Presidency and Twelve Apostles. Both your letters to me, and the Article to the Fresno Republican, were read. Each of the Presidency and several of the Apostles expressed themselves well pleased with your article, that it evinced skill and valor for the Truth, and they did not see how it could be much improved. The Council did not deem it wise to lay out any line of procedure in which to deal with the subject, but felt that it is best to avoid bringing it up, and to do the best we can and as the Spirit may suggest when it is thrust upon us.

Your having got so many of the Josephites was received with marks of particular pleasure. This, like many other points of more advanced doctrine, is too precious a pearl to be cast before swine. But when the swine get hold of them, let us rescue them by the help of the Spirit as best we can. Thinking it may be convenient to you to have President Youngs sayings on that subject, I enclose a copy from his sermon in the first Volume of the Journal of Discourses.

We have been getting quite a streak of winter weather. . .

190. Journal of Wilford Woodruff; Church Historical Department, Ms/f/115; February 23, 1898. [Made no comment on Godhead in the April 1898 General Conference.]

Wednesday Feb 23 Drove to the Office, feeling well. I thought it for the best to write my views and feelings on the matter which has been made quite clear to me in regard to the Godhead and of which I hope to be able to speak at [p.61] at (sic) the coming Conference so that I can submit the same to Bros Cannon & Smith.

191. Franklin Dewey Richards Letterbooks, Richards Family Collection; Church Historical Department, Ms/f/318/Reel #11/p. 418. March 8, 1898.

Salt lake City, Utah, March 8, 1898

Dear Brother and Sister Nye:--

It has been a long time since I had anything from you. The last I recollect was a piece in the paper that you replied to a Mr. Reverend Somebody. I read it to Bro. Jos. F. Smith and he like it so well that we tried to see if the News would reprint it, but they declined and Brother Parry said he would print it in his paper.

(five unrelated paragraphs)

/s/ F. D. Richards

192. Proceedings of the First Sunday School Convention; "Things That Should and Things That Should Not Be Taught In Our Sunday School"; General Superintendent George Q. Cannon; Salt Lake City, Utah; November 28, 1898.

* * *

Many questions come up from theological classes--questions that are, to say the least, somewhat abstruse, and concerning which there is no written revelation; questions, too, that are not pertinent at all to the work of the schools. I was stopped yesterday afternoon by a young man, who wanted to know whether Adam was the father of our Lord and Savior--whether he was the being we worshiped, etc. Now, we can get ourselves very easily puzzled, if we choose to do so, by speculating upon doctrines and principles of this character. The Lord has said through His Prophet that there are two personages in the Godhead. That ought to be sufficient for us at the present time. . . . But it has always seemed to me that we had better not endeavor to puzzle ourselves or allow our minds to be drawn out upon questions of this kind, concerning which the Lord has not revealed perhaps all that we desire. When men give themselves license to do this, they are very apt to be led along into error and imbibe ideas that are not sound.

* * * Let the teachers in the classes confine themselves to that which God has revealed, and repress as much as possible all these improper inquiries that cannot be answered from the word of the Lord. . . . but let us not try to find out mysteries. If men have received revelations concerning things that the Lord has not revealed to His people, they ought to hold their tongues about such matters; because if God gives men knowledge concerning things which He has not authorized His servant who holds the keys to reveal, they have no business to teach it as doctrine. There are many things which God reveals to His servants from time to time, but a wise person who has a revelation that is trustworthy will not go around telling it and teaching it as doctrine, because the same Spirit, if it be from the Lord, that reveals such things, would also teach that such a course would be very improper. There are many things which God has revealed that are unlawful for men to utter. No doubt, He does now reveal things of this kind from time to time to those who have faith and who are chosen vessels; but you may rest assured that where there are any of that class, they are not around propagating these ideas, whispering them and telling them to people as truths that they ought to understand; the Spirit of God will not prompt any such thing.

Concerning the doctrine in regard to Adam and the Savior, the Prophet Brigham taught some things concerning that; but the First Presidency and the Twelve do not think it wise to advocate these matters. It is sufficient to know that we have a Father--God the Eternal Father, who reveals Himself by His Holy Spirit unto those who seek unto Him; and that Jesus Christ is His Son, our Redeemer, the Savior of the world. If we confine ourselves to the facts as they are written in the word that the Lord has given unto us, we will do well. I would therefore say to all the brethren and sisters, refrain from indulging in these speculations; it does not lead to good. Do not indulge in the asking of foolish and improper questions. The Lord has revealed enough to keep us busy if we but study His word.

