The Lunar BBall 'splash' screen

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Lunar BBall for Windows

a true simulation of a ball, a court, and a hoop . . . in a strange place.

2061 A.D. The Moon. Mankind has discovered water in the dirty snowballs of ancient comets, hidden, preserved, waiting in vast quantities, on the floors of the deepest lunar craters. Slowly, haltingly at first, then with firm resolve, humans have returned to the rugged lunar vista to build permanent colonies nourished from this most ancient windfall. But their hearts are drawn to that first step on the lunar surface so long ago -- the claws of the Eagle, the footprints in the dust, the sinuous rover tracks -- all must be preserved for future generations as a reminder of human striving and hope. To that end, an expedition of park officials and historians land well outside the landing zone of Tranquillity base to begin the work of cording off the new monument; for soon visitors will come to pay homage, and walkways and barriers must be built . . .Ranger 2, a young historian, eager to participate in such an historic event, rounds the edge of a large rock outcropping and trips, does a double-gainer flip, and falls flat on her face in the lunar dust. Ranger 2 to Ranger 1 -- Over! Ranger 1 here -- what is it? -- Over Ah . . . I've just tripped over a basketball . . . Ranger 1 - Over. Say again Ranger 2! -- Over. A basketball sir, a B A S K E T B A L L. Its orange with large letters 'L u n a r B B a l l' in black maker on the side . . . and sir . . . I can see bounce marks all over the surface, and a hoop off in the distance -- right near the Tranquillity Base -- Over. Ranger 1, anger clouding his face, shakes his fist at the airless, black, sky. Noooooooo!, he screams, They've been playing basketball all over history!!! . . . I'll make them pay!!!! But of course:In Space, no one can hear you scream.

Ever wonder what it would be like to shoot hoops on the Moon? How about Mars? Could you even reach the basket in Jupiter's oppressive gravity? How would you get the ball through the basket in the -zero- gravity of Orbit? Find out! Get LunarBBall for Windows. LunarBBall is an actual simulation of a basketball court that moves from Earth, to the Moon, to Orbit, and even to Jupiter's hellacious surface. Real physics -- not just a game but an actual simulation; great graphics, real game sounds, and interesting educational messages about Space during play.

Download Lunar Bball right here ( -- 997 Kb)

Note: This program requires VBRUN300.DLL to exist on your system..


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The Lunar BBall playing surface at 'Earthside Court'