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a statue of Khafre

 (An image from Hounds & Jackals: The statue of Khafre, builder of the second great pyramid at Giza, and son of Khufu (Cheops) builder of the great pyramid. The falcon image of Horus spreads its wings around him in protection. (The original Fourth Dynasty diorite statue stands in the Egyptian National Museum at Cairo.) The stanza, one of a set of thirty, is from a hymn to Senwosret III )

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P. S. Neeley Shareware

Death Mask Eyes -- Tutankhamun

. . . programming my way through history, one game at a time.

Astride a silicon time machine and caught in a vortex of imagination, history, and science, I ride the ocean of time. Sometimes in the Future, rarely in the Present, but most often in the Past, I hug the shore at times and describe visions of people yet to be born, or long dead. How did they live? What brought them joy? What did they think? All this from the magic of Windows shareware games. This home page introduces my games and points you to Web sites from which you can download them.

Below: an image from Halatafl. The inscription is from a Viking rune stone -- a tribute to brave friend.

A Viking 'Dragon Ship' plows the seas of time

What has become of the steed?

What has become of the warrior?

What has become of the seats of banquet?

Where are the joys of the hall?

O for the bright cup!

O for the mailclad warrior!

O for the glory of the prince!

How that time has passed away

And grown dark under the cover of night,

As if it had never been.

From 'The Wanderer' an Anglo-Saxon poem.

In war mighty,

in peace potent,

in either state kindly was he;

amid victories happy he was;

those whom his soldier's arms had not subdued,

renown of his name conquered enough.

Praise of Otto III , crowned May 21, 996. King of the Saxons, but also Emperor of Rome.


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Note:  The programs will not run on 64-bit Windows.  32-bit Vista, 32-bit XP are OK

  Ancient Moorish Quirkat  
  Ancient Mayan Bul for Windows
  Ancient Egyptian Mehen (The Forbidden Game of the Snake) for Windows.
  Ancient Chinese 'Shap Luk Kon Tseung Kwan' (which means "Sixteen Pursue the General") for Windows
  Ancient Anasazi Tasholiiwe for Windows
  Ancient Viking Halatafl for Windows
  Ancient Sumerian 'The Royal Game of Ur' for Windows
  Ancient Egyptian Senet for Windows
  Ancient Egyptian Hounds & Jackals for Windows
  Ancient Egyptian 20-Squares for Windows
  Ancient Aztec Patolli for Windows
  Japanese GoMoku Narabe for Windows
  Lunar BBall for Windows
  Race Track for Windows
  Space Dodge'm for Windows
  Family Memory Match for Windows

I hope you'll give these games a try -- I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Thanks for visiting!


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 The time to complete these projects was largely 'stolen' during the late evening and wee morning hours when more normal people would be asleep. However, inevitably, some of the time was donated by my wife, Barbara, and my children: Jon, Melissa, Christie, Patrick, Nick, and James. Some day they may come to understand that while other fathers were tinkering with the family car, mowing the lawn, doing woodwork in the garage, etc. -- tending to normal business -- their father, high in the dark castle tower, and bathed in the soft glow of the electron's fire, was practicing modern-day sorcery. For he was building something that would never really grow old and decay, that could be copied exactly many times with almost no effort, that could be used and enjoyed by many, many people at the same time, and that could be scattered on the electronic winds to the ends of the Earth. Yet, this something was made out of nothing but an idea, diagrams in the air, and glowing bits of phosphorus. Can there be anything more magic than that?

twilight at Tula  (or 'Tollan')

 (An image from Patolli: The coming of dawn at Tula. The silhouettes of the Toltec statues can be seen and in the sky, Venus, the Morning Star, and the symbol of Quetzalcoatl, rises with the coming sun, to "rescue silly little tourists like yourself" from the Patolli playing clutches of 'Smoking Mirror'. Ahhhh . . . rescued at last!

. . . or is the image something else . . .?

It may be the image of twilight at Tula, the silhouettes of the Toltec statues can be seen and in the sky, the setting Venus, symbol of Quetzacoatl's dual, the evil twin, Xolotl, sets with the sun. This was the approximate configuration of the sky on April 21st, 1519, on the Aztec day that was the Birthday of Quetzalcoatl in the year of Quetzalcoatl, the day foretold for his return, and 'uncannily', the day Cortez disembarked his ships and stepped on Aztec lands. This is the scene that Motezuma would have seen had he been meditating at Tula late that day -- the day of the beginning of the end of the ancient Aztec empire.)

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