193. Improvement Era, Vol. 3, No. 8; "The Fatherhood of God"; Elder Attewall Wootton; 1900.

* * *

In the third chapter of Luke, we find the lineage of Jesus traced from Joseph to Adam, and in the 38th verse it concludes as follows: "Which was the son of Enos, which was the son of Seth, which was the son of Adam, which was the son of God." It is hardly to be supposed that this language is to be understood literally up to the last statement and that that should be figurative. What object could there be in making the statement that Adam was the son of God if it were not in the same line of fatherhood as all the rest? There is no break in the statement to indicate that it should not be taken in the same literal sense as all the others?

194. W. H. Smart Diary, 1901-1902 Bk; p. 94; 28 July 1901.

At Wasatch Stake MIA Conference, remarks of Sister and President Joseph F. Smith: "Sister Smith bore a very strong testimony to the divinity of the principle of plural marriage. Pres. Smith endorsed it. He said it was taken away from the people--like the law of consecration--because the saints rejected it, and neither would be restored until there is a people prepared to live them. Anyone should beware that casts slurs upon the birth of those born under this covenant. Also that men who will not appreciate their wives and children and provide for them will lose them."

195. Joseph F. Smith "Papers"; Church Archives, Ms/d/1325/Bx 13/fd 13; [Line for line typescript typed as in the original without the use of sic. This letter was marked "Rec'd Feb 14-1902 ansd Feb 27- ". "]

Bunkerville Feb 9th 1902

President Joseph F Smith

Dear Bro

one of our recently returned

missionary from the North Western

States is advicating (sp. advocating) the Doctorn (sp. Doctrine)

that Adam is the very eternal Father

in the Godhead and the Father of

Jesus Christ and that Pres Kelch

so taught the Elders in that mission

I say the Doctorn (sp. Doctrine) is Faulse (sp. false)

and while every Person enjoying

the spirit of the Lord may know

of a Docorin (sp. Doctrine) whether it is true or

Faulce (sp. Fasle); but that they have no right

(Except the President of the Church)

to advance any Doctorn (sp. Doctrine) not clearly

set forth and defined in the written

Law, and in doing so they stand

on dngerious (dangerous) ground, and until

we are able to live up to the reveled

Law in the spirit thereoff (sp. there of). can we hope

to enjoy suficient (sp. sufficient) of the spirit

of the Lord to understand fully

the plan of life and salvation.

as a Bp my position cared

if not where in am I in error. (p. 2)

your answer through the meidim (sp. medium)

of the Juvenil (sp. Juvenile) instructor or

other wise will be greatly apreasiated (sp. appreciated)

by your Brother in the


/s/ Edw Bunker Jr

196. First Presidency Letterpress Copybooks, pp. 26-7; Church Archives, Ms/f/271/9; Feb. 27, 1902.

Feb. 27, 1902

Bishop Edward Bunker

Bunkerville, Lincoln Co., Nevada.

Dear Brother:--

Your letter of the 9th inst. reached me on the 14th and in reply to the question therein contained, I have this to say: It is certainly unwise for the Elders or any other member of the Church to advocate doctrines that are not clearly set forth in the revealed word of God, and concerning which, in consequence, difference of opinion exist. No good can come from it, but on the contrary, much evil may result. Had the Lord desired or designed that such doctrines should be promulgated, He would have clearly and fully defined them, as he has those beautiful and simple laws and ordinances known) as "the first principles of the Gospel." While it is far from my purpose to stifle thought and free speech among the brethren, or to brand as "false doctrine" any and every mystery of the kingdom, it is nevertheless my wish and my advice, in which Presidents Winder and Lund, my counselors, heartily join, that the Elders should not make a practice of preaching upon these abstruse (sic) themes, these partly revealed principles, respecting which there are such wide differences of belief.

