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Family Memory Match*

This is one of my first games, renewed and upgraded. Admittedly it doesn't really fit with the theme of the other games on this homepage . But then again, it really is a good game and not generally available elsewhere -- I hate to have it not be 'out there' for people to use. Also, It is the only game I've done that is targeted at smaller children (but even adults enjoy it).

Family Memory Match is a simple matching game. You choose the number of cards that appear in the game, the game scrambles them for you, and you 'stretch' your memory by trying to find matches.

You can play person against person, or against the computer. Your computer opponent is extremely fair in that it knows nothing about the lay-out of the cards at the beginning of a game (just like you), discovers as it goes (just like you), and forgets over time (just like you). You get to set its memory strength -- the speed at which it forgets.

Family Memory Match is a fun game, much like other matching games you will find on the Web, but unique in a number of ways. I hope you will give it a try!

Download Family Memory Match v1.2 Now! (Fammem.Zip, 312 Kb)

Note: This program requires VBRUN300.DLL to exist on your system.

*Note: This game uses WMF (Windows Meta Files) files for many of its graphics -- nothing wrong with this; in fact it works wonderfully almost all of the time. However, this large number of WMF graphics can strain the Windows GDI resources of a few systems. What is the worst that can happen? We'll nothing terrible really. The game, in this case, won't load, or when loaded may not display its graphics correctly, etc. How can you tell if you are one of the few who won't be able to run it? You can't. Just download it and try it. For instance, I have a frail, aging 386-20 machine, 8 Megs of memory, but only 640K on the graphics card, and it runs it just fine -- in fact I can run 3 copies of the game at the same time on this machine with no problems. But some souped up Pentium machines, with 'gobs' of memory and tons of graphic RAM will 'poop out' on this game. Just give it a try -- It will work on most machines just fine and the game is very fun to play. I guess some day I'd better re-engineer this game to use simple BMP graphics . . . . Oh Well ;-)

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