487 Our Pioneer Heritage

James Henry Rollins was born in Lima, New York, May 27, 1816, the son of John Rollins and Kaziah Katura Benthuysen. On June 1, 1832 James was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Independence, Missouri. In the spring of 1848 James, with his wife, Eveline Walker and children crossed the plains to Utah On February 4, 1849, Nancy Eveline was born.

James was one of the men who went to the gold fields of California in 1849. In 1850 he returned to Salt Lake City and the following year took his family with him to San Bernardino. Just prior to his departure he married Hannah Humes as plural wife, When

488 Our Pioneer Heritage

the Saints arrived at Sycamore Grove Mr. Rollins taught school during this period of waiting for the purchase of Lugo rancho. Here on July 13, 1851, Eveline gave birth to a daughter who was named Malissa Kaziah. While living in San Bernardino two sons, Charles Lyman born November 10, 1852 and James Watson born May, 1856, came to gladden the hearts of James and Eveline. Hannah also gave birth to two children while living there, a daughter, Caroline and a son, George. Sadness, too, entered their lives when Eveline's little daughter, Nancy Eveline, died as a result of an ear injury. While residing in the little Mormon colony, James took an active part in its development, especially in the field of education. Besides teaching he also served as school commissioner. An unexpired term of Quartus Sparks as district attorney was filled by Mr. Rollins.

Seven days after the call was received to return to Utah, Henry was on his way with his families and five wagon loads of merchandise. While they were traveling over the desert the wagon in which Eveline and her children were riding forged ahead of the others. Her grown son, John Henry, was anxious to get back to Utah. Suddenly two Indians jumped out from behind a large rock frightening the animals. Eveline jumped from the wagon with the baby, James Watson, in her arms. As she brushed against the wagon one of her gold earrings caught in the canvas and was torn from her ear. John raised his whip to strike the Indians but just then the other wagons came in sight and they fled. When they reached Parowan, Hannah gave birth to another son, Frank, on May 18, 1858.

The family later settled in Minersville where Hannah died September 30, 1896. James and Eveline moved to Wyoming with other members of their family and here Mr. Rollins died February 7, 1899, seven months after his arrival. Evelyn survived her husband thirteen years. She passed away September 25, 1912 and was laid to rest beside her husband in the Lyman cemetery in Wyoming.

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