What is called the Adam God doctrine may properly be classed among the mysteries. The full truth concerning it has not been revealed to us; and until it is revealed all wild speculations, sweeping assertions and dogmatic declarations relative thereto, are out of place and improper. We disapprove of them and especially the public (p. 2) expression of such views. In the absence of Elder K----, and without any oral or written statement by him as to his belief regarding this doctrine, we do not feel called upon, nor would it be right to pass judgement in his case; but we will simply say that the accepted doctrine concerning our father Adam, the great sire of the human race, is as follows:

He is Michael, the Ancient of Days, the future God of this earth, when it shall become celestialized and shine like unto a sea of glass mingled with fire, the glorified home of celestial beings for ever. Hence Adam stands at the head of the human family, presides over them spiritually and temporally, and will come in due time as the Ancient of Days to call his children together, according to the scriptures, both ancient and modern. He will preside over them for ever, and be their God eternally; This, of course, after the Millennial reign of Christ. Christ is not Adam, nor is Adam Christ, but both are eternal Gods, and it may even be said Fathers, since they are the parents of eternal or spiritual children. As to the personality and position of each God, and as to which of all is greater, these are matters immaterial at the present time, and are best but an unprofitable speculation. Let us be content with what is plainly revealed on this subject, namely; That though there be Lords many and Gods many, as the Apostle Paul declares, yet to us there is but one God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

With kind regards, I am your brother, and friend,

/s/ Jos. F. Smith

197. Letter of Benjamin F. Johnson to Elder George S. Gibbs, pp. 18-19; April -- October, 1903. [This letter was requested of Benjamin F. Johnson by the First Presidency in 1903. B. F. Johnson joined the Church in 1833 and died in 1903.]

In teaching us the "Fatherhood of God, and the Brotherhood of Man", we could begin to see why we should "love God supremely, and our brothers as ourselves," He (Joseph Smith) taught us that God was the great head of human procreation, was really and truly the father of both our spirits and our bodies; that (we) were but parts of a great whole, mutually and equally dependent upon each other, according to conditions.

198. J. Arthur Horne, Patriarch, North Seattle Stake, 28 May 1963; see also The Elder's Journal Vol I by C. Jess Groesbeck, p. 291.

Brother Horne and I chatted again tonight about the Gospel and the Adam-God Doctrine, as we have done many times before. Brother Horne, who grew up in Salt Lake City and was the son of Richard Horne and grandson of Joseph Horne said, in reference to the Adam-God Doctrine, that when he first went through the Temple (Salt Lake) for his Endowment in 1902 before going on his mission he was surprised to hear the teachings during the Temple ceremony in the Sermon before the veil, that, 'Adam was our God' and that 'he came here with Eve, one of his wives'. Also it was taught that 'Eve bore our spirits' (ie the spirits of all men). He asked his father about it but he declined to give any opinion about it. After Brother Horne returned from his mission a few years later, in 1905, he noted these teachings had been removed from the Temple ceremony. He feels that they were left over from Brigham Young's influence, but that he himself couldn't believe such doctrine. He thinks perhaps Brigham just got off in his speculation.

199. Mormon Doctrine on Deity, pp. 42-43; B. H. Roberts.

Some of the sectarian ministers are saying that we "Mormons" are ashamed of the doctrine announced by President Brigham Young to the effect that Adam will thus be God of this world. No, friends, it is not that we are ashamed of that doctrine. If you see any change come over our countenances when this doctrine is named, it is surprise, astonishment, that anyone at all capable of grasping the largeness and extent of the universe---the grandeur of existence and the possibilities in man for growth, for progress, should be so lean of intellect, should have such a paucity of understanding, as to call it in question at all. That is what our change of countenance means---not shame--- for the doctrine Brigham Young taught.

200. Liahona--The Elder's Journal, Vol. 6:33; B. F. Cummings, editor; April, 1908.

As Adam was an immortal being when placed here on earth and commanded to multiply, would not his offspring have been immortal but for the fall?

M.P.F., Logan, Utah.

Yes. But they would have had spiritual bodies only, and not bodies of flesh, blood and bone. When Adam and Eve were first placed in the garden of Eden they had resurrected bodies, in which there was no blood. A spiritual fluid or substance circulated in their veins instead of blood. Consequently, they had not power to beget children with tabernacles of flesh, such as human beings possess. The fall caused a change in their bodies, which, while it rendered them mortal at the same time gave them power to create mortal bodies of flesh, blood and bone for their offspring. This is a very brief explanation of a very important subject.

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