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Space Dodge'm

Space Dodge'm is a shareware version of the game of Dodgem. Dodgem is a game that was invented in 1972 by a mathematics student at the University of Cambridge -- Colin Vout. The name Dodgem comes from the nature of the game -- it is often necessary to 'dodge around' enemy pieces in order to advance your own.

(You can read about Dodgem in Martin Gardner's book "Time Travel and Other Mathematical Bewilderments" in chapter 12: "Dodgem and Other Simple Games".)

This version of Dodgem, Space Dodge'm, differs from the original game in its setting (deep space, on a space station rather than on a normal 'checkers or chess' style playing board), its playing pieces (shuttles and landers rather than plain black and white pieces), and the presence of a relentless time keeper (the rogue asteroid -- not present in Mr. Vout's original game).

Space Dodge'm is an example of a very simple game that has no known 'winning' strategy. The goal of each player is to move his or her shuttles or landers, one piece at a time, one square at a time (following very simple rules), until all have safely been launched and evacuated off the opposite end of the space station. The first player to evacuate his or her shuttles or landers wins the game. There are time constraints, however. The rogue asteroid "brakes for no one" and may vaporize the station before anyone can win.

Download Sdodgem.Zip now (240Kb in size)

Note: This program requires VBRUN300.DLL to exist on your system.

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