The RaceTrack 'splash' screen

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Race Track for Windows

Race Track is a mathematical simulation of auto racing. I hope you won't be too disappointed when I you find that it is not an arcade game -- to play it well requires 'thinking' rather than 'reflexes' -- but it has much of the same excitement.

Race Track is described in Martin Gardner's book "Knotted Doughnuts And Other Mathematical Entertainments" in chapter nine -- "Sim, Chomp, and Race Track". It is a good example of how the real world can be modeled using very simple means. By enforcing some very simple mathematical rules, Race Track furnishes "a truly remarkable simulation of automobile racing."

Don't let any of this "mathematical simulation" stuff scare you though! The game is FUN! and very simple to learn and play. You can race against a friend (very fun!), against the clock, or against the track champion (which may be yourself or some other person you may never have met ). If you beat the track champion, you become the new 'target' for others to beat. You can race the three tracks provided with the Race Track program or you can easily ( and I do mean easily!) create your own devious track lay-outs from scratch, or modify an existing track to suit your tastes.

The nice thing is that the Race Track program does all the dirty chores -- draws the track, keeps the clock, cleans up the crashes, enforces the rules, etc. -- while you concentrate on 'thinking' and beating your opponent.

Download it right from here ( -- 139 Kb)

Note: This program requires VBRUN300.DLL to exist on your system.

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a portion of the RaceTrack playing